Things you say to yourself when running



  • "the way to hell is straight and sure, the way to heaven is long, the way to your heart is never ending, so i just keep moving on" the chorus from an oysterband song, one that i've known since i was very little.

    the lyrics remind me that even though this is tough it's good for me (and it got me through the quiet parts of brighton mara yesterday!)

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Catalin Bond wrote (see)
    As for mental games to keep occupied, Sometimes when running in fairly quiet parks I try to memorise every person I see so that if I later find out a murder has been committed I can tell the police about everyone that was there! Bit morbid really.
    This really did make me giggle. I might have to try that!
  • ' carry on running or spend the rest of the day regretting that you didn't run further'

    I heard this on TV this evening and think its fab

    ' pain is just your body trying to punish you' - love it !

  • Ok I admit it....The Rocky Theme tune ..everytime...image

    ADRIAN !!!!!

  • Fairy - my wife goes one better than that - the lamp-posts talk to her:

    "Good job!"



  • "oh god, I'm not going to make it" image
  • i generally try to work out more complicated pace sums,

    not just working out what it is based on my current time/distance, but then working out what i would have to do on the following miles in order to reach an average pace goal.
    not only does this take a while and pass the time, but it helps you with maintaining a pace or increasing to get a goal.

    oh, that and when i'm alone along the canal i sing image
  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Glad it's not just me then!

    Did  the Edinburgh Rock and Roll Half last weekend. Said "come on you F***er" to myself on a few of the hills, which helped a bit. My favourite bit though, was about nine and half miles in at the end of many uphill miles, there was a left turn that revealed another, steeper, uphill and the runner next to me groaned "oh no".

    In fact from that point on there seemed to be a lot of panting and groaning all around!

  • Everything I say to myself is in my head, don't like to disrupt my breathing

    I remind myself 'Form' when the head dips and the stride goes a bit loose

    Mentally try and work out splits and pacing for the remainder of the time

    I will give out the odd aggressive grunt-esque noise on a hard hill near the end

    If I'm on the edge, I'll work out the pace needed for a PB, work out how long is left, and try and hit it hard.
  • "Hills are friends"

    And on Sunday's race "Oh for fxxx's sake" as I slowed to a walk, followed by, 2 seconds later, a slap to the face and "Man the fxxx up!" - seemed to workimage

  • I ususally tell myself, "The flipping greivers are coming and they are going to come and kill you with their deadly spikes if you don't make it through the gates (Finish Line) in time you little maggot!" It's from the book, the maze runner. Amazing book and helps me run.

  • I just say to myself: "Think of the vat of tea waiting for you at home"

  • 1/4 of run done.

    1/3 of run done.

    1/2 of run done

    5/8 of run done.

    FFS - been climbing for over a kilometre.

    I hope I've calculated this route properly and don't have to run past my car.

    Woo hoo car in sight, the sooner I get there the sooner I get home.
  • I sometimes shout come on! At tough times and remember the phrase 'I can do all things through he who strengthens me'
  • i often shout quack at the ducks on the canal 

  • "Full ahead,  ramming speed"


    "I love my brick"

    I try not to let my mind wander...



  • 'can you keep your fucking dog under control'

  • leyburnrunner wrote (see)

    'can you keep your fucking dog under control'

    image  snap

  • Why couldn't Pheidippides have dropped dead here instead?
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You have run the last 12 miles exactly to pace, it's only 1 and a bit left to go don't go and f**k it up now.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    If I see another runner up ahead I start saying to myself "catch the hare".
  • I repeat simple sentences in my head then add the letters up as I go, and I can reach some really big numbers, plus ifi see a signpost or writing anywhere I'll do a running tally of letters. For example, 'I can do this' translates as 1,4,6,10' which then becomes 1,5,11,21, then 1,6,17,38 and so on. I've done this since I was old enough to work out the math. It occupies the mind. I also like it if it works out as a multiple of 3, though 9 is even better.

    Just me then?
  • Marc S. I also talk to the animals.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I did say "hello" to a horse on my run today. It blanked me.
  • You probably caught it on the hoof.
  • Lewis 5 wrote (see)
    Why couldn't Pheidippides have dropped dead here instead?

    My workmate is wondering why I laughed aout loud then...image

    I always say when I set off "Not again" image


  • I try and let my mind go blank when running, however the tranquility is sometimes interupted by the following thoughts/impediments to my progress:

    Bloody dog walkers!

    Bloody Pedestrians!

    Bloody cyclists!

    Bloody traffic!

  • Upon seeing a massive, unexpected hill during a run/race:

    'THAT can f*** off!'

    But I still end up doing it anyways image
  • many things...

    'what a life'; 'what on earth am I doing?'; 'faster, you c**t'; 'why are you walking along the pavement five abreast?'; 'why when you saw me coming did you move into the exact spot I was running towards?'; 'get that bike off the pavement'; and so on.

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