Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • I never started fast enough to need to back off.  As I was injured, I just went out for a trot at about 75% effort.  This just turned out to be well paced as I could maintain it all the way.
    It still got hard by the end though, and I was pleased to finish.  Even going 'slowly' I still started to slow a bit / HR started to drop in the last 5k
    Considering the speed I was going, my HR was up at 145.   I felt I was doing a real slow run training pace where my HR would be down at 130.  My hr target / max for long runs is normally 143 for instance

    If I went at my 'normal' pace I think I would have slowed by the end, but overall would have been faster assuming I did not blow.

  • I never eased back on the run but I'm a very slow runner anyways.

  • OC and Holgs - thanks for the advice on gearings - think I will need to change the setup on the bike. If anything else springs to mind I'd be grateful for your help. Cheers Rafi

  • We hope to be there for a holiday and in a supporting role!!!!!image



    First Ironman....might as well do the hardest one eh
  • Jay - congratulations!! Now all you have to do is change your name on here .... before someone makes one up for you!!

  • You could end up being called 'Jedward'
  • Ooooooh that's a little cruel - even for you Schmunks!! does have a certain ring to it.....  image

  • Is this anyone else's first ironman!?
  • Jedward it is then !!!

    and I think there are a few first timers for this one   

  • There ya go lol
  • I want to start a blog of all my training for Lanza. Can anyone recommend a site to use?
  • Nope ....  dont do blogs   image

    Actually if you have a peruse of the Tri threads I think there is a recent one about Blogs so you may find some like minded people there with some info?

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    There seem to be two popular blog sites - one is and the other

    I blogged for my first ironman and will say two things a) you never quite find the time to blog as frequently as you want to because you are always exhausted in stinking lycra but b) despite this, do blog as much as you can because it gives you a lasting record of your journey.


  • I use wordpress.

    and talking of blogs, I've finally got round to blogging my Lanza race report. It's a bit epic, so if you plan on reading it, get comfy. Hopefully you'll enjoy it and get a feeling of what you'll be facing next year image

  • Brilliant report. It reminded me why we put ourselves through this though I have to say I have HUGE admiration for anyone who does Lanza. I did some very demoralising bike rides on a recent holiday to Fuertaventura and I decided, I would NEVER do Lanza. The wind just scares me too much! Thanks a million for sharing, I had tears in my eyes when you described seeing your club mates on the the bike course when you were expecting them all to be gone.

  • Welcome Jedward. I do believe you're the second Pirate I have christened image
  • 503 registered so far

  • Welcome aboard Jedward

    Ok so who's in, 'Your Registration is Complete'

    Iron Tractor Boy

  • One unexpected bill in today will put my entry back until begining of July ... should still be ok   !!

  • Jedward - its my first IM, and I think MuffinMum will be joining us to lose her IM cherry too!!

  • Oh, I have soooo got to come over and watch you lose your cherry, Raf image
  • Orca wrote (see)

    I did some very demoralising bike rides on a recent holiday to Fuertaventura and I decided, I would NEVER do Lanza.

    Interestingly... when I was fortunate to spend a week at La Santa in Lanza in October last year I rode most of the IM course and thought 'I'd love to do the race here'

    I wonder if I'll be as positive in a years time...

  • Yep Rafikid. My cherry is being er prepared for loss? Entry bought, camps booked, first swim race next week. Still don't know what bike gears are for.... image

  • What camps you booked MM?
  • What you gonna do, follow a plan, get a coach or do your own thing?
  • Camps booked Muffin - that's a little organised!!

    Persnally, I've got a couple of Olly's booked over the summer, then Dublin marathon in October, then I  reckon a two break takes me to 30 weeks to IM date - so will follow Fink - or something like it.

    And Jedward, I've been meaning to ask about that photo - which race did you do to get a medal and a baby??  image I'm normally happy wiht a medal and a tshirt? image

    Where are you guys both based?? I'm out towards Reading - just don't tell M...eldy!!

  • Adding Muffin to the list!!

    Ok so who's in, 'Your Registration is Complete'

    Iron Tractor Boy

    Muffin Mum

  • Haha my first ever half marathon and my daughter only a couple of months old! Feeling rather proud at the time!!

    I live near wolverhampton, and yes unfortunately I do follow the wolves!

    What bikes are people planning on using for Lanza, racer or tt?
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