Garmin Forerunner 410. To buy or not to buy?

I've been thinking of getting a GPS watch for a while now and as you can get the Forerunner 410 with HRM on amazon for £144 I was thinking I may aswell just get one. But it has very mixed reviews so I was just wondering if it is actually worth the £144 price tag?




  • I was thinking the same thing.......  Read every single review there.......  Just gone and bit the bullet and placed my order, it will be with me on Saturday!!  I hope I have done the right thing!  The way I see it, if it is rubbish, I can send it back to Amazon! (I made sure I bought it through them!!)  

    Good luck with your choice!!  

  • Yeah, it will be fine - Love my Garmin, and you will too.

  • The main complaint appears to the bezel for selecting options etc. I had the 401 for several years and I never had a problem with mine so I would thoroughly recommend it. Its a great watch and for £144 with the heart rate monior I would say thats a very good deal for what you are getting.I have the 610 now - very similar in functionality, just pimped up a little!

  • got one for my husband's b-day. So far he's happy

  • Nothing wrong with them. Good kit. Just lock the bezel when you run in the rain or if long sleeve is going to touch. Easy and takes seconds. Watch will take a few goes to get used to but then all is dandy. Enjoy.
  • Cheers for the advice everyone. Decided just to get it over with and buy one. Like Moe Neesam said if it's no good I can just send it back.

  • I got mine yesterday, so far I'm very impressed!  I plan to have my first run with it tomorrow so I've just spent time getting to know how to use the watch.  I have no issues at all with the bezel and so far, I am finding it easy to use once you learn how to get to things.........  Hope you have the same satisfaction with yours!!

  • I was wondering about this, my 110 has just died after only 11 weeks so returning it and after reading reviews about 410 was a little reluctant. But think I might give it a go looks like its got everything I need and not sure I can stretch to the 610! Its good to know Moe Neesam that the you're not having issues with the bezel!

  • Love mine. This is the model most of our running club have.

    Could do with being a bit less complicated / having some easier to follow instructions, mind.

    For some reason, they were around ??100 late last year - maybe all the awful reviews of the bezel. The thing seems water-resistant enough, and no battery issues. Mine gets lots of use and is 5 months old.
  • I ran in the rain with my 410 last week and it didn't work all the way out. Paused at halfway and realised that it was because I hadn't pressed start. Pressed start and it was fine all the way back, even without locking the bezel.

    It's fabulous, I love mine.

  • just got mine took at bit of getting used to bezel and finding the sub-menues - but yes - love it.

  • I jumped on that Amazon bandwagon too. Great value, happy with watch two runs in.
  • I'm a returning runner after more than 10 years.  Bought one of these to help motivate me.  It's amazing, can't believe how technology has moved on.


    I'm sure it does more than I'm using for at the moment.  But it seems pretty perfect.  Not sure what the reviewers on amazon are on about really.  Spend 5 mins with the quick start guide and it couldn't be simpler.  Can't recommend one enough!

  • I've just ordered one on the basis of good reviews. I'm hoping it's not going to be too big on my wrist though. Any thoughts on this (particularly from other slim-wristed women?)

  • My wrists are fairly slim and I needed to swap the strap for the short soft fabric strap (included).  Its not the most comfortable watch I've ever worn and I wouldn't want to wear it all day every day because it does look chunky on me but it's comfy enough for running. 

  • I didn't like the soft strap so wear it over the top of a sweat band and it is very comfortable.  I absolutly love my 410.  I upgraded from a 305 that I had had for 4 years after it locked up on a marathon and gave me severe anxiety.  It finds satellites much quicker and is very easy to use when you get used to the bezel.

  • I have just ordered one image can't wait for it to arrive!

  • Got mine 2 days ago and am really impressed. Used it for bike ride today and once I remembered to lock the bezel it was good. Bit sensitive before as I was wearing long sleeve top and kept changing the screen! Going for run Sunday and see how it works with a run. So far so good. Also I really like how it automatically links up to mac (that just adept freak in me though).
  • I have also just taken the plunge on the 410. I looked hard at the 610 but decided that  there was not enough that I would use for the extra £100+. Some Amazon comments mention how slow it is to set up your details with the bezel (probably because at this stage they are not used to it). It looks like you can get round some of this by putting your details on to the Garmin Connect site and then uploading to the watch.

  • Love my 410, been excellent so far. Easy to use.
  • Me too. Bought 4 months ago. It is a bit inaccurate. About - 200m on a 5k run, usually it's less rather then more. But I am running absolutely everywhere - under the bridges, through the bushes etc. In other words I'm not looking for a good gps signal. Still it is much better than my htc + endomondo app and it is still better than my miss's Iphone 4s + endomondo. So it is good. If you consider other brands, will suggest you go for garmin.

  • 200m over 5k is within Garmin's claimed 95% accuracy. How do you know the course is exactly 5k?

  • Those 5k was an organised event, where they measure the track. I've done it twice, it was 4.8km both times. Don't get me wrong, it was the worst case scenario, we were running under the trees where you can't see the sky at all. Mostly it is very accurate and I'm totally satisfied.
  • DarolaDarola ✭✭✭
    Does it have an official certificate? Cannon hill park run recently got an official certificate and it had to extend the course by around 60m to get it, despite thinking they had accurately measured it previously.

    Interestingly they still let times/records stand before it was added to, which they shouldn't really.
  • I'm not sure. Anyway it doesn't matter, because you can see where it has been inaccurate on the map after uploading a workout on a PC. It does mistakes, however still it is a brilliant gadget for tracking your workouts. I doubted it before ordering, turned out I shouldn't have.
  • The event we are talking about is Basingstoke parkrun. On their website it says it has been precisely measured with a professional measuring wheel. Sounds precise enough for me
  • Yep, was just interested to know how you knew the 5k itself was right.

    The garmin is a brilliant bit of kit. I just have a very very old 101, which has just given up the ghost. However, I put it to give my lat and long figures, sat aon the beach and moved my arm - it could see me moving!

    Sometimes people get a bit uppity because they pace a race totally on the basis of their garmin and don't leave any leeway, and end up missing their target. You just have to accept it does have some limitations and live with that, which is obviously what you are doing.

  • I'll run a half marathon tomorrow, after will let you now what garmin tells about that.

  • DarolaDarola ✭✭✭
    Elmo, that's exactly what cannon hill said, its not what you measure it with, its how you measure it apparently.
  • I am not sure I understand what are you saying to be honest. Can you explain please?

    Meanwhile, I've done my first half marathon. It was amazing all the way through. Lots of people, everybody's positive and look forward crossing finish line, new records, whatever else people run for. The feeling after you've done was fantastic.




    that I've done 21.08 km at the finish line. I pushed the button spot on the gate on both ends. In real life I have serious reason to believe I ran 21.2 km, which is stated on the official site of the HMrt. Therefore math suggests that would be 120m off on 21.2 km, which I find quit impressive. That would be 0.56% off. Brilliant.

    I did battery test as well, it was fully charged, when i took it with me at 9:00 AM, we started to run at 11:00AM (when i switched gps on), at the finish line at 1:00PM it still had 84% of charge left. get in..

    By the way my miss's iphone 4s showed that we did 23.89km, which is a bit less then 10% off. It's not always that bad though. The funny thing is that it always adds distance whereas garmin tends to take a bit off, she always have better results if we run together (virtually).

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