PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley



  • I'm staying at the Caravan Club site (just along from Swiss Farm) and getting to the start is a small concern. If there's offers of a lift - in a Landie or Scuba-dresser car - can I grab one. Last year the road was open until about 6.30 am. Also happy to contribute towards fuel costs etc

  • Thanks for all the advise guys. I'm currently struggling with the blessed PF at present so where my run would be my more confident discipline it's now the one that's scaring me most. I've done the Henley half so that's parking by the rugby club isn't it?! I need to get more rehearsed with the Map. Would be mega handy if the bags all made it to the same place to stop having to go round collecting everything up!! I don't think I start til @8 but will get there for @6 to stop any last minute panics re parking! 

  • I was at rewind festival in Henley last weekend and did the boat taxi along the course to temple island. Looked a bit choppy!!

  • howdy guys

    I'll be driving to the start early doors on race day, so can give anyone a lift from campsites if need be.

    not sure if I'll be along for the pre race meal, depends on how family stuff goes. Think we should organise a registration/racking get together ?

  • Registration / racking get together would be good.

  • What time are people registering then - I may still register to see what freebies I get image

  • I'm doubling up with a mate I the Henley business centre. Swiss campsite inbetween business centre start and finish T2.

    hope to by meet up with a free pirates on Sat at reg & rack as we're run around trying to get right bags packed dropped in right places and generally wander aimlessly.

    hoping to borrow a pirate top for the day so please feel free to tell me to hurry up and give me a countdown to pubs closing & them running out of pizza at finish.


    last brick session done, easy long ride Sunday then taper time image

    Assume we get our start waves at. registration ? 

  • Yeah I guess so - think I'll be first off (06:30) as a slower AG. Guess Jamie will be too as faster AG. I'm at Swiss Farm and my missus or mum will be driving me to the swim start - plenty of room for more if anyone needs it! image

  • What time are people getting to Henley on Sat? Registration is open 10 - 3. People fancy meeting about 1:00 to register??

  • I think the briefing is at 13:30 Raf (for the full) so I am aiming to get registered a little earlier I think. I want to get all the faff out the way early doors!

  • Probably get there about 12:30 for registration.... Had a blinder of a TT tonight...wish the fast pricks would stop showing up though image

  • AA. - Good to see you. I will have to pop in to the Minni thread and let everyone know how the recovery has gone and my readiness for Henley. I'll be back the more often over the winter as I have an eye on a sub 3:30 Marathon in the spring. Are Dubai Dave and Mr Z still going to be joining us at Henley? I think everyone else answered your questions, so hopefully taper madness will subside.

    I'm going to get to Henley mid-morning Saturday and register as early as I can and then get my tent set up as soon as they let me. I'll meet up with anyone who wants to. Raf - Text me when you get to Henley and I'll meet you or you can come and help me pitch my tent if you want. If there room in someone car/landie then I'd love a lift to the start.

    Tapering is doing my head in, too much time thinking about the race and reduced volume isn't making me feel any fresher yet. 1:10 on the bike in the rain this morning and 1:15 planned in the lake tonight, need to practise OW it freaked me out on Tuesday evening and took 800m to get any sort of control over stroke and breathing.

  • We're going to Henley on Friday evening and I'll get registered as soon as I can and then meet up with the 12.30/1 registration meeting if that happens. Sounds like there are plenty of potential lifts which pleases me no end!

    I'm feeling properly crap today. I've got a bug or something so I'm having an unplanned day off today but it'll probably be the start of taper madness. I swam 2.6miles in OW on Tues evening (which could well be where I got this bug), the time wasn't great (84 mins) but I'm glad I've done it and I can say to myself that the swim for Henley doesn't need to be the longest OW swim I've done.

    Remains to be seen if it happens but I'll be fixed tomorrow!

  • Been smashing it in the pool this week, am I the only one looking forward to the swim image

    Wondering how hard it will be swimming up stream?  depends how much rain we get the week before I guess.

    Does everyone know?

    Swimming upstream - stay near the bank, flow is usually slower here
    Swimming dowstream - stay in the middle, this is usually the fastest flow
    Weirs & waterfalls - use a rope ladder and anchor.

  • Hmmm, I'm hoping to come along and support on the Sunday but talk of closed roads is putting me off. 

    Does anyone have a spare bunk in a tent that they could lend me? Before you all rush to say 'yes ' could be bringing Jr along and so he would be looking for a bunk too.  Appreciate this is a lot to ask esp as i am not sure I trust any of you with my Sonimage 

  • Scuba - I'm happy to give you a lift on race morning from Swiss Farm.

  • Badger - Thanks for the lift offer, that's one more thing sorted.

    Schmunke - As long as you come in/out of Henley to/from Marlow or the south then you'll be fine as the only road closure in that direction are until everyone is out of the river and on the bike.

    Cheggar - Get well soon and well done for taking a day off rather then trying to work through it.

    Good to see everyone enjoying the swimming more than me at the moment. Looks Like all the at the back with Whiz.

  • ST - I will pass on your regards! DD is def doing the half and I'm sure MrZ was planning on the full though I haven't seen him for a while. 

    I have looked at the plans agin, so if I park up by swiss farm or rugby club that's by the end isn't it, so might need to work out getting to the start too. what time are people meeting for a lift as I would love one if there's room. Is it too far to walk? Looks it! 

    Ive got a 3.8k open water swim tonight. Twice as far as I need but it will be a good mass start practice. Hate the idea of people swimming over me and kicking and punching!image

  • AA - you're not doing the swim at Tri2O tonight are you? If you are - come and say Hi - I'll be the guy with stopwatch, trying - but failing - to look important image

  • Should Raf's taxis not happen could I cadge a lift too Badger. You tell me a time and I can be at Swiss Farm & ready to roll. 

  • If we meet up at on Sat at 12:30 for registration/lunch/beers, we can sort lifts out then. I'll probably come up in the Landie on Sunday and throw the Fixie in the back, so I can nip round the course and throw abuse at you all from several places image

    Schmunks - if you come up, give me a bell and we can meet up

    Barley - I'll bring the flags with me as well

  • Hi all...I'm planning on getting to Henley on Friday and would love to come and meet up on Saturday for the 1230/1 racking and stuff. 

    Feeling pretty nervous, but really motivated, and grateful for all the supportive comments, bits of advice etc...massive thanks

    Take care all !

  • good job I checked in here Raf - was thinking about going down there for a swim this evening, guess it can wait until saturday then.


    I amgoing to go over and register on the friday afternoon, to give me extra tine to faff, but will come and meet you guys on saturday before race briefing then racking.

    I can feel the taper madness is not far away...

  • Raf - I'm going to make this clear now, I am not drinking until after (or just before) I finish on sunday afternoon.

    Sounds like with Fraggle, Raf and Badger all offering to drive from the campsite there should be room for all the forumites.

  • oh, and I should say, while on hols is Austria I bought a large cowbell which I hope No2 son will be wielding on the big day image

  • I am as per usual dressing the swim... In regards too bank on the way out you can swim close too the bank on the way back which is hard you have no choice your swimming in the middle of the bloody Thames... Even though the way back is harder sit passed quickly last year...... I will be happy if I'm out of the water in the same time as last year which was 1:21..... I think I should be in the fast age group start which is pants for my swimming.... image

  • Happy to meet up on Saturday at Registration etc. I've decided not to camp cos it will take me longer to put my tent up than it would to drive home. 

    I'm also worried about the swim. I know I can do the distance but the current is a little troubling.

  • Soup - you stormed that river swim we did a couple of years ago.  image

  • Soup, the current really isn't that bad, don't worry mate - look I survived last year, so you'll be fine image

  • Raf - I realised I have a tent in which I can deposit Jr for the night, but am still looking for lodgings for me.  If I can sort that, then I will defo be over on Saturday

    And yes, I was thinking of getting in touch with you if you are going to be a supporting posse image

    Edited to add - would we be cycling to somewhere on the bike course or are we driving/walking.  If I know, then we can bring our bikes image

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