Sleepwalker Night Race 2012

Does anyone know what's happened to the event website? Can't get into it at all.


  • Website is currently being re-done and will be with us soon. Thanks for your patience..

    Entries are open here at Runners World though and we look forwards to another fantastic night's racing in 2012.

  • Is there any way of entering at present, as subscriber locked?


  • You should be able to print an entry form from the race website

  • Is now unlocked, time to sign up!

  • I've not run that far at that time of day. Anyone have any ideas of what and when to eat? I don't fancy trying it with a full lunch inside me.

  • i think that everyone is different so you might want to think about experimenting a bit......I would eat well as I would probably walk part of it

  • I've entered again, time to start ramping up the training.

    Invisible man, everyone is different when it comes to eating,

    I'll have a good breakfast and lunch and then maybe a bowl of oats or pasta a good three hours before the start. During the race I'll take about 1.5l of SIS energy drink with me a few gels and maybe a mule bar

    What I will say is practice eating on the run and see what works for you. On race day DO NOT try a new product or energy drink that you havent tried during running before as it may not agree with you. You probably wont feel hungry or thirsty during the race but it you wait until you are starting to dehydrate before drinking you have left it too late. I normaly force myself to have a little drink every mile and a gel every four miles.

  • I've used Lucozade gels and energy bars for the first time this year and they seem to do the trick. Taking it easy after eating is probably key to keeping it down. No problem so far although the cereal bars do repeat a bit!

  • All signed up now, yippee.

    Good night training run in the rain last night testing improved wet weather gear!

  • I wanted to do this.i sent a query by email but didn't receive a haven't enteredimage

  • the organisers are a bit unique but don't let that put you off.  They are great people and will make sure that you get round (or off the course) safely.  I did this last year and it's one of the most memorable and fantastic races I've ever done.  Come and join in the fun.

    But... you are expected to be able to get round on your own, ie be able to navigate in the dark, whatever the weather.  There are miles between the marshals and might not be any in the places where you're most likely to make mistakes.  So it's not like you'll be able to see the next one.  But they do flag those sections, but again, if the mist is down you need to have an idea of where you're going if you're not going to slow down to a crawl. 

    I ran the course in daylight before I did the race.  Don't know if that was cheating, but it really helped.

    Foodwise I just had an enormous burger king meal on the way there, then water and fruit cake.  Just find something that works for you.

    They'll sign you up on the night - at least they were last year.  But they really don't have any safety pins.

  • alasdair .i was enquiring about theminimum ages for the team entrants as it wasn't clear..........cannot enter without the infoimage

    not worried about the race...I can always get around I'm sure............and its quite local for me

  • Seren Nos - sorry for delay in reply..pressure of work etc..image

    For solo entries the minimum age is 18 (ie fully responsible adult) however we will allow younger runners in teams accompanied by a responsible adult acting in loco parentis (cadets, running clubs etc have plenty of youngsters who can get round but may lack the map reading and overall experience to go solo). As Alasdair MacDonald 2 says though, this is a self sufficient event, and the weather can be challenging so please only enter those who are used to the elements plus have decent kit.

    Hope this helps

  • RW entries are now unlocked and for those who want to enter with a paper form and cheque these can be found at

    Looking forwards to seeing you on 24th November!

  • Would really like to enter this but cant read a map,how good do navigational skills need to be....

  • Most of the route is on established trails and the course is marked by red and white tape at intervals, BUT you have to be going the right way to see it, and if you do get lost thats when being able to read a map comes in handy. Last year I had the same runner overtake me four times because he kept getting lost. When I entered this race for the  first time I had no real map reading experience so I brushed up on it and got out and practiced and it all came together on the night. When you fill in the race entry you do have to state you can navigate at night.

  • thanks will enter,and have a couple of map reading lessons before

  • right printed off the application forms.....very little info on website..but application form states that you agree to be able to complete the run within the time limits...anyone know what the time limits are image

  • Found you, Seren see other thread.

  • I memory serves mecorrect the cut off is five hours.

    I'm really looking forward to doing this race again, I wonder what the weather will throw at us this year?

    Is it me or is anyone else having trouble with the Northridge website?

  • Seren,

    Have not had a reply as of yet.


    5 hrs was the time that sprung to my mind, but did not want to say incase I was wrong.

  • I have wanted to do this for a few years but it has clashed with other events.................will enter but hate the fact that there is so little information............nothing i can see on the website to see if you have to cary minimum kit etc.or where the drinks  are................makes me worry that it will be still on....reminds me of when companies are just about to go under and nothing on the website gets updated and no communications are answered.........just gives me an uneasy feeling which is a shame as i have only heard good reports of this race....

  • Seren have also entered with my mate so come hell or high water we will be running.

    there is a minimum kit list but dont have a copy, but it goes something like this,


    orange survival bag ( not the tin foil type )

    first aid kit

    head torch plus spare batterys

    energy food

    compass and whistle

    map of area to be covered

    waterproof jacket with hood attached

    waterproof /windproof trousers

    gloves and hat

    Must of forgoten something, anyone else know ?

    the maps are landranger 160 and 161.

    Or  get the Brecon Beacons east map that covers all the area.

    There are drinks stations but I carry about 1 litre of water just incase.









  • thanks we need to get a map or do they provide it ....

    and what are the orange survival bags.just had the silver blankets for the other ultras i have done..

  • Seren, have provided my own maps in past events.

    Survival bag,

    I can provide one for you if you wish, they are heavy duty man/ woman size plastic bags that you can buy from most camping shops for a couple of quid.


  • I copied this from the entry page.


    Undulating forests and moorland trails. Wild hills and dark reservoirs.... Trail running at its best! Map reading required. The course is marked but this is a self sufficient race. Mandatory kit is required (worn or carried): fell/trail running shoes or boots, headtorch and spare batteries, waterproof top with hood or waterproof hat, full leg cover (windproofs/ waterproofs or 'Ron Hill' type, warm hat and gloves, whistle, survival bag (not blanket), Map (Ordnance Survey-OL12).


  • Sorted,  but no compass !! never go on the hills without one.



  • thank you Roy.. but need  acouple so will buy some............ will need to get an OS map as well

  • Had a reply from the race organiser yesterday and all is good to go.

    Sounded like quite a few have entered already,

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