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  • I still have never had a sports massage, what is your impression as a first timer?
  • Good, had issue with tight calf. Appeared to come from lower back on right side. Loads more movement after she had finished with me, but also quite sore in localised area. Loads more movement in stretching this morning, would go for it again if specific issue.
  • Let's hope you don't need any more then!
  • Lee - i am not running Wokingham half but may come down and support you as I live nearby in Reading - good luck with the race anyway - have you got a target time for this one?
  • Oscarr, I am targeting 1:14 - 1:16, hoping to get under 1:15, but it will be a stretch
  • Choisty - sounds good - let me know what colour top you will be wearing and i'll look out for you - better still, have you got your race number yet?
  • Lovely to catch up again on Saturday. I'm with knight rider - it was easy to tell I was about to be lapped / overtaken on the towpath by you (again!) as could hear super speedy steps coming up behind. Way too fast for a mugger! Looking really strong and can't wait to see what you can do after another few months training when we get to Paris. See you in March!
  • Yesterday was a bit of bump back to reality, the first run I was totally out of energy feeling light headed as I struggled round 5miles of easy running.  The evening was somewhat better with 7 @ 7min/mile pace chatting with club mates about the southerns...which by the description of the course I did well to miss.

    Oscarr, I do have a race number just can't remeber it, I will look tonight (If I remember)

  • well done - the good runs such as Saturday's some time come at a price and Monday was just about getting the miles in. Are you going to do the speed session tonight or Thursday?

  • I will completing the speed session in about an hours time, it fits better, I have down 20 x 200m starting every 60s, followed by 1600m at Marathon Pace
  • Today's session is now completed 20 x 200m down the disused railway, 12 out and 8 on the way back, all at 5:10 - 5:30 pace, the recovery 20s were needed but glad they wern't any longer as it is brass monkeys today.  After the last 200m it was then 1mile at marathon pace, this was tough as the pace seemed slow after the reps and it ended up being 5:33, so again too fast.

    Going back to the cold, it really was bitter and I lost my favourite gloves yesterday, with only thin ones remaining my hand got too cold.  Plus there was flakes of snow in the air, looks like we will need studs in the bag soon.

     As the last run in January, that has left me on 291miles for the month, I am tempted to run 9 tonight but even that stat isn't worth it.  More miles than I have doen for a long time and I only this due to the RW forum challenge.

  • a great month's training and a solid session today though too quick on the mile. a good sign though as you should have had a bit of lactic from the 200s and most would find it impossible to run 5:33 after 20 x 200!
  • Steve, there was plenty of lactic, as I was pushing the inclines my quads were screaming.  I do seem to be lucky in that my body clears lactic pretty quick, probaly due to years of going off far too hard in races, reps, tempo sessions, long runs, social runs...well always really!
  • Oscarr, my number for wokingham is 599
  • Choisty wrote (see)
    Oscarr, my number for wokingham is 599
    Thanks - listen for me shouting about 1 mile from the finish.
  • Good session there Chosity and a fast mile afterwards. I know what you mean about that pace after the 200's. I felt that MP mile afterwards was a tough one to control the speed and ran it too fast as well.
  • Hi Lee

    Great running on Saturday and yesterday’s session.

     I do think you may need to increase overall calories on your big weeks and I think the easiest  way for you to do this is to increase breakfast: add glass of fruit juice and some toast  if do not have time just make up jam sandwich and eat when you next can. Always have a substantial snack mid-morning  on these big weeks– continue with fruit  but always have something else as well – cereal bars, dried fruit & nuts, crumpets, mini pancakes or other snacks I have already suggested. If having early dinner have a supper snack, a bowl of cereal would be perfect or some toast.

    Try & eat vegetables with evening meal

     Keep it simple: aim to eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks each day and drink little and often.
  • Thank you Ruth I have made a couple of changes, I now have 2 breakfasts, one at home and one when I get to work (I was very naughty and treated myself to cheese scones today!).  I also have nuts/dried fruit in my desk as a snack, plus I have cooked every night using the rule of 3 colours of veg.  The only thing is my stomach is still coming to terms with the changes.

    I've just completed todays run 9 miles, wonderful run cold crisp as the sun was setting, it felt like I could run forever.  But I have to admit I wore tights for the first time so was much warmer than recent days!

  • Anyone else started wearing tights yet or am I just a bit soft?
  • Wear them most of the winter and just bought a second pair - strange cos i normaly only wear womens clothing on Sundays  imageimage
  • Wore them yesterday for the 21 at 7am, but left them off today.
  • Don't hobbits have second breakfasts?  And wear tights? image 

    (Perfectly reasonable below 5 degrees, especially as racing snakes have little of the blubber the rest of us insulate ourselves with!)

    Very pleased to read it seems to all be going well - thought I'd pop my nosey nose back in and see how you were getting on. Beautiful day today eh?

  • has to be ice or snow on the ground for tights to be ok. good you had a good 9 - what are the stats?
  • Last night was so cold I wore shorts on top of my tights, and tonight, despite 3 pairs of gloves, my fingers were literally in pain from the cold. I am clearly a girly wuss.
  • Steve, The laps went like this 6:55, 6:36, 6:51, 6:51, 6:47, 6:29, 6:39 & 6:54.  To start with I felt terrible, light headed, struggling to concentrate...I have put this down to having a slice of chocolate tarte before I went out.  After halfway it all came back together and I could increase the pace, the last mile or so was through dark woods (the sunlight was gone completely by then) so I had to be careful with my footing hence slowing slightly.

    Sleepy Bear, Hmmm, hobbits, I think I'm more Gollum (skinny and bald), but they certainly had second breakfasts.

    So far the vote on tights is

    Softy: 1.5

    OK: 2.5 (including Sunday cross dressing by Oscarr!)

  • Good session - would have been 10 seconds quicker a mile in shorts
  • Too right, if only to get back in the warm!
  • Today was an "and" day, vest and t-shirt and long top and wind top and tights and shorts and hat and gloves
  • Choisty, I guess the runner with your name and club finishing 524th at the southern x-c champs was not you?
  • PMJ, indeed he was the fastest marathon runner I have ever met! with a PB of 2:17.  He is a bit older and slower these days, but ook my place as I was at the training day in Birmingham.  Your right about clothing choice, this lunchtime it was hat weather.
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