The beginning of the thank yous...

Hello... I'm new & should probably have chosen a better time to check it out than gone midnight...sleeping is arguably better for my training/tapering than turning into a pumpkin! I'm doing Outlaw next weekend and the last 3 nights I've been gripped in the tight grasp of panic. I'm trying (failing!) to harness it. This is my first triathlon & I feel v.foolish for signing up. I am hoping that stubbornness will get me round on the day image/ Two people (strangers/new event friends!) have recommended the forum, a pirate at Brighton Marathon and a man in a marmite top at Wiggle in The Fens but have only just logged on, huge error on my part as I've almost immediately answered all my questions without even asking! So the first of the thanks to the pirates at Brighton and marmite man Sunday for the introduction and to the rest for kit lists, tapering advice (!) and course guidance. I'm sure there'll be many more to come... Just wanted to say hello before popping up on random posts! GP x


  • Ahaaa welcome to the madhouse!!

    Good choice of forum IMO, you appear to have been pressganged well  image

    We are obviously too late to pressgang you into an Ironman, how about borrowing a pirate top and getting some of the notorious Pirate Support on the course .... it will be the best move you ever make

    Join in with any of the threads, you will be made welcome  image

  • Thanks M...eldy!

    I was encouraged to do that back in Brighton, even just running along with a pirate made me feel special!  I fear I may have left it a little late for this time so will just have to try to keep up with one during the run and live vicariously through the support...maybe next time tho image

  • its never too late to borrow a top image

    just listen to your body in taper weeks and try not to worry about what you have and haven't done in will be ok on the night.........

    some people find writing the lists of things they need to pack helpful........if you are camoping and doing ironman these lists can go onto pages and pages.........when you have added nutritionimage

    I hope you enjoy the day


  • I have a medium Monaco to lend
  • I have a large mens monaco I can lend you

    How did you get on at Flat out in the Fenns, me and Mrs SA did it and it was hard with that wind, which distance did you do?



  • I was just wondering who our adopted Pirate was going to be this year, looks like we have a victi..   errr, I mean candidate! image

  • Goblin Princess - Good luck for the Outlaw, try and relax in the 12 days that are left until the race, and then just enjoy the day out. If you can borrow a Pirate top the support will help you loads.

    Oh and welcome to the forums.

  • Were you the good looking young girl that rang along with FlatFooted and me around mile 3-4?

    If so you have taken your time - we instructed you to come here straight after the race.



  • m.eface wrote (see)

    Were you the good looking young girl  

    Sounds promising........ Need some fresh blood

  • At events that are well supported by the Pirates there is always spare kit going.  Introduce yourself when you arrive and you will be fully kitted out within the hour.

    But don't let them talk you into an Ironman.  Some of them can be quite persuavive but I'm managed to resist for several years which proves that it is possible!

  • Too late Caz, she's doing Outlaw!!!  Hehehe.  Yeah try not to panic too much until the day, and make sure you come to the campsite (if you're not already staying there) and say hello, we'll sort you out with kit image

  • Trust me. Wearing Pirate Kit will be the best thing you do all day! The pirates are amazing!!! They will keep you going when your body and mind have already quit!

  • Welcome Goblin Princess!  Totally agree, the pirate kit is the BEST thing to race in, and the support is absolutely incredible!!  Plenty of time to borrow a top off someone and I can guarantee it will be worth it!

  • Wow...thanks for all the replies and wishes...I feel special!

    I would love to borrow a top if that is allowed considering I have not even got to the start line yet.  I thought that there were strict entry level requirements!  I am not camping (didn't actually know that was an option but will come and say hello certainly.  I think I'd need at least a medium (making up for the exercise with excess cake!) and really appreciate the offers

    I did 112m Flat out in the Fens in 7h 15m - I am incredibly slow but that reassured me a little as I was concerned I would get pulled off the bike course at Outlaw.  Sadly not the good looking young girl I don't think - I'd pretend if it weren't likely I'll meet some of you next weekend!

    Let me know where to find you all, nerves verging on turning into excitement now image

  • Hi GP, i think it was me.face and me that you spoke to at Brighton.

  • Oh sorry at Brighton? Yes it was about then! You guys were great but I couldn't keep up! I've taken the rest of the advice 'all about the bike' is one one my mantras when it is raining/windy/I'm sulking! Thanks for the help - hopefully I'll see you next w/e?
  • Where are you staying then if you are not camping?

  • At the Hilton...sounds like a bad decision now! Thought i'd want a bed after. You are all hardcore...I'm a camper at heart I promise!
  • Goblin Princess wrote (see)

    Sadly not the good looking young girl I don't think - I'd pretend if it weren't likely I'll meet some of you next weekend!

    Well I have some good news, round these parts you are a good looking young girl! Mind when you meet some of this mishapen (and happy friendly) lot you will realise this may not be much of a complement.

    So what did you run at Brighton then?
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  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    m.eface wrote (see)

    Were you the good looking young girl  

    Sounds promising........ Need some fresh blood

    Definitely a cut above Plum.

  • Compliments too, I've been missing out!

    I did 3:57, first sub 4 image

    As always started too fast so crashed at 20 and ate my own bodyweight in those Bloc Turkish delight type cubes.

    How did you get on?
  • 3:57 - struggled from mile 21. It really wasn't very inspiring in the wood yard. Also first sub 4 so happy with that.

    Well done.
  • Welcome Goblin if you can borrow a top go for it the pirate support is great regarding kit lists there is one on the ironman training thread a couple of pages back
  • 7:15 at Flat out in the fenns, is perfect, same time as us


  • m.eface wrote (see)
    Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    m.eface wrote (see)

    Were you the good looking young girl  

    Sounds promising........ Need some fresh blood

    Definitely a cut above Plum.

    Anyone is a cut above Plum.. even Meldy and Holgs !!!!

  • List Fairy has kindly been in touch about a top so thank you! I'm definitely keen provided I don't get lynched for wearing it before I even reach the start line of a triathlon!

    Seems I'm in good company times wise for both Brighton and Flat Out in the Fenns, well done!

    M.eface I think I saw you again along the front about mile 25 but brain too addled to tell me if you were the same pirate I'd met 3hrs before, sorry image
  • If I was walking then it might well have been me.

    However in a relatively short stretch there was FF, Madlot and M.e in that order I think.

    The only stipulation to wear the kit is you have the kit. Begged, borrowed, stolen the funnier the story the better. Last year we converted some girl staying in the same hotel - but we got rid of her after the event as she was way too fast for us.

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