PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • I was sick of gels by the end of iron distance I just couldn't stomach any more on the last lap of the marathon.... And 99% of gels taste properly nasty image
  • 40 miles on the bike done. Felt I could have gone further which is reassuring, but then I was going a slow pace. Av speed 12.5mph but with quite a bit of  traffic in places.  My shoulders were getting stiff towards the end and my feet were freezing. I nearly headed the quick way home when the weather started to blow hail stones in my face but pleased to say I dug deep and carried on. 

  • Nice one Soupy. Good mental effort too.

    I think I had 3 gels on the run, then moved to jaffa cake, crisps and flat coke.

  • mmmmmm..... jaffa cakes .... mmmmmmm.....image

  • Happy Easter everyone! I might manage a run later today, so busy with family and stuff, I'm stressing a bit as I haven't done anything today! Another big day yesterday hopefully a run tonight..... Enjoy chocolate and roast!
  • Good weekend training for me. 1x3hr bike ride, 1x1h15 run/walk, 1x1h40 run/walk, 1xrest day image

    Still playing with run/walk ratios. Was playing with run 1 mile, walk 1 min. but that wasn't helping my knee much at all. Now at 5:5 and it's working great. No knee pain. Did 10 miles today in 1h40m - seems I can hold 10min/mi doing this ratio fairly comfortably. I'd be dead chuffed if my marathon time during the event started with a 4! I'm thinking of building this up to 2h00m then maybe switching to 6:4 to see if I can hold that. Seems, for me, that run/walk is definitely the way to go, I can manage my knee injury (whilst getting physio for it) and still spend the necessary time on my feet. I'm a definite convert! image

  • Grumps. I'm jealous of the good work you guys are putting in. I'm currently suffering from a nasty ear infection. PARDON?

  • Unlucky mate. Hopefully it will clear up soon?

    I'm feeling a smidge under the weather myself at the moment though it's not enough to stop me training.

    Frikkin' pool last night was busy. Think it's due to the clocks going forward. I'm no swim snob but there were people in the 'fast' lane that really should not of been there! image

    It's pretty quiet in here so hopefully you're all getting some good training in! image

  • Hiya. Sorry about the ear Blisters. I said SORRY ABOUT THE EARS! image Hopefully you will be back in training soon.

    A windy bike session for me today on commute home the long way round up 3 hills. Twas hard work. Swimming tomorrow. Missed a run yesterday. A bad case of cba. 

  • Rest day for me, spent the entire day ravenous, I think I put on about 3 stone in weight by the time I sat on the sofa after work.... Was a decent end of the (training) week for me this week with a switch from bike to run focus with a few speed sessions in for good mix, did my first park run on sat, was very windy and had a hill in it which sucked... It's amazing how much 5k can hurt! 19:25 so relatively happy with that as coming off of a monster week last week...

    More importantly bloody wind is doing my head in, 2 hours too get the 20 miles home from work on Monday all into a headwind with a massive bag..moan moan image... Oh well sportive this weekend so should be fun image hope training is going well for you all!

    Badger - I call them the jellyfish, they float about in the fast lane oblivious to the people doing laps :/

    Soup - good work on the bike afterwork, I know the pain of the wind all too well....
  • Just realised I've got 4 weeks to up my swimming from 1000m in a pool to 1900m and to get my biking up to 56 miles. Never mind running 13 miles, I can walk that. Anyone else doing The Silent Assassin's Half IM next month?

  • You'll be fine Soup. Isn't the race up North? Badgers don't go North of London, we don't travel well. image

  • 2800m in the pool done as 7x400M. Did it in an hour without much bother even with decent rest intervals. No pool rage tonight. Happy times.

  • No swimming for a couple of weeks, but I'm pleased to report that I managed the full 3800m in the pool a couple of weeks ago. That was a huge motivator for someone who could barely do 25m of crawl this time last year. It can be done. The setback is temporary.

    Give me a few days and I'll be getting ready for a marathon.

  • Is anyone doing the HIM event? Or are you all doing the full distance?

  • Blisters - Good luck with the marathon.

    Soup - You will be fine I'm sure the wet suit helps a lot apparently.

    Badger - Good work with the 7x400. I'm still following a lot of the Fink swim sessions and have avoided the long endurance swims in favour of drills and controlled sets as I done want to lock in poor form at the end of a tiring swim but I think it is time to do some long slogs before I get into the build phase.

    Shuffling - there’s quite a few doing the Half, if you go back a few pages there is a list. Don't worry post away. There is also a thread about a bike course recce if you fancy that, speaking of which I need to put my dates in.

    I've got a 75mile charity ride on Saturday which was cancelled 2 weeks ago which means even though this was meant to be a cut back week I'll be doing 12/13 hours this week.

  • Cheers ST - I'll look back through the pages.

  • Hi all, back from a few days in a surprisingly sunny Cornwall - where I managed put pick up yet another fecking cold image. Have just about got rid of it, but have now missed about 4 weeks training image. Aiming to have a gentle swim and possible bike on Sunday as I'm having the wibbles now that I've lost too much training and its all going to go horribly wrong.....

    If all has gone pear shaped then I'll drop down to the half and try and beat my time from last year instead.
  • 4 weeks is quite a lot Fraggle. However, depending on your fitness levels prior to ironman training you might be OK? If you've done HIM's before I reckon you'll be fine. There's still 24 weeks to go. Some training plans don't even start until now...

  • Oh and for my first (and only) HIM last year the longest continuous swim I did in a pool was about 600m! I managed the 1900m (was actually more like 2000+m) with no problems. Although I was a little dizzy when I got out image Swimming in a wetsuit is pretty much cheating! image

  • I'm going to make the decision once I've got back into training - you have no idea how p*ssed off I'm getting with all this being ill stuff image

  • Aw Fraggle thats rotten luck. image 

    I've missed training the last 3 days - struggling with lack of energy and a sore throat but I think its only transient. Still commuting to work on my bike but not done a run or swim this week. I'm fed up with this cold weather and a pool that's full. I don't have "jellyfish" in my pool, just really good fast swimmers that almost swim over me in the medium lane and generally a private swimming lesson in the slow lane. I'm thinking of changing gyms. There is one local to me with a heated 25m outdoor pool that nobody uses this time of year but the water temp is the same as the indoor pool so I don't see why I can't use that. Can always warm up in the jacuzzi after and good practice for OW season. Just a small matter of membership costs. image

  • Soup - hey soup I'm by no means a great swimmer and there always seems too be some bloody brilliant people in the fast lane of my pool I would estimate maybe 1:30/35 per 100m and I just can't keep up... Then in the medium lane it's bleeding kids, I can manage about 1:50 continuous but it's annoying as all hell I just stick at it as the pool is conviently 5 min walk from my house and the only other pool is a 15 metre one in a leisure centre that's twice the price! Just keep at it everyone including you pays membership you have just as much right too be there as anyone else sod em all

    On training this week did a "fun" 16 mile run last night with 20 min speed intervals in creasing up too end of the run ... Which was 2 hours, today was a windy 50 mile bike and 4 mile run and tommoro is a 90 mile sportive which I'm looking forward too!

    Hope everyone's training is ticking along nicely!
  • I'm 2:30 for 100m lol. I don't do fast. image  It really messes my breathing up when somebody has barged past me and sent a wave a water and splashes over my head. I suppose its good practice for ow bun fights at the start, but length after length I just give in. 

  • Done it! Joined a different shiney (expensive) gym and had a fab outdoor swim with the pool all to myself. image Its a David Lloyd club so I've got a short tennis course included in the membership. Not played tennis for 40 years but excited at giving it a go again. How I fit in tennis with swimming, biking and running is another matter. 

  • Nice one soup image

    Did the joker sportive today, met another pirate while I was there! Can't remember his forum name but he's doing Lanza so best of luck too him....

    On topic of the event, the first half went great...Jesus there was some climbing one long ass 20% hill on one of the optional routes then some horrible 25% climb on cobbles which was interesting.... On the third optional climb there was a sweet decent after it... Was doing about 45 mph and BANG blowout on the back wheel was sliding all over the gaf.... Sliced the sidewall of the tyre so ten minutes later and a massive arse bodge job of a repair I was on my way... Needless too say too very easy for the rest of the ride.... Not nearly as fast as I wanted but done none he less and done all the hard routes... And I got a t shirt!
  • Blimey, well doen jamie. A blowout on a descent would scare the life out of me. No idea how I'd mend a tyre either. It would be race over. 

    A short run for me this morning. Just about to head off for another swim, just a relaxing one working on breathing. 


  • Wedged a bit of card into the the tyre where the hole is and you got a repair good enough too let you finish the race!

    Enjoy your swim soup image
  • Good job @ The Joker, Jamie. Sounds a toughie. I've got an 86-miler next Sunday - that will be my furthest ever ride. image

    Rounded out an 11 hour training week last week, which is a little silly as it was supposed to be a recovery week. image Did the club ride yesterday just as a change, 56 miles with the usual racing up hills. Legs are feeling it today. Definitely not an Ironman-pace session!

    Currently toying with having an extra day off this week so I am fresh and ready for Sunday's sportive.

    Keep trucking everyone!

  • Have the extra day off UB you will feel better for it, oh and it's a sportive not a race so don't get too excited and jump in with the massive peloton Tour de France race that some idiots turn it into, enjoy it, practise nutrition, make sure you stay hydrated and bring spare tubes, keep us updated!
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