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  • Nurse Glady, please don't let the moaners and detractors stop you doing this.

    As you say, it's on your doorstep and it's once every twenty years.

    And remember also, Phil Walsh is the driving force here. He doesn't leave anything to chance when he puts events on.

    Hope this helps

  • Nurse Gladys

    I can only agree with Brian.

    If you want to do a race do it and ignore the WUMs, moaners and people with personal agendas.

    Why do keyboard warriors hide behind user names?

    The "Ignore Member" function is useful but you should not need it.

    Other threads have runners discussing their training, advising each other, swapping tips, offering encouragement etc

    Why can't this one or any other race in West Lancashire or the Fylde coast???

    Rant over

  • Exactly that's what I mean every local race seems to have so much antagonism. I am not stupid and I realise how much hard work goes in to these things but the local threads seem to have so much negativity. The Freckleton half seems to be the only one that that doesnt.  I would like to support my local races I think I should but maybe we should try to support each other and offer encouragement (God knows I'm needing it at the moment) Ron I hope people decide to support your cause if they chose but as for your other challenge maybe you and soup can continue that debate on another thread.
  • Hello. Advice needed please. I am on the verge of entering the marathon but require a few things clearing up as best as possible first. I am a keen amateur footballer and consider myself fit to a point. I think I could run 15 miles tomorrow but not much further. I want to do a marathon and at 35 in my home town this seemed the perfect opportunity. The things I would like to know is how hard for a novice does the course rate and how demoralising will the rural part be. Secondly everyone needs a target time. The current world record is the 2 hour Mark and I feel just out of my reach in my marathon debut so with this in mind I have Plumped for the 4 hr 30 minute mark. How achievable is this and will it mean I won't be last. Finally how friendly will it be and how will will a debutant ^be^ received. If it is for hardened runners only and I find myself on my own after 10 miles it won't be for me. Reading previous post the world of fun running isn't as fun is I thought and in fact cut throat. Thanks in advance Max. Please be aware anyone who replies will more than lightly ^be^ called upon for further advice.
  • Hi Max

    Right, first things first. Take a long, sloooooow deeeep breath in........ And hold.............. And SLOWLY let it go.

    And Relax...................

    If you reckon you can run 15 miles now then you will be absolutely fine for this one by October.

    35 years of age, your home town in Guild year. Where better place to do your first marathon. So that's all decided then image

    Keith OB, keep up with, I'm right so far aren't I? "Yes, Brian".  Thank you Keith image

    The course is fairly Max. it undulates a bit but no big hills at all. Personally I think you'll enjoy the rural parts. The scenery is great and I am sure there will be people to run with. I've done Kielder Marathon for the last two years. It gets very few spectators because it's in the middle of nowhere. Bu the runners are very friendly there and I expect this to be the same to be honest.

    "Everyone needs a target time" Do we? or is finishing a good enough target? I'd say for your first marathon finishing should be your target. Second target could be to go all the way without walking. And a time comes after those two. 4 hours 30 will be ahead of me and I won't be last.

    There will be all sorts there Max. Hardened marathon runners who are setting out to win. Other hardened marathon runners like myself, who are there to chalk up another completed marathon, and debutants. And everyone will be made most welcome.

    True, some people have taken the fun out of running. And a Marathon is most definitely NOT a fun run. You can have a lot of fun training, and a lot of fun running round different places in training. And you can most definitely have an enjoyable and fun day. BUT you only achieve those by respecting the distance and putting in the work so that you can enjoy it.

    Where are you based? If you're anywhere near Preston I don't mind joining you for a run. Just don't ask me to play Football image

  • Err well that will be

     Yes Brian

    You are not on "Ignore"

    I might do the half. Well I have to now don't I?


  • Think i will come along for the half marathon !
  • Nurse Glaydis

    you should do this this thing with Ron and soupy has been going on for years

    I did Frecktlon the other year and it was a really good race in the country side

  • I have done Freckleton half a few years ago so I know it is a great run. Max go for it.As long as you do few shorter runs in the week and simply increase your long runs by a couple of miles each week you would be fine.If it gets tough drop down to 10 for a week that's what I did. My first Maria was Manchester in 2002 I think not much support round many parts and a 2 lapper but I managed 4 hours so I think you will be fine.
  • Brian, to give an idea of the course, can you name another marathon that the guild will be similar to in terms of how flat/hilly it is? Thanks
  • Hi Brian, could you tell me if this is what you're meaning by your course description please back at end of Dec? Is this pretty much what you've been asked to measure?  ...Yes?  No? ...Or nearly? lol

    I know I'm showing 2 miles short but as you said, you've got some leeway to add some in around the Cop Lane area yet and possibly some other tweaks, but is this largely what you mean? At least it'll give me a good idea of it for now till you get chance to finalise it later in the year.

    Also, have you any idea why it was decided not to have this event during Guild Week? ..Noo probs if you've no clue.

    Keith OB.  Can I just reiterate that no, I've definitely no agenda here ok.  I'm merely just asking for the route that Brian's been asked to measure. ...and if it's been pretty much finalised by now (subject to him adding a bit in here and there during measuring) then it's not a secret is it?

    Yes of course, I'll freely admit that I'm completely pissed off that it seems Phil Walsh, (and all the other experts organisers we have in and out of the council, police and our local running clubs), haven't managed between them all to put together a course that doesn't send us out into the quiet lonely countryside for the vast majority of the course, completely away from any support we could possibly gain by having them design it both north and south of Preston in and amongst our communities, specifically because it's a very special Guild event for a very special Guild year - but hey, like you, I'm just a mere mortal runner, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it is there? 

    What agenda were you thinking I had? 

    I'm also shocked, surprised and annoyed, as I was sincerely expecting a major one off event like this to be something much nearer to what you saw me suggest some 5 weeks ago, but it's become clear to me now that it's going to be nothing of the sort, and we'll just have to grin and bear it, accept what's been planned for us without question, learn the course and simply get out training for it no matter what the course is.  Yes?? Good.

    ...As was said succintly a few days ago, it's looking like this course is a Done Deal now, so let me just ask for a visual basic outline pretty much near to what's been asked to be measured then I can move forward ok. ...Thanks.

  • Just about, but it doesn't go along Cop Lane.
    It doubles back on itself between Cop lane and the next roundabout
    Apart from that you've got it right

    I'm leaving this thread now until later in the year

    I have 3 other marathons to run before this one, numerous courses to measure, The Olympic Games to volunteer at, Preston Guild volunteering, The Olympic Flame to carry, my son's GCSE results to enjoy and our Silver Wedding to celebrate.

    So if you want me you will have to message me
  • Thanks. Me too.

    Have fun!

  • Hi Max,

    I just wanted to say you'll be fine running the Marathon if you think you could run 15 miles already.  I run for a local club and can only currently run 10 miles and I have been informed by coaches I'll be fine and won't need to start properly training till July.  You won't be on your own either! I think it will take me about 41/2 - 5hrs. 

  • Its never to early to get some long slow runs in and slowly ajust your body to the time on your feet. Dont just try and cram your training runs into 16 weeks like all the fast boys and girls if I was you try and get a two hours plus run in sooner rather than later. On the 25th march there is a 9 or 17 mile trail race called the muddy bottoms in bamber bridge which will give you the time on your feet and be easyer on your body.
  • I feel the planed route is a little boring and did hope for it to travel around the cities main roads but let's face it, it's Preston council... Penny pinching, I bet the cost played the biggest part of the route and a start and finish in town, have you seen the car parking cost here in Preston ???
  • 9 - totally agree.

    At first I was pretty excited at the thought of a Preston mararthon but given the route I am probably going to give it a miss. I have done a few half marathons round Inskip and Catforth, and though they are good race with fast courses to me it is just going to be a boring marathon course. 

    Personally, I would have preferred something that looped in/out of the town centre so spectators could see runners easily.

    Shame but given what I have read on here it looks a done deal.

  • Ive signed up to this and with Brian involved Ive no doubt it will be a success. If any one doubts this, sign up to his Freckleton HM and see for yourself how well he organises race events.

     As for the course I'm sure all of us who have done GNR and London, would of had images of running through city with the crowds out in force. However, this is Preston and there is a no doubt a lot of things to consider and it will be far more complicated than any of us not on the inside will know.

    Its a local marathon and its a Guild Marathon, there may not be another of these or if there is, a lot of us will be too old to do it, so i would encourage all local runners to the Preston area to sign up to this. Saying all that I'm secretly hoping it will be a big success and that Preston will get to keep its Marathon , no pressure Brian image

  • Yes Brian is a top chap.
    Would have liked a flat fast PB route. I'll prob end up doing this but only because I'll feel like I've missed out if I don't. Is there a race limit?
  • Hi to all there is a meeting tomorrow night but I think the limit is between 5 and 7 thousand and that is for a combined total for the half and full marathon hope that helps and the course is very undulating which can help to keep the legs awake on such a long distance.
  • Whats this meeting about Alan ?

    And ive decided, it might be interesting if we all come up with our fantasy Preston Marathon Routes. Im happy with what ever route they do, but i just thought it might interesting and also might give us all ideas for our own training routes.

    Any way ive come up with this, ive not really spent much time on it, maybe 10 mins he he but ive covered the Uni, Deepdale, the Docks, the river , the welcome to Preston Sign, a couple of the towns parks and Museums, along with County Hall.

    I would of loved to have gone around more of the river routes but, i thought, we cant really have that many runners going down those narrow paths. Any way, what else can you guys come up with ?

  • Great route. Like the bits on the old tram route out from Avenham Park and a nice bit on track by River at docks. Think these would work even with a large field as it would have settled by those points.

    This route would also be good for spectators.

  • Ah thanks Max.

     I think i might come into problems with the people at Capital Centre and perhaps runners wouldnt like to tackle that hill into Preston. But for me that, thats the route I would of loved to have seen us take on.

     Have you got one of your own ?

    P.S. the Old Tram Road, i often use this on my runs, its very handy and its nice running around there and along the river walkways. 

  • Met a mate in Chorley on Sunday and we ran through Cuerden and picked up the tram path to Aveham, turned and ran back for a great 18 mile lsr.

    I live in Longton and often run down Ribbleway to the docks and use the track you have mapped. In fact ran down Ribbleway on the last day of coasters, though went on paths through docks as Nurse Gladis had a sore ankle!

    Will have a go at a route but to be honest yours will be hard to beat.

  • Ah coasters! i Thought your user name seemed familiar. There was so many of us mind, that i wasnt sure. Ive emailed Stu and few others about seeing if we can get all the people from the first and last legs together for the Guild Marathon for a bit of a re-union.

    You know, ive seen a few routes which use those docks ways and i have been thinking about taking them in on a run sometime. That site i have used for my route, it is free to join and advert free - which is nice! Its made by some runners over in Boston USA you see. Any way im rambling, the point im trying to make is, that there is a search tool on there and you can look up other peoples routes and thats were i have seen the docklands runs people have been doing and I bet its quite nice, passing through there on early mornings.

    P.S you dont have to beat my route, just come up with what would be your fantasy Preston Marathon Route.

  • Yes. I definitely agree with Max. That is a great route Coasters.

    Yeah sure, the heirarchy would immediately jump on you and moan by saying it's messy and would be difficult to shut down this much of Preston, but I can't see why we couldn't share a 1/3 of any road with traffic where necessary for once in 20 years. Strange how they forget that they do that for roadworks all the time.

    I love your north-south split idea similar to mine, with the main roads of Fishergate, London Road, Deepdale, Blackpool and Garstang Roads in it, and especially the intricate interweaving throughout many of Preston's communities to keep it fun and entertaining between town, parks and countryside.

    I did mine in about 20 minutes but I'd say yours is definitely better. 

    Hell, parts of that are a cool training run for this summer for sure, especially somehow mixing in miles 1-8 with the last 6, and just following it straight from miles 9-24 would be great training runs.

    THAT's the kind of course thinking that makes me want to enjoy running round Preston. Nice one.

  • Ha! Thanks Pete, yes i saw your route, using both sides of the town and coupled with that fact i live the south side of the river, i know you can easily get a load of runners down those parts.

    I agree Preston is nice to run around, i think i said earlier how the river walkways are really nice to run around esp in the summer and it is true. We are lucky to have those areas. I am looking forward to the cycle wheel being built, as i imagine large parts of that can be used as a running path. I think they have something similar in Lancaster.

     I dont know the north of the city very well running wise, so i wouldnt be surprised if some of that isnt very good but hey its my route image he he I know what you mean about the road closures, but there is no choice as Preston is so small and if you want to keep if close to the town for the crowds its what you have to do. If Newcastle and London and can manage it, then im sure Preston can esp if its a one off. Mind you, i'd love Preston to get a yearly Marathon and i think it would well attended. 

  • I could go with that. Would like to finish down church street into cheapside , it's downhill.
    I'd have thought the guild wheel would have made a good route. I'm sure gates etc could be removed for a day.
  • Maybe that's the future 9, the Guild Wheel. If not a marathon what about a 20 miler. There not many of those about and it could be kept entirely on the wheel. Either way,  i suspect once its finished i will borrow it for running.  

  • Yeah I'll have a go on it.
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