Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • I've been dropped on my head a lot image

  • Where are you working at the mo?

  • My office is based near Stadhampton, just off Junction 7 M40 - but normally go up through Henley/Nettlebed

  • Ahh right .. yep I know where you mean

  • Right next to 'Golden Balls' roundabout image

  • Nice  image

  • yep, puerta del carmen was the place for us and is the place to be with families and I reckon for the race, the La Santa environment is a little too far out for my liking and I like to enjoy the post race with a few beers.

    I am sure there will be plenty of places to stay but not sure if we will be there just yet, looking at alternatives, I am sure the pirate support will be great as usual.

  • Hmm, random thoughts and questions:

    Single base (villa) is preferable to smaller scattered units (although if in close proximity less of an issue)
    Smaller units easier to manage in terms of booking, which leads me to
    travel plans- I think that from Gatport Airwick the flights seem to be more geared towards a weekly stay rather than the typical Thurs/Tues- what would people be thinking?

    None of the above need instant answers, just thinking aloud



    Looking at flights, there seems adequate choice if you uwanted to do the week or Thurs - Tues option (although the latter may take a little more organising, using different companies)

    I'd happily go for a week with a few extra days in the sun to recover - assuming I'm not too burnt !


  • Boing

    Ok so who's in, 'Your Registration is Complete'

    Iron Tractor Boy

  • stayed at la santa this year but had 2 nights down at PdC
    next year Im gonna stay in PdC for the whole thingimage

    There is a cheap appartment complex just down from the finnish that I was in a camp at - basic but cheap.  And just 4 minute walk from transition.  and 3 minute wal from route66 - the after show beer venue image

  • OC - any advice on gearing for this?

  • Here's a video interview I did for seconds after crossing the finish line, look at how happy I am, that's how you will feel when you finish. So please don't be put off by any of my previous postings. It's a tough race but a very rewarding one image

    I did it on a triple with an 11-25, and I'm a really crap cyclist.

  • Cool vid Andy

    Didn't realise who you were, I bought my brother your book at Christmas!
  • Thanks Jay, you asked about a blog link it's here

    although not had chance to write up my Lanza race report yet, hopefully do it this weekend.

  • And for those that have never experienced the Ironman swim before, here's a short video of the start of the Ironman Lanzarote last saturday morning. OC is the fast one in the orange cap and I'm the slow one image

    Ironman Lanzarote Swim start

  • Holgs, I wouldn't worry about your previous posts putting anyone off.  It is a very tough course, so nothing wrong with saying that.  Doesn't mean it is impossible, but it is one of the harder IMs, esp. the bike course, what with the heat and possible wind, so if folk are forewarned then they're forearmed image

  • yeah it's certainly not impossible - and if I can do it, pretty much anyone with the right training, race and nutrition plan can do it also.

    Wise words MsPea.

  • Ironholgs wrote (see)

    I did it on a triple with an 11-25, and I'm a really crap cyclist.

    Thanks for this Holgs, but after reading your book, should I really be taking your advice on gearing?? imageimage

    The swim start look 'fun' image

  • errr probably not - but I have learnt a little bit since then image

  • I'm sure you have so any and all advice is much appreciated - 'im going to need it!! image

  • although I did think I'd been hill training all winter on a 12-32 and then the week before lanza when the bike was serviced, the LBS told me it was actually an 11-25.

    I'd ordered a 12-32 and just fitted what arrived, never bothered to count the cogs.


    Still it got me round.

  • *Lurks in the shadows* imageimage

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    *Aims spotlight at Golden Boots*
  • Are you lurking with intent, Mouse.
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    I'm not even lurking - just strolling through, really.

    But I'd like to know how OC and Holgs found the temperatures?  I've been struggling badly the last couple of days, and putting it down at least in part to the sudden  climb in temps, without time to acclimatise.

    It must have been like this only worse out there - how did you cope?

  • I love cooking in the heat image 

    But its not really to bad on the bike as youve got the moving air to keep you cool, just need to make sure you hydrate well before and during.  On the run I dont care either, just use the water, sponges, ice, from the feedstations.

    Lanza will will benefit from the sea breeze so will take the sting out of the heat a bit.

    *Aims spotlight at Mouse*

  • what Barley said really. You do get fried on the bike, I've got the blistered sunburn to prove it, but once you reach the top of the Isalnd and no longer have a headwind it does help. I stuck to my nutrition plan, gel every 30 mins, powerade drinks and water over my head if I was getting too hot.

    By the run, I was drinking twice at every aid station, shoving cold sponges everywhere and ice in my cap.

    I hate the heat, and at the moment here this isn't even close to Lanzarote. It got over 110 degrees by 10 am on the Tuesday, luckily it dropped on race day or it could have been very messy for me. I had 5 days out there to acclimatise and I think it helped.

  • Rafik
    I have a compact up front (50:34) and a 11:25 rear cassette
    There are one or 2 steep bits (bits of haria / mirador climbs), but not many full on out of the saddle efforts.....  Its more just consistent up down up up down climbing in the front 2/3rds that does the damage.  Apparently we had less wind than normal - there were no real issues re cross winds image

    It was 19 degrees at the start of the bike 29 at then end according to my Garmin
    The bike never really felt that hot - the climbs are before it gets too hot, and you generally have speed to keep you cool.  (I was not there for the 40 degree days leading up to the race)
    The run felt a bit intense on a couple of occaisions, but generally there is a good breeze on PdC.  The heat is also a lot drier - ie you sweat, and it cools you.  I think it feels hotter / more oppressive in london as the humidity is higher
    I drank 1-2 cups of fluid every aid station - thats every 2 miles?? I would never drink this much on a training run, but an IM marathon is a bit different.  I was doing coke / water from the start of the run
    4 salt tabs on the run
    I used a pirate buff to keep the sun off my go faster hair style,
    Sponges - one squidged over the buff
    One in the monaco behind the neck and let it drip down for the next mile.....
    Cup of water over the head (careful - none on the trainers!!!!) when it gets really hot

    Oh lastly - lots of p20 image  I only got burnt where my bike top had ridden up at the back above my shorts - 2 little stips there.

    Hope that helps Joddly


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Did you ever feel you needed to back off on the run because you were overheating?

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