Virgin London Marathon 2013 ballot open



  • Torquayrunner wrote (see)

    is where mine came from

    Bingo, found it, thanks!

  • I entered just after midday and got the confirmation e-mail at 9:50 this morning in my Spam folder. I can't believe how I was busy telling everyone that I would put in an application this year (for my first marathon), then totally forgot until halfway through a run during the morning! Reckon I had a defninite negative split on that one, despite it being uphill on the way home image

  • Mine was in the spam folder, thought i'd checked image
  • Not long to wait to see who is in and who is out, roll on early October

  • Not long till all of the threads bashing the entry system start as well.

    I was one of those swearing after not getting in last year!

  • Still on the old 5 rejections then you're in system.

    Can be rejected once more, so will def be in 2014..hoping for 2013 though. Getting bored of those commiseration magazines image


  • Anyone know exactly when in early October?


  • No, you usually get a postie saying they are in the sorting office at some point, but I would say in the first week of the month image

  • Sometime in the first week I think. I remember getting my acceptance one on my birthday a couple of yrs ago and that's on the 1st.
  • Just saw a thread from last year dated 29th Sept, so could be late Sept or early Oct?

  • KingKenny...Are they still doing the 5 then in....I thought they scrapped it?
  • Yes they have scrapped it but kept it going for those that had already tried at least twice. So 2014 will clear everyone from that I'd have thought, then onto purely pot luck every year.

    Been a long wait for this one image

  • Good luck on getting in for 2013. I will be anticipating my rejection pack shortly!! Have booked onto Brighton as back up so that my training continues.
  • I'm pretty sure I've been rejected five times now and I will be in for 2013 but there was no mention of that when I entered so it might be 2014 when I finally get my place.

  • You'd have got an email with Priority Ballot entry or something like that & given a username and password..

    Just dugout the email, starts off like this -

    Dear Runner,

    Further to our email to you on the 5th of March we are now sending you the link to your Priority Online Ballot Entry System to enter the ballot for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon.

    Our records show that you have made 4 consecutive unsuccessful applications and as a result we are offering you the opportunity to maintain your record of consecutive applications in the ballot by following the link from this special invitation email to the Priority Online Ballot Entry System and completing your registration.

    The username and password provided below are exclusively for your use and cannot be used by anyone else; you must have completed your Priority Online Ballot Entry System application by 5pm on the 2nd of April 2012.

  • does this mean guaranteed entry eventually or just the opportunity of being in the some people struggle to even get in the ballot? have read conflicting discussions on this!
  • I ran in 2011 for charity in memory of my Dad. Rejected for 2012 & 2013 so whats my chances If any?

  • Hi Terry - don't think the fact that you have run it before or had rejections for the last 2 years makes a jot of difference. Tonnes of ballot applications and a lot, lot less places up for grabs so perhaps a 1/10 chance of getting in? 

  • 1 in 7 after charity places apparently.

    125k applicants to close the entry, 37k runners includes charity places

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