Kinetica Spring Ballbuster - 3rd March 2012



  • It looked wet and a bit slick GB, but I didn't see any oil down or anything like that. They'd put some sand down in the middle of the corner when I started the third bike lap so maybe they found something. By then there was a bunch of diesel down at the corner where they'd dug the road up, so it was tiptoes round there too.

    Sorry to hear of your woes, can't blame you for not hanging around. At least you didn't have to wait to get a car out of the car park.
  • I had just got out of the first aid van when you started your third and They had about 4 people warning of the corner before hand, a red flag on the corner, and then a couple shouting as people actually were going around it.

    Oh well, it was obviously not meant to be!

    Great racing Dave!
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Nightmare, GB - really sorry to hear your tale of woe, and I hope your hands heal quickly. I wondered why I didn't see you....

    Good race for me, though the bike was a bit frustrating, with congestion and slowing for poor road surfaces, and I got another PB though still outside 3:30.

    Top male and female 40-49 were Pirates, so a good day out all in all.
  • good racing Joddly and C-Dave. Sorry to hear about your tumble GB.... bit of a nightmare day all in all. Heal quickly.
  • Good ballbusting Pirates. Next time GB!

  • Hope all ok GB,  well done to the podium pirates good stuff guysimage
  • Great racing joddly! Was looking for you but obviously just missed you through the morning!
  • Well done pirates !!
    Unlucky GB , real choker especially after all the faff to get there in time image . Get an early night and destroy the saucony 10k tomorrow to make up for it mate. See you at the show.
  • Bad luck Boots, hope the road rash heals quickly and your wrist settles down soon too.

    Well done Joddly and Dave claiming your podium places once again image
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