• Saw it on fb last night, already entered for the winter 100 running in conjunction with it though.
  • saw it...........looks a bit of a laugh.but as I am normally near the back of the pack in ultras i thought i had better not bother

  • Hmm......

  • Sounds interesting, but I have yet to do my first 50-miler and I have no appropriate pics (unless the "sodden in Greater Manchester Marathon" pics count) so...

  • Interesting, mad.....and tempted!
  • Going to see how the sdw100 goes but very tempted image
  • This event will be the ultimate test of who is up for the biggest challenges in the U.K. 

    The people who sign up for this event, will be those who in running terms, will cross the street for a fight.   

  • So you're joining us then Benimage

  • Only 15 places, I recon there'll be a fair amount of competition to get in.

    I have some good pics of me in pain, however this is probably a bit A-level for me right now.

    Does sound like good (if not somewhat masochistic) fun though. Maybe next year! image

  • Well I think that's a it overstated, after all I'm in image
  • There, now I am coming under peer pressure!

  • I have followed up my 'Hmm....' with an email.......could be fun image

  • I'd like to do it, but I'm in the Florence marathon that weekend. Will have to work on the picture for next yearimage.

  • i had a look at it, but the longest ultra ive run is 50 miles, ive got a feeling it must be more than this? As in much more - aiming to do my first 100 next year so would be worried about pushing myself too far too soon.  I guess no one has any ideas about the distance?

  • katiecom.snap.have down several in the 40's and 50's but i am slow so would not be picked for a proper challenge


  • I would strongly advise people not to enter this event unless they are ready and able to take on a 100 mile event. 

    While I don't have any more idea of the distance than anybody else, I know that the organisers are 100 mile specialists. 

  • Katie I have no real idea but I'd be surprised if it was less than a hundred, I think the mental challenge of breaking through that and having to go on would be very tough. Having said that the James' have said that they'd have a choice of five distances and one would be chosen at random before the race, so I can't see them all being over 100. For me if I get in I'll assume it's a hundred plus and adjust my thinking as I go along
  • Lirish - I think I would set off as fast as possible, take loads of gels and hope image Need to get the begging email written once I have managed to put myself in enough discomfort to have a qualifying picture!

  • Regarding the distance, in the bumpf on the web page is this:

    "Are you going to give us a ball park distance at least?

    Well the clue is in the entry fee. We don’t want you to feel short changed if it’s only 10k. Nor do we want you to get upset with us if you need to take the next week off work."

    As the entry fee is £1.37, myabe the distance might be 137 miles or Kms ?

    Just a random thought.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Or it could be how many miles you can you run in 137 minutes?

  • i thought they said there will 5 envelopes with a different distance in each. So, I think the £1.37 is more a clue that it won't be super-long, as you won't feel short changed if you pick a short one.

  • I think the entry fee more represents the amount of support you will get as opposed to the distance you will run, it costs them nothing to have you running but it costs to give you food/drink/gels... think Barkley here.

    It wont be short and you will be out for a long time.

  • Still no appropriate photo - I always try to smile at the camera image

  • If I get in I'm going to go with the attitude that the race will start at 100 miles, think that's the minimum we'll be looking at
  • I notice this is set for the same day as the winter 100? Do you think as both events are being put on by the same company the same course will be used? And as the winter 100 consists of 4 x 12.5 mile out and backs the distances in the envelopes will fit in with this?

    Or maybe I'm well off the scent....
  • Andy I think that's not only a fair assumption I'd put money on it, there's no way James could put on a stand alone race for the price of the piece of string, I'm sure the logistics for both will be exactly the same
  • Well I'm not in, just got my email this morning, so it's the winter 100 for me image
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