GNR first time running it



  • Barney well done on the run sounds like a good plan  i seem to have lost all the speed i had a few weeks back i think i got lazy and was doing to many run walks on the tread mill then with the week i had off due to a cold it's knocked me back like you i think i will just go for the event and atmosphere as i have 3 more H/m coming up in the following 4 weeks so plenty of chances to go for a time i may just treat it as a training run for Bristol H/M which is 2 weeks after the GNR

  • toby3....  I have done this event twice before.  The 1st time i thought it was very hilly but the 2nd time (last year) i reliesed it isnt to bad and it was just my training for the 1st one was sh1te.  My training been sh1te for this one but still going for the atmosphere....ITS BRILL!!!!!!!!    (theres always next year)

    Have you got your race pack?  What colour pen you in?

    I got the Preston Guild HM after this......think its end of Oct.

    I think your get your speed back if you miss a run or two the week leading upto GNR, treat it like a training run and a bonus if you get near the time you hope for.  For me this is honestly the 1st time im doing a HM not looking/bothered about the time i get.

  • hi Barney no i haven't got my race pack yet hill training isn't a problem were i live it avoiding them i can't get to my house with out going up some from of hill or another i must admit i am looking forward to the atmosphere

  • Afternoon all

    Back from the dentist filling all completed so no running today as i a complete wimp will do 8 mile with wife tomorrow instead

  • seven and half miles i did on sunday, legs are ok today (sore yesterday).  Im planning on doing four-four and half easy miles tonight.

    Has your pack come yet toby3?  I would be getting on to them if it hasnt!

  • Did 8 miles on Saturday with the O/H went OK she struggled towards the end and at that pace it will take her 3.5hrs which is worrying her a bit for the cricklade H/M but a said that as she gets more use to though distances hopefully she get quicker

    an another 8 miles on Monday funny sort of weather raining at times but very muggy and humid i did start off with hat and light running jacket on but they were soon both discarded and the jacket ended up tide around my waist the whole run took 1:19:38 with an Avg pace of 9:40m/m and the 4thslowest time i done it in

    Will have to come to terms with the fact the days of the sub 2 hr H/M are over image not if i can help it image

    Barney will have to phone them as still no race pack well done on the 7 miles apparently Mo is running the GNR i let him beat me as i would'nt want to show him upimage (LOL)

  • Think (with out looking) i did the seven half in 1hr 15min so we are about the same pace.

    Dont give up on under 2hrs..... I did the Liverpool half a couple of years ago in 2hrs and somthing like 11 SECONDS, well peed me off them 11 seconds!!!  I keep meaning to break the 2hr on the GNR but so far both times its been around the 2hrs 15min mark.  TBH i would be happy with that this year BUT i want under 2hrs for the Preston Guild end of October (please).  When i say it like that 15min less it doesnt sound possible but i no with regular training and plenty of hills i can do it!

    Let me no what pen your in toby.  Always good meeting fellow RW forum members

  • afternoon all

    well 4 miles done today no idea of the time as i forgot to turn my Garmin back on when i stop at the turn around point to stretch only no it took me 20 minutes to do the 2 miles

    it was hot out there today but a nice clean heat not the muggy stuff we've been having

    Barney that well possible I've run the Brighton marathon for the last 3 years the first year in 4:14:53 the second year in 4:13:28 this year i pushed the training a lot harder an came home in 4:00:28 knocking 13 minutes of the time

  • chucking it down here today it's a good job i was going in the garage for a gym session

  • Hi folks, the GNR is my first race of any description, training is going well and I am raring to go. My target is sub 2 hours.


  • MTViking good luck to you glad to hear your training is going well hope you get your sub 2

  • Going to do 3 mile tonight, i normally do 2 x 4 mile runs in the week and a LSR on a weekend but........ Im tired, i didnt sleep great last night, my legs ache from my last 2 runs and TBH i feel like just going home getting a shower and havin my tea and falling to sleep on the couch!  If i hadnt already missed so much training i would do what i want BUT with less than six weeks to go....

    I will do just over 3 mile and a 8 1/2 mile on the weekend

  • Had a rest day yesterday and have 8 to do today and then i expect I’ll go out with the O/H on Saturday to keep her company as she has 9 to do

    Barney well done you for not giving in and getting out there we’ve all been there at some point so easy to say sod it and serum to a case of CBA

  • .... I ended up doing 4 miles.  Differnt route than i have been doing since i moved house.  I enjoyed it and glad i did the 4 instead of the 3 i planned on doing, my legs do feel it today thou.

  • Well ended up doing 8 on the treadmill as it was chucking it down here today while watching Kung Fu Panda on DVD the O/H has 10 miles to do tomorrow so the plan at the moment is to run down to the park run do the park run and then run home taking in a loop of the docks

  • Afternoon all

    Well 10 miles done with O/H we ran down to our local park run did  the park run then a big loop to finish the mileage off she did al right until about mile 8 and then she struggle  a bit

  • morning all

    well may try another 8 today as i only have a couple of week full training left before the taper leading up to the GNR have 13 to do on Friday then will go out with O/H all being well on Saturday as she has 11 miles to do

  • Did 8-3/4 miles yesterday and TBH thats the longest i have ran for months.... I would like to do 9 1/2 - 10mile this sunday coming but will see how my midweek runs go 1st.

    Under 4 weeks now....


    image (sh1t)

  • Well 8 miles done today no idea how fast as battery died in my Gramin have received my race pack today only to find my name is spelt wrong they have me  as AALN oh such is life

  • Just 3 for me today then may well cycle to work as the wife needs the car tonight or may be lazy and get her to take me and then just walk home

  • Morning all            

    Well home safe and sound in the end was lazy got the wife to take me in and then walked home gym session for me today

  • well the gym sessions not going to happen got up to late will have to do it tomorrow or may count the 3 mile walk home this morning as training done

  • I went out on Monday night to the pub and had a few pints.... and a late night for me!  It was touch and go if  i went out last night for my run.  In the end i did and thought i would do 2 mile and ended up doing 3mile with the last mile fast (for me), even thou it wasnt the normal 4mile i would of done i was pleased in the end i did the 3mile. 

    Thursday's my next run...

  • have a rest day today with 13 on Friday

  • Afternoon all

    Perfect running weather down here today overcast and cool should have done 13 miles but for the first time in weeks the run felt easy

     i had already decided to run the route i use when training for Brighton as the first 9 miles takes you away from home which i thought was a good idea as i have struggled at the end of the last few runs and the route i normally use takes me to close to home and the temptation to knock it on the head if it was going badly would be to great

    I got to mile 10 and as i still felt alright in myself instead of turning for home decided to run along the docks and come back that way thinking it was about the same distance which proved to b e a sight miss calculation on my part as by the time i got to the end of the docks i had done 11.5 and it was still about 2 miles from home

    any way run was still feeling good buy the time i got to mile 13.5 but to get home from there meant going up a steep hill which to be honest i didn’t fancy so came back the slightly longer way through our local woods which is flatter and finishing at the bottom of a path that i use as a stopping point on my 8 miles runs as it leads up and out of the woods and comes out more or less at the bottom of my road i use the walk as a cool down

    in the end i ended up doing 15 miles the whole thing took 2:27:14 with an Avg pace of 9:46 which i was pleased about as i was aiming to keep the pace in the 9,s hand one disappointing 11m/m don’t know what happen there

    out with the O/H tomorrow to keep her company as she has 12 to do

  • Evening all

    Well what a wonderful day for a run just back after going out with the O/H on her LSR she had 11 to today so we decided to use our 3 mile loop around the docks as it a nice run with plenty of toilets available

    we started off really well and she was maintaining the walk 5 run 5 that she intends to use for Brighton really well and so we decided that as the day was just about perfect and it was a bank holiday which meant plenty of rest time that we would try 13.1 miles as she running the Cricklade H/M in October to see if she could do the distance and give her that mental boost of knowing she could

    happy to report the 13.1 miles was achieved in a time of 3:30:03 with an Avg pace of 15:5 m/m which is a vast improvement on last week’s 10 mile run which only had an Avg pace of 17:10 m/m and she managed to keep up her run 5 walk 5 all the time

  • Did a 9 miler on Saturday..... then went and had a tattoo done on my ribs!  I did mean to get out on the push bike sunday or monday but didnt in the end and i didnt make it out on tuesday either!!  Tonight im out thou, it feels like agaes since i ran even thou i have only missed one run really!

    Nice and steady 4 mile tonight and im hoping to do 10 mile this sunday.

  • Barney hope the tattoo not to sore i have started tapering down and have just done two 3 miles runs and a 4 mile run all of which have been done on the treadmill as i am currently breaking in a new pair of running shoes have 7 tomorrow and then it's my last full week of training  next week

  • Cheers toby3...Hope the running shoes are ok, you got more balls than me getting new shoes this close to race day or are they the same as your old ones?

    Did the 4 mile last night, it was ok.  I will deffo do at least 9...hopefully 10 mile on sunday.

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