Puma Stockport 10



  • He could give us a rendition of the original ' goody bag in the Stockport 10'
  • The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

    we have a sweep stake between 4 of us on how often Tony says "The PUMA Stockport 10"

    My monies on 179 this year


    image Who's got the money I want in.

  • I signed up to this a month or so ago, and was really looking forward to it. I'm dead slow, but noticed that it advertised itself for any standard of runner, and there didn't seem to be any time limit, so thought I'd give it a go.

    However, looking at the results from the past couple of years, I'm likely to come in last, or certainly somewhere down there. I'd love to get under 2 hours, but think 10 or 15 mins more is realistic, depending on conditions and how much of a killer the hills are.

    Whilst I don't mind this in itself (well, not too much image) I am a bit worried about whether my pace will be a problem for the marshalls and organisers. I'd hate to feel like I was holding everyone up.

    On my first 10k I finished 2nd to last, and the attitude of the organisers and the marshalls was very off putting. Several marshalls asked me if I was the last, or if they could leave, as I passed them. Some had already gone, so I got lost at least twice. I arrived to hear the compare announce 'if she's not the last I'm going anyway.'

    I know people volunteer their time, and I do appreciate it. On my last 5k the marshalls were amazing, and helped me keep pushing. That is why I thought I'd check with people who had done the race before whether they thought my slow pace would be an issue for the organisers.

    BTW - I have been training, and have run 15km twice now, I'm just naturally slow.


  • Jane - there is no time limit and our marshals are by far the best from any race (just look at the comments year in year out).  We will probably have a bike accompanying the back markers and all marshals will be in position until everyone has gone through.  You will not be disappointed, I assure you!

  • Thanks for getting back to me. I had seen some positive comments, which attracted me in the first place. I just wanted to check that my pace wouldn't cause issues - for me or you - and that I hadn't missed a time limit.

    Now I just have those hills to worry about image

    Looking forward to it.

  • Jane, really don't worry about it, a lot of the marshalls are mates of mine and are very very friendly, the atmosphere at the race is superb and the marshalls are incredibly supportive.  Its a very friendly club, you won't be left behind. 

  • Thanks for the reply, it sounds great. I'm getting really excited now.

    Fingers crossed for decent weather.

  • Jane

    This is one of the most friendly races you can do, think its something about how near to Christmas it is.

    Cake describes it perfectly, its like the last day of term when you could bring your favorite toy into school

  • Jane last year I was frankly cr*p at this race and one of the last ones in. It didn’t matter and the marshal’s where well up for supporting. Which say’s a lot because it was cold and there where bits on snow on the ground. It won’t be a problem and it’s a end of year blow out. Only issue might be that for some reason all the large and extra large t-shirt’s had gone by the time I finished so had to have a medium. They are nice t-shirts as well.

    This year while I’m hopefully as bad as I was I’m still going to be near the back so if you need it I’ll heckle and tell you a few jokes going round. Just remember to hug a marshal going round.image

  • Sounds great, thanks for the encouragement.

    see you there

  • image Anyone else spotted the grammar error in last post. Think I'll leave it in for comedy value. image

  • I was wondering image

  • image I'm special ask anyone unlucky enough to have met me. image

  • Kevin Foy, might have a pal who can't make it now, send me a message if you still want an entry.
  • I'd like an entry if anyone is pulling out

  • Put my name on list after Duncan Harris. Also looking for a number. Ta
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hi all - is there much going on at the start/finish to keep bored kids happy - or shall I leave at home?!

  • They could run round the track a few times, and there is a hut they could keep warm in but I would be more concerned about them being cold waiting around.  

  • Westy I would leave them at home if you can I can't even remember swings being there.

  • Nervous now due to severe lack of training. Been working away too much :-[
  • take it steady  as quite a few hills in it

  • Will be VERY steady! Can't be worse than the spire 10 can it? image

  • image  errr yes. Trust me it will still be fun. image image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I'm having to defer 2nd year in a row - mother has gone and broke her leg and I have to go look after her. I wonder if I'll ever get to do this race!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Oh well... have a good race everyone.

  • I love the idea of hugging a marshal on the way round - especially as I'm one of them!  It was so cold and wet last year I could have done with a hug to warm me up.  Don't worry Jane, we'll all still be shouting and encouraging to the very last minute, and probably for some time well beyond that!  Good luck everyone, and don't forget there are some downhill bits as well....



  • image Ninja let us all know where you are and watch the hugs come flying in. image I'll definantly be at the back for this one now got a touch of man flu.

    West hope your mum makes a speady recovery mate and hopefully see you next year for more mischief.

  • I'll be at the back Cake, may as well collect all the marker up on my way past.... image

  • 15 W, sorry to hear about your mum. hope she gets better soon.  You'll be able to sell/transfer your number, there's a big waiting list.  Go on to the Stockport Harriers Website or go on their site on facebook

  • Cake and DeliH - see you back there. I'm aiming to slide in under 2 hours, but that's probably a little optimistic. I'm struggling with a cold, and coming back from injury myself.

    Auntie Ninja, I'll look out for you. Thanks for the encouragement.

    I'm hoping it's not snowy, or I might be slower downhill than up!


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