Marlow Half Marathon



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    So Bus, where are you and me meeting up tommorow?

  • Given you recent CP time on a bad day, you'll be waiting for me at the finish image

  • Bloody hell, i'm beginning to wish i hadn't entered this one!


  • You'll be fine - the cape will keep you warm and dry image

  • OK did everyone make it?

    Hills at start were harder than I remember, running through streams and lakes didn't help.  Rotten Row wasn't too bad but I was probably just numb by that stage.  

    Managed to overtake a few on the final downhill and scraped under 1.30.  

    Great race.

  • It did a good job of cleaning up my shoes, until the bog at the finish. For the last few weeks I've focused on hills, but was still unprepared for Rotten Row and the nasty dip-and-climb afterwards. Still, a great race & 1:42 ish was not far off my intended 1:40. Challenging but the greater the challenge, the better it feels to finish.

  • 1:31 just missed my target of 1:30. Given the conditions I'm happy though. I lost a lot of time on that killer hill at 8miles, resorted to walking at one point!
  • Hi All, Just glad to survive today, wanted to get sub 2 but only managed 2.04 conditions were tough, it reminded of doing the Grim challenge in places but it was good fun, and you do forget how tough those hills are image Well done to everyone for finishing today!

  • Definitely one for the masochists today! Well done to anyone who got close to their target time in those conditions - I reckon it was a good 2-3 minutes slower than a normal Marlow (which is also a good 3-4 minutes slower than a flat half!!).

    Very well organised in the face of adversity and a big thanks to the marshalls who endured some pretty testing conditions before the race especially. My only disappointment today (other than my time!) was the t-shirt. Short sleeved, and that tech material that lots of races seeming to be doing at the mo. I used to love the long-sleeved cotton ones - they made great pyjamas! 

  • Tough day for me today - just short of 1:47, after last year's 1:38 - I probably shouldn't have expected much as I ran the Muddy Mo 10K at Bracknell yesterday, and Abingdon Marathon two weeks ago. Legs were just tired though, not sore. And at my 4th Marlow I walked a bit on BOTH the hills (probably a total of 250 metres) for the first time.

    Well done the rest of you - some incredible times in the conditions

  • Run Britain rated it a 3.0 this year compared to last year's 1.7.  The water definitly made it tougher.  My trainers were sodden in the stream at the start.

  • good to hear some good tales of good runs again.

    I was marshalling just after the 10mile marker at the St John's point, so got to see you all just as Rotten Row was wearing off a bit, and ready for one last hill!

  • this race is going straight on my calendar for next year...splendid tales...

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    The Bus wrote (see)

     I reckon it was a good 2-3 minutes slower than a normal Marlow (which is also a good 3-4 minutes slower than a flat half!!).


    I'd settle for this appraisal.

  • horrific


    my feet were so cold aftyer running through those streams, I managed to add 22 mins to last years time!

  • I was actually nearly three minutes faster than last year.  However other recent halves have been nine minutes faster than my last year's time.  I have improved quite a bit in the last year, mostly by joining a running club.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    My and Bus race reports on the thread Moraghan Training. If interested.

  • Ouch Jimmy!  I spoke to the ladies winner tonight and she said she was only just starting to warm up!

    Surrey - that works perfectly for my average 6 mins behind a flat half theory for today then! That's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it image. Interesting re the Runbritain difficulty rating....

  • Wow that was tough, every time my feet started to warm up another river loomed up ahead image  That hill at mile 8 was unreal but I didn't walk it even though it would probably have been faster.  Everyone was talking about the hill at mile 11 but that seemed like nothing in comparison.  Fantastic downhill finish and very pleased with 1:46, a good 6 or 7 minutes below my last run so fits what others are saying.  Big thanks to all the marshalls that helped out in cold wet conditions.  


  • There was a bloke I passed near the end who looked in a bad way.  Probably around mile 11?  Was in a dark sleeved top and looked about 25. Was standing bent over near the side of the road. Grunted he was OK so I pushed on.

  • This was my first half marathon, so a PB for me image .  I was totally wrecked by the end. Official time 2:33 but I had several stops on the way round.

    A big THANK YOU to the marshalls for a fantastic job and their cheers of support, great boost.

  • SR - I saw him too and I was several mins behind you it seems.

    I never expected to be riding waves in a road race but that's what happened when the water was at it's deepest, I was hopping over the waves created by the runner in front. Makes for a good yarn anyway.

    Only gripe which The Bus raised was the t-shirt. I was looking forward to another of those long sleeved cotton ones. Apologies to the person(s) whose expectations had been raised. Yesterday's t-shirt wasn't enough of a medal-substitute.

    I finished around 1:46 so was somewhere in the vicinity of runlozrun.


  • SL -I finished in 1:46 as well - and I love the T-shirt. And last year's was a long-sleeved technical t-shirt, which is also great. I would far rather get something that I can wear for running.

  • As previously mentioned this was my 1st HM so was looking forward to a medal image

  • Up to a point chillies, but I have so many tech t-shirts from races in the past 18 months - mostly fluorescent which are great for summer biking!  I just liked the old long sleeve cotton Marlow ones this time of year for PJs or kicking around the house when its a bit cooler. 

  • Well, for me this was tough,tough - as said in the threads so cold with the water ,roads flooded, 5 mins slower than last years marlow half, and 8 minutes slower than my last half, in sept, maidenhead which is flat. Many thanks to all on the course who cheered and cajoled me and other runners on. My time was 1:54:16 , for a 57 year fellow. Not complaining, it rained 3 years ago, but was not as flooded, and that was slower than normal, so anyone running this , ensure you are hill fit ! And do not mind getting very wet.
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    Seen the video of this race on utube. Will go down as a classic. 

  • Many thanks for the link, really captured it well - the flood was even worse than I remembered!


  • I will check, but I thought last years top was technical rather than cotton?
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