The Trionium Picnic Marathon



  • Gun for hire - Not sure what course you did with 5700 feet of climb but the elevation gain was only 3000 feet and so the Picnic is a lot harder!!

  • Indeed Stuart - South Downs marathons is advertised as 5700ft but I reckon that is calculated from Mean Sea Level, it's much more like 3000ft.


  • Ouch....This is my first time and I have never been to box hill. So I'm getting more scared by the minute as it seems to be getting longer and more hilly the more the posts go on image. I was wondering if somebody could confirm a couple of it entirely on trail/grass?, also when we complete the fist lap will we come back by the start or is there somewhere that family/friends can see/support us?

  • Yep, all trail, track, roots, stones, grass, steps n stuff that goes steeply up and down. Be glad you don't know the area. And if your not a little scared your in trouble. I'm fairly confident that the start is also the 1/2 way. (I'm quite terrified tooimage
  • There's no doubt it's tough but also fun! Last year the guidance was to add 40% to your marathon time as a guide - I managed to add 55% .... But that was on the "short" course!
  • Thanks kipperonabike....I shall certainly be treating this with respect. Especially since my hill and distance training have been hampered by an injury. Trevor - it almost sounds like 'fun' adding 50%....but I know it will be anything but!!
  • Let's remember guys this will be almost certainly the toughest race we ever run and the pain will be considerable to say the least.

    But the overwhelming sense of Olympian achievement and pride at crossing the finish line will be huge.

    The aches and pains will go - in time! - but the medal and the unforgettable memories will stay with us for ever!


  • I've considered my options and it seems I'm to late to enter the Picnic. Oh dear! Good luck every one and Nick! I trust it really will hurt. But then that's why you do it. ( :-0)

  • so want to run this ... let me know if you don't!


  • Managed 4hr 43m on South downs Marathon. Fell over at 2 mile mark so it was straight over finish line and into the First Aid tent where they admired my swollen shin and calf. Arnica, tiger balm and volterol gel (plus lager) and extended "tapering" has helped return leg to normal size (but not normal colour). Extra potential pain adds a bit of spice to the event ! If anyone decides not to run please give your entry to Bob Hughes 2. I know he really wants to have a go ...........................!!!!!!!

  • Snoop dog, there are lots of vantage points where your freinds can come and watch. Just follow the crowds. But if you're thinking of bringing small children it's worth bearing in mind that there are no 'easy' paths up box hill except by the Zig Zag road.

    There are car parks however by the Stepping Stones and at the top there is a National Trust car park and you can walk from there to various points where the race crosses. there's also another car park the runners go through but it's only good for about 10 cars so you're unlikely to get a space.

    I wish I'd entered this year, having done the Munro 2 years ago, Best of British eh!

    ( my punishment that day is swimming down the River Arun with lots of other nutters)
  • Oh, and you'll take ages so there'll be plenty of time for them to find you!
  • Good news on the 3:30 cut-off for the 16 miles. Should just about make that image Question though, if there is no end-time cut off, what time do the organisers call it a day and go home, when it gets dark?? I have to get that Picnic medal, even though it might kill me.. and good news that England are now playing Sunday. I might be in agony, but beer and football will take the edge off  image

  • good point caferaca - I'll pop my headtorch in my race bag tonight!! image

  • Sanp! - Thanks for the info....lets hope those car parks don't become possible retirement options image. Good luck with the swim - I've heard about that one, 3.8K in a strong/fast tide sounds more scary than 30miles of hills to me!!


  • Liking this more and more image

    I'll need to leave it until next year. Taking the wife away for a few days from the Monday, and I'll be expected to be physically whole! image

    Marathon-broken would be okay, but Picnic-broken sounds like divorce.

    There is a half though... Mmm?
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    The Half-way point is back at the start, at 16 miles into the 30 mile course (second half is shorter, on account of not going up the Zig Zag Road).

    If anyone is still desperate to enter, email me at rob @
  • That made me chuckle.image

  • Snoop, I fancied something different and I sprained my ankle with accompanying ligament damage on box hill a month ago which rules me out of any running for a while. Having completed a long ocean swim on Sunday I can absolutely confirm that ... You're going to have a much harder day than me! It's brilliantly rewarding though. Enjoy!
  • GM, I seem to be a less-active version of you. Do you really run like that?
  • Dr Rob is too accommodating for my health ... see you on Saturday. I shall be standing shoulder to shoulder with you at the start, and hopefully crawling buttock to buttock with you at the finish, as it were.

  • I've done the Knacker Cracker and the Midsummer Munro. Any suggestions that I might be sane can now be dismissed. I'll be at the start line on Saturday afternoon. Th finish line? We'll just have to wait and see. It seemed like such a good idea at the time...

  • Coming down with a sore throat and a slight pull in the Gluteus maximus so not looking too good at the moment for Saturday.
  • Thats some pain in the arse image, looking forward to Saturday now. I know I shouldn't be considering what we have to do but it's nice to explain to people that ask just how difficult this is compared to 26 miles on flat tarmac. Best of luck to all full and half runners  

  • Good shout Adrian - all the best to everybody gutsy enough and ballsy enough to stand on the start line tomorrow....look forward to seeing you all at the finish line when night has fallen!! image

  • Tomorrow should mark my 6th consecutive participation to the Munro. I have ALWAYS looked at the Picnic runners with awe and admiration, and slightly envious. BUT I know my I'll run past you with a smile and words of encouragment. Good luck to you all Picnic Runners, and respect!!!! Enjoy!...Gulp!image

  • Yes and I really am that slim too. Say hello to me -  it looks like we are made for each other.image

  • Looking forward to tomorrow.  Looks like a great weather forecast for a picnic image

  • Guys, Box hill has had an awful lot of rain in the last few hours it should make things very interesting tomorrow.
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭

    Good luck everyone, come what may...!

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