GNR first time running it



  • Afternoon all

    Well 7 miles done today bit happy with the pace the whole run took 1:06:14 with an Avg pace of 9:00 m/m pace

    Barney not that brave these our only for training i have a pair of the old type running shoes i use only for races

  • Afternoon all

    went out with the O/H again to day to keep her company on her LSR we did 12 miles today also  stop on the way around to have my name printed on my charity running vest for the GNR

  • Did a 10 miler yesterday and it was great for the confidence even if legs are tired today and the average min per mile a bit higher than i would of liked!

  • Barney well done on the 10 miles OK the time's you  wasn't what you'd of like but as say great confidence booster mileage for me this week is right down with just 3 X3 miles and a 6 on Friday then just a couple of small runs next week

  • Afternoon all

    Well should have been just 3 for me today but as i was passing pop into the car rental place to confirm that the booking we had made online last night had gone through

    We decided to rent a car to drive to Newcastle as ours is only small and getting two suite cases my running gear and a box of food in the boot may prove difficult and it saves ware and tear on ours

    trouble was i thought i turn my Garmin back on it was only when i looked at it i realized i hadn’t so i turn it back on and kept going till it read 3 miles when i got home a edited the map and it turn out to be 5.3 miles so that’s my long run done for this

    Can’t believe the GNR is 2 weeks this Sunday just gone when i entered it in December last year

  • Morning all

    Well opted for the 6 mile option yesterday as i have to pick up my son from school on Friday and take him down the train station he’s off to see his sister in Leicester for the weekend lovely day sun was out thought i struggled but to my surprise the whole run only took me 55:59 with an Avg pace of 9:14 m/m

    so well pleased but have to say i do seem to be struggling for pace over all at the moment and running no were near as fast when training for Brighton at this stage

  • Afternoon all

    went out with the O/H today the idea was for her do a 6 mile run at race pace with me pacing her she was aiming for 13m/m but we had to give up after 3.5 it never went well from the word go first her legs hurt then it was to hot then she was having trouble breathing

    In the end we decided it was not worth going on with it and came home looking at the 3.5 miles we did the run took us 47:51 with an Avg pace of 14:05

  • morning all

    well just 2 miles for me yesterday took me longer to get ready what with the stretches than it did to do the run same again today and tomorrow then nothing till Sunday

  • I didnt run on sunday because i didnt feel great.

    I 'cant run tonight' as its my Wedding Anniversary today and the wife is cooking a special meal for us.

    I NEED to make sure i get out on thursday night for a steady 4 miler because on thursday it would of been a week since my last run!!  Talk about taper image

  • hay life dose get in the way some times

  • Morning all

    Well may just have a rest day today as i over slept and do the 2 miles tomorrow as i have now booked Thursday night of i had my number for Bristol which is 2 weeks after the GNR i had already had my number for the Criclade H/M which is the week after Bristol green again which puts me at the front of the wave 2 start which is a bit of a pain as my friend who i was hoping to pace as is in the yellow start in wave one so she would have started 30 minutes in front of me

    Will have to see what she wants to do as yellow numbers can only join the pink start right at the back of wave 2

  • Just done a 4 mile run....1st run in a week and it went ok but hardley a confidence builder.  Thats it for me now until sunday!

  • juat packing as we drive up tomorrow

  • Evening all

    Well just got home 7 hr drive up on Friday and a seven hour drive home got a little lost going to Whitley Bay but that was my fault not listening to the sat nav and thinking i new better we left Bristol at 11.30am on Friday and arrived at the holiday park around 6.30pm in the evening Caravan was nice Saturday we went into Gateshead for the pasta party sun was out it was a lovely hot day

    And watched the end of the new 10k race they have started and the end of both the kiddies’ races then went in for some pasta had a photo taken with Joe Pavey we then went back to the caravan as we were going to have tea with the O/H Uncle who lives there

    Sunday morning was an early start as we had to meet the coach at 7.30 so was up by twenty to six had my usual toast and coffee did my stretches and out the door meet the coach who took me to the start and the wife onto the finish

    Must say was disappointed with the start area think for such a big race was expecting a lot more hung around at the start for about an hour before entering the pen got talking to a lady from Devon who was running it for the second time we were going to run together as i though due to the lack of speed i had experience in training 2hrs was a likely time and she was going for the same

    the red arrows fly over and the race got under way on time all though it did then take me another 20 minutes to get over the line by this time it had started to rain slap Elle Simpsons hand running with the lady did not work as after about a mile i had lost her

    It was a bit downhill to the Tyne and Wear Bridge but then it was all uphill have to say it’s the hilliest course i run there were bands around the course crowds were out despite the rain was getting more and more angry as one idiot cut behind me catching the back of my feet nearly tripping me up others just barging past and people in front just cutting across in front of you not looking to see who the were about to trip up then there was the guy who was walking in the middle of the road which needed some fancy foot work to avoid as i did not see him till the guy in front swerved past him at the last moment

    Over all though if i am honest was disappointed as it did not live up to the hype and was no more special than any other H/M I’ve done and the atmosphere was the same as at Bristol and Bath

    in the end the whole run took me 1:53:34 so was only outside my PB which stands at 1:51:44 by 1:50 the split were go to














    Giving me and Avg pace of 8:37

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