The Trionium Picnic Marathon

Marshalled this last was inspiring stuff.



  • Thanks Kipper!

    Finally it's live... strictly restricted entries for this 'Olympic-edition' Picnic - an ultra for 2012 (no race in 2013)... anyone up for it?
  • I'm a survivor from last year (5hrs 55mins - I got a 4hr 14min on the Snowdon Marathon). As per the instructions I didn't cry and it didn't hurt much (actually that's a bit of a fib - it did hurt on the last descent of The Eiger Steps)  At the end I said to myself "Never Ever Again" - I meant it.. However by the next day I was already planning my 2013 strategy - fortunately we don't have to wait that long. On the Monday after the race I dangled my medal in front of a fellow runner and told him that it was as close as he would ever get to a Picnic Medal - he is currently "considering his options" !!!!! 

    Atmosphere at this race is fantastic. All the encouragement to keep going that you could possibly need.

  • Entry done this morning.

    Dr Rob, you and I obviously have some kind of sadomasochistic relationship. You keep organising these horrible events and I keep entering them...

    Keep up the good work!

  • No option, really - this will make my 4th Picnic in 4 years (I turned up early and ran two laps in 2010....). Entry now in and training started - extra beer required tonight image !!
  • Entered this morning, I'm sure I said never again after last time.

    Funny how you forget the pain and only remember the glory of finishing.

  • Can't wait!
  • So it's back to Box Hill for some training runs over the next few months.
  • Pondering whether it would be absolute insanity to double this with the Lancaster Castle Marathon on the Sunday which I had entered before the Picnic date was announced. Having completed three Picnics, I wouldn't want to miss this, but suffered particularly badly last year. Will have a good think about this... 
  • just entered. what the hell have I done !!
  • Do the Picnic - it won't be around for ever. Having the complete set would be grand.

    Madness/impossible to do both (unless you are superhuman/extremely well-trained) - the organisers in Lancaster might let you defer/get a refund.
  • I wish you never said Madness/impossible to do both...

  • OK Chaz, I appear to have entered this.  Now you'll have to sign up for the NDW image
  • Just entered...need my head examining!!

    With a pb of 4 hours for marathon what you time should you aim for at the Picnic?

    Does anyone know any decent hill runs around south east London, north Kent as clearly need to get some hills done.

    See you on the 23rd.
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    Chris, you might manage five and a half hours, but cracking six might be a good/doable target.

    Just to clarify, the route will be around 27-28 miles... not more than 29 anyway.
  • I'm considering entering this. Have completed four marathons (all last year), PB is 3.35min. One of the four was Beachy Head - found that pretty hard going but very enjoyable. My hesitation is because I'm doing the Three Peaks 24hr Challenge two weeks after the Picnic. Is this realistic? Not many female entrants it seems either.

    Any advice?
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    The race will wipe you out for a month afterwards... there was a suggestion that The Picnic should have been called The Crippler... You could use the Picnic as a training run... finally though, it's up to you!
  • I went up to boxhill at the weekend, for a look at these dreaded hills / steps. unbelievable ! I'm in big trouble image
  • Loved this 'race' last year, and have signed up again!!! Dr Rob, any idea on how the route is going to differ from last year? (with the exception of being alot harder due to the added distance!)  Or is it gonna be a surprise left until the start line?   image

  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    The half hill down from Juniper Top will go all the way down (and all the way back up again)... There might be a special start as well...
  • Uh oh. Special means image.

  • Signed up. A nice training run for Lakeland 100...
  • Right I'm in, I have never done a good marathon time in my life so no PB to worry about but I have just cracked 1:27 for a half so I should get around before they all go home.

    I know the course is tough as I'm a sucker for Dr Robs races and I know I will sufferer but at 45 years old I need to show the kids that there is life in the old man.

    Bring it on....

  • How does compare with Endurancelife Exmoor?? I have Dartmoor Classic the following day so might not be the brightest thing to do.....I'm tempted though!!

  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    I'd be interested in any comparisons going also. I entered a while back having missed the chance to run it last year through injury.

    Getting this in my focus now as will force me to think of May's marathons as no big deal!

  • I ran the munro course on saturday with a mate who's done it before. The stepping stones were a good 8 inches under water. 2 of them you couldn't see clearly, twas a leap of faith image Got round. Just !
  • How many times do we have to go up & down to the steps to the stepping stones?
  • I think its 4 times
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    Stepping stones under water? That'd be the drought.
  • Did it last year while recovering (thought I had recovered b4 starting) from knee injury (bad plan) but have just done the Heartbreaker in 3:50. Cant wait to give this a proper crack!!!!! Just want to say thanks Dr Rob for all the efort that goes into the races, reckon the organisation must sometimes be more painful than the race and it lasts a lot longer so a big thanks!!! 
  • Grecian - Thinking about doubling this one as well image
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