The 2012 Pirate Water Bottle Thread



  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    Yes please :0)

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    Make that 2 pair image

  • One pair please! image Thanks!

  • I have some of these in stock and thought it would be a good idea to boing to newbies.

    Any takers?  If so, please check out the first post for details.  Thanks

  • Can I have 2 please

    if you let me know payment method I'll get it off to you

  • Water Bottles
    Blue Peter
    Happychap x2
    Pudge x2

  • Oo chuck me 2 x pair! Love those bottles! 

  • Can you put me down for 2 as well? Every time I touch a list I leave gaps in it......

  • MrsD - please  can you text me as I have lost all my contacts out of my phone.  Cheers Bird image

  • Water Bottles
    Blue Peter
    Happychap x2
    Pudge x2

  • I said yes in reply to kit email but just in case I need to be added here, yes please.

  • 2 bottles please

  • 4 please schmunks image

    How do i pay?

  • I'll take 2

  • Spreadsheet is currently being compiled to take in Buffs, Bottles, and car stickers

    I probably won't get round to doing much else til after Christmas/New Year

    Hope this is ok

    Keep the names coming if you want one of the 8 pairs of bottles that are left image

  • A pair of bottles for me please, old order would be good but will wait for the new order if I've missed the boat.

    Great bottles shame I've cracked both the lids and the base of one bottle of my old pair dropping them.

    Thank you List Fairy. Will pay as soon as I get e-mail or PM telling me too.


  • Schmunks, can I up my order to 2 bottles please

    many thanks

  • The Kit Fairy wrote (see)

    Spreadhseet on dropbox.

    Please feel free to check I have your order correct and be aware that the amount due is only an approximation as I have to check postage costs

    I am not looking for payment yet as I want to make sure everyone has a good chance to be added to the list

    Please continue to pop back into this thread for updates


  • MTRIumphant wrote (see)
    Any chance of a summer buff, dome bottles and swim hat?


  • Hi Schmunks,

    Could I add 2 bottles to my swim cap if possible. 


    just let me know how and when to pay

  • If there is still any going I would like one...

  • i'll take a water bottle if any left


  • Schmunks, can you drop my buff order down to just one please. Too much more yellow stuff and I'm gonna be in trouble!

  • Zakalwe-Outlaw wrote (see)

    Dear Mr PSOF Kit Fairy - for 2014 as I have frankly lets be honest not been any better than last year I would like to order 2 x car stickers, 1 x pair of water bottles and 1 x swimming cap.  That is if I am not lagging too far behind the order times.  Many thanks.


  • Anymore for anymore whilst I have my kit head on again image

    Zakalwe-Outlaw wrote (see)

    Hi, if not too late could you put me down for 2 x car stickers, 1 x buff and a water bottle please.  When do you expect the order to be delivered out of interest as I am due to go away latter in the year?  Many thanks.


  • The PSOF Kit Fairy wrote (see)

    Spreadsheet is up-to-date (and that includes you Crooky image)

    I can't hyperlink to it, but I am hoping you can get to it from the link in a prior post


  • 8 pairs of bottles left, so it would be great to clear some space in my shed if I could by getting rid of them all image

  • The PSOF accessories are now at Kit Towers

    Please check the spreadsheet on Dropbox to check your order and see how much you owe (column p, in bold and red) and then send payment to the bank details given in the email due to reach you shortly

    When you have paid, please post as such on the relevant threads and then mail psofkit (at) Hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk with the address that you would like your order sent to

    These items have been bankrolled as a goodwill gesture, so it would be great if you could honour your order

  • Think I'm a water bottle short but got memory like a goldfish - do they come in pairs ? If so I have one lonely one.

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