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    I was wondering - if you have two scoops of Myofusion, is it best to have them both in one go straight after the workout, or one after workout and one before bed, or for breakfast?

    Personally if I was limited from a cost perspective, then I would have both scoops IMMEDIATELY after working out, if not limited then i'd probably use pre and post workout!
    Pre-bed you really want to be taking cassien protein (i.e. milk based) which I find is best taken as a whole food rather than a supplement - try cottage cheese (if you can stomach the stuff i can't!) or zero fat greek yoghurt (I like mine with some Nutella as a pre-bed snack) - about 125g should do it, you're looking for 20-30g of protein per meal. Ideally if you're working out and trying to build muscle and lose fat you should be consuming 1.5-2g of protein per kilogram of body weight - it's not easy, hence why a lot of health nuts work on six meals a day. Don't workout that your post-work shake counts as a meal
    Breakfast - eggs, steak, chicken, salmon, nuts, smoked mackeral - google "paelo diets" and you'll get the picture and be able to up your protein intake in no time...
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    I've also been doing some reading and something that's cropped up quite a lot is if you want to build muscle as an 'ectomorph', then you should forget cardio for a while?  I'm not sure how sensible that sounds - after all, cardio is the best way to burn fat off isn't it?  Cardio burns fat - not muscle.

    I would never forget cardio, it's too hard to get back the base IMO BUT i know what they are saying, cardio doesn't necessarily burn fat, go to any marathon, any triathlon and see the number of very fit runners and athletes who remain overweight! Why? 1) less than perfect nutrition/diet 2) Endurance events and training put the body under stress, stress releases the hormone Cortisol and cortisol is directly responsible for the storing of visceral fat - now when you look at elitle or very serious athletes they manage to be ripped and must be generating huge amount of Cortisol, difference is they are also watching their nutrition plans very very carefully and have reached the point of being so efficient in how they process and use energy that the Cortisol is more than likely helping them by stopping their fat levels from dropping to a dangerous level whilst allowing them to do what they do

    To burn fat cardio has to be in line with heart rate montioring, you need to be in the "fat burning" zone if you heart rate is too high all you'll be doing to increasing aerobic capacity and generating Cortisol! Long and slow is the name of the game, so sprinting on a treadmill ain't going to help! 

    Another piece of advice, always weights first, cardio afterwards this is scientifically proven to be the best formula for building lean body mass, after the weights the body is forced to look at fat stores for energy since the weights will have used your ready supply! do it the other way around and you won't have a very good workout and you're less likely to build lean muscle.

    Finally, it has also been scientifically proven that MUSCLE burns FAT, that simple... the more lean muscle you have the more energy required to power those muscles, the more the body is forced to look at fat stores as an enerygy source... hence why body builders have such ridicilously low body fat %'s. 

    As runners that's not ideal for us BUT remember the biggest muscles in our bodies are not chest and arms they are the butt and legs... good thing for runners then, since building muscle strength in the legs is a good thing! So get out there and do core strengthing muscles which focus on the muscles we care about most, combine that with HR monitored cardio training and the leaness will come!!
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