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  • Yeyyyy - and the real Emma is back! LOL - everything in moderation missus! image
  • I know - Moderation is s not me - I have no off or full button!image
  • Have you tried the 20 minute trick?  Get your 'allowance' ready and put the rest of whatever it is out of sight. Eat your allocation and then wait 20 minutes.  This is roughly how long your body takes to register you've had something. If after 20 minutes you're still hungry - then guess what? You're still hungry and you should probably have something else. Chances are - you won't be. Or you could try having a glass of water - sometimes your body mistakes hunger for thirst!

    Just found out we're definitely moving in 5 weeks' time.  Better finish the work I'm working on and start packing! Time to discover a whole new set of running routes!

  • I know I shoudl wait - but I just keep on stuffing food in befpre my brain tells me I'm full. AT this point my tummy is usually pretty distended and hurting!image

    Will use the oven timer for 20 mins!

  • Hey Sleepy - good luck with move in 5 weeks - I've moved a lot over the years both in UK and abroad and if there is one plus its that you get another opportunity to throw out all that unwanted and "just in case" stuff that you will never use and so reduce the load on the loft floor boards !!
  • oscarr - Hahaha - tell me about it!  3rd move in 2 years ... think we've gotten rid of most of it (though we still seem to have loads of stuff in the garage).  Thanks for the luck - fingers crossed we'll get the same removals team as last time - they were stars.  Ben thinks we're likely to stay at Waddington for 3-4 years (more fingers crossed).  It's all good fun. 

    How are your legs today?  The results are up ... Have you seen them.  I had a terrible run in relation to the ladies I normally finish ahead of - but hey - I enjoyed it and I certainly couldn't have gone any faster on the day so I shall let them have their glory graciously.  No one fell down the hole in the boardwalk that I heard of - all your lot in one piece? I was out of breath just walking the dog so I'm obviously still tired though my legs aren't sore in the slightest. Weird!

    I shall have a choccy-feast in your honour Emma (then you won't need one) - I'll be needing the energy for the next few weeks LOL

  • Ooo - what ace was this? There were no races around Sussex this weekend - loads the week before and loads after but none this weekend!
  • It was our last Thames Valley xc - only 5.6 miles but some good sucky mud and a couple of pretty decent hills (though I'm sure I only went down hill once) LOL.  It was fab - really twisty and turny.  I wasn't very quick - oscarr thrashed me by about  2 minutes. He ran really well - we're normally pretty close (within seconds) at the finish but I couldn't get near him yesterday.  But ... I can't complain - it's all part of my master plan to peak in the sunshine of summer. Honest LOL


  • Rachel Hodge wrote (see)
    Morning all! I think I am probably asking a question that has already been asked but here we go. Sorry if I'm repeating things! What pace should my LSR be? Should it be MP or slower? I can't quite get my head round running the LSR at a pace slower than MP. I can't understand how that can help in the long term ? Having the inevitable morning after down feeling. Must stop being so hard on self. Emma I could just do with some malt loaf right now !! Will try to be as good as you and resist! Rachel

    Hi Rachel

    Your long runs should be 45-90 seconds slower than marathon pace. I'd consider a LSR to be 60-90 secs slower, but occasioanlly prescribe long runs nearer the 'faster' end of the specturm, or put some miles in at actual marathon pace near the end. The reason running slower than MP will help is that it enables you to get your overall volume up (mileage) while doing some quality sessions during the week to work on speed. If you do all your long runs at MP you won't get enough recovery time to get the most out of your faster sessions and you risk burnout or injury. I would, however, say that if you're looking at running a marathon in more than 5 hours, for eg, that your long runs shouldn't be too much slower than race pace, and perhaps punctuated with walk breaks. The reason being, if you were to be doing, say, 12 min miling in the race, and therefore did, say, 13.30 in training, it would be really hard to get your mileage up to a reasonable amount without being on the roads for silly amounts of time.

    I would always cap long runs at 3hrs30mins, regardless of one's pace. Does that help?

  • Hi Emma

    Yep, that's what I'd reckon for your tempo pace, about 8.30
    Your half mara pace is currently about 9.14 a mile. Is Watford quite flat? Would be good to see how you go on something less punishing than TW!

    In terms of progressing those paces, even 5 seconds a mile makes a big difference, so don't worry about achieving big changes...image

  • Sadly Watford has a few hills image  What is TW?

  • Sorry USB - Tunbridge Wells - the half.. v hilly

    So Watford isn't PB potential then?

  • SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)

    Sorry USB - Tunbridge Wells - the half.. v hilly

    So Watford isn't PB potential then?

    Sam - re Watford half - did a rough calc from the profile in my entry info - overall it's an elevation gain of around 105m so more undulating than hilly - 5 sharpish ascents and 5 descents - first half is elevation gain of 60m and drop of 30m - second half is gain of 45m and drop of 75m - sounds a reasonable route and good that its downhill more in the second half.  Reckon it will be a good indicator of current fitness levels if not a PB course.
  • Thanks Oscarr. We can always rely on you for the true facts! image
    Sounds just what we need, Emma!
  • Bad news - started feeling rotten at lunch time - shaking, very cold, sore throat, headache, backache and slightly nauseous! Marvellous - not running tonight - running a bath instead and plan to have scrambled eggs and go to bed very early.image

    Other bad news - Reuben has eaten all my snack bananas - he is currently naked eating a 'naked banana' (peeled)

  • Oh no - Emma - get well soooooooooon image very, very soooooooon

    * BIG cuddle *

  • get well soon. no running or worrying about running till you feel better image
  • Hi Sam

    Thanks very much for the reply that makes a lot of sense and gives me some good pointers!

    Having felt sick for most of yesterday after the half I now feel ravenous!

    Hope the hot bath works Emma and you feel better tomorrow x
  • Thanks everyone - feeling bit sorry for myself.

    Can't face making scrambled egg - peanut butter on toast! Or maybe my special porridge again.image

  • Get well soon Em.
  • Get well soon Emma.
    What's your half pb Oscar? Sounds like you had a good run yesterday along with SB too.
    Had a four mile race pace home tonight in the dark. Anyone done Coniston 14?
    how many pairs of trainers do u guys use in training? Three on the go for me at the moment.......Saucony progrid guides, Asics Kayanos and inov8s for the hills.
    Planning to do the dam busters run look that one up for a beauty of a run.
    Eating cake yum I'm allowed today!
  • Hope you feel better soon Emma, it's rotten & depressing when you're faced with a setback such as illness...  If it helps I had a couple of bouts of cold/flu symptoms within a couple of weeks of each other, which made me feel anxious about my training.  It was recommended to me to take a supplement of Zinc & Vitamin C which I have been doing regularly since & so far so good... maybe worth a try...

    I also swear by the 10+ Manuka Honey (quite ££) which has antibacterial properties, a teaspoon a day or made as a  hot drink with a slice of lemon...


  • Get well soon Emma. I'm following your thread and you're doing great!
    I may not have got into Paris, but I'm signed up to the inaugural Worcester marathon on the same day as Paris. Not quite "ohh la la" but Bootcamp gave me the desire to find a 2012 challenge!
    I'm following Sam's advice (as I think I'm at a similar pace to you). All very useful.
    Wishing you all the luck in the world, happy running and may you soon be lurgy-free!!!
  • mcs wrote (see)
    Get well soon Emma.
    What's your half pb Oscar? Sounds like you had a good run yesterday along with SB too.
    Had a four mile race pace home tonight in the dark. Anyone done Coniston 14?
    how many pairs of trainers do u guys use in training? Three on the go for me at the moment.......Saucony progrid guides, Asics Kayanos and inov8s for the hills.
    Planning to do the dam busters run look that one up for a beauty of a run.
    Eating cake yum I'm allowed today!

    Hi mcs - my overall half pb is 1:28 but that was when I was about 45 yr old; i'm now nearly 59 and of course my times are slowing over the years and my recent best time is 1:44:30 at Reading a couple of years ago - my target this spring is to get as close to (if not beat) this time.

    I keep at least 2 pairs of road shoes on the go at any one time (Asics Nimbus) as one pair gets close to the end of its life i have another in its early stages and if i see a pair on offer (like last week) i buy them cos its the model i know i like.  Have a pair of Adidas Kanadia XC shoes which have great grip for our winter XC series (8 races) plus any park runs.  Just bought a pair of Asics Lahar trail shoes (with my bootcamp voucher) for the Lakeland Trail Marathon plus other long trail runs - they have a lot more cushioning for long runs than the kanadias.

    Feeling pretty sh.. today myself with headache and sore throat so may not run today.

  • Get well soon all. I am a honey, orange juice daily and vitamin chap so havent had a cold for a decade at least. Take those Wellman things thanks to my OH who always prompts me at breakie to take them. I think working in an office on my own helps most of them anyway.

    Sounds like you are racing alot Oscar dont really have the free cash or time to do that much but going to take some of these races on offer from Asics which is fantastic to have that opportunity..........three cheers to them.image Might do Coniston and Birmingham half as thats my PB race.

    Emma enjoy the weekend run hope you feel better by then.

  • Oh no oscarr - I'm with Lozzza - Manuka honey works wonders in hot toddies (or just with lemon and hot water).  It's quite pricey but it makes you feel better overnight.  You can get 3 strengths of it from Tesco - the higher the rating the higher the level of its antibacterial actions (and yes I know most cold are viral but it still helps your body to fight off other stuff whilst you're immune system is busy). We have the 15+ at the moment but can't tell much different from the 10+. Get well soon.  It lasts ages if you just use it for medicinal purposes so its worth the investment.  It worked for Ben - he was coughing up green stuff last week and as you saw on Sunday, he was back to normal! (Well as normal as it gets LOL)

    mcs -  I have four pairs on the go just now: Inov8 238 (9mm)  for up to 90 min runs; Inov8 233s for intervals and races upto 10k; Asics 2160 for runs over 90 mins and my inov-8 roclites for trails and xc. Am planning to buy another set of 2160s/excel33s once I start my build up to the marathon so that I can rotate them and then I'll do the race in the newer (hopefully still cushiony) ones.  

  • Thanks SB/mcs/Lozza for the medicinal help, much appreciated.  My better half has revealed that we have some 5+ Manuka honey in the cupboard which she bought while on chemotherapy so i will try it in a lemon drink plus a Vitamin C dose.  Think i'll leave the whiskey out of the hot toddy if you don't mind SB !! (not in the morning anyway, maybe later image )
  • Glad to see Emma hasn't been on the thread this morning yet - hopefully that means she's where she should be - in bed! Really hope you make a swift recovery, Emma. Lots of fluids, remember.

    SB I love the inov-8 233s too!

  • Nope - I am at work!

    Got A level students with exams on Thursday so didn't want to let them down.

    Feeling a bit rough - but hopefully be back on track soon!imageimage

  • Oh no! I hope you're not planning on doing your running sessions in current state?

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