Portsmouth Coastal Marathon 2012



  • Fancy dress - now there's a thought...........

  • Yep, not sure whether I should go for organge or B/W prison clothing

  • I'm in.  Not going for the fancy dress lark  but may wear a santa hat only to keep myhead warm

  • Did this last year, will be doing again this year, was my first Marathon and did 5h 28m enjoyed every minute
  • SSQ - Orange - definitely!!

    I'll go for the Polar Bear look - might keep me warmer!!

  • drainman - that's my sort of pace - did you get your feet wet at all?

  • Just entered this as my second marathon. My first was Edinburgh this year (like several others it seems) and I don't think they could be more different. Edinburgh was stinking hot and a lot of people suffered. I managed 3h41m which was 1m off what I was aiming for but still felt like I ran badly - ie a massive positive split. I'm guessing Portsmouth will be a bit colder. If we're lucky and the weather isn't terrible then I'm hoping to do a 3h20 but after reading the comments about the terrain I'm not sure if this will be realistic.

    Still I'm sure it'll be fun!

  • Hi all,

    After the cancellation of the NYC marathon earlier this month, i'll be running the Portsmouth coastal for my charity instead... I was doing some hill training for the bridges in NYC -- any tips on how to get in a bit of extra training for the terrain of this one would be much appreciated! I am aiming for a sub-5hr, as I ran Berlin in 5hr00m27s -- is it realistic on this course? I didn't have a very good strategy in Berlin and went far too fast...

    The 12 marathons in 12 month gang sound awesome -- which ones do you do?

  • I'm in! Can't wait, am two into a plan of 12 in 12 months, having previously managed 2-3 per year. 

    Didn't spot the exact location of the start on the website? Also if anyone knows of a decent B&B / Hotel for the night before that is reasonably priced and close it would be much appreciated. I enjoyed the A20 Path N' Dowbns recently but, having stayed in a big well known type of Lodge was kept awake by the local party goers the night before. I'd like to sleep!!

    PS, how do I change from my name above to nickname?      image

  • Hi Joe - well done with the 12 in 12!

    I've booked into the Ibis Budget Portsmouth which cost me 34 quid for the saturday night. Looks basic but ok, and is about a mile or so from the start at the pyramids centre.

    K-Dawg - don't suppose the porstmouth mara will be as glamarous as NYC, you must have been gutted but I think they made the right decision to cancel. Take it easy at the start (easy to say) and I'm sure a sub-5 is possible even though the course will be challenging. I've been running on some muddy trails to try to get used to it, it's very different from roads!

  • we've booked to stay in the Holiday Inn for a couple of nights I hope that we will get some sleep there also lol

    Joe go into your profile and you should be able to change your name in there, but it doesnt always work straight away it may take 24hours to show ur new name

    I've never run this before but as its run on sand and shingle I wouldnt put it down for a PB course, also the weather elements i have heard can be pretty hard too, I have stood at a portsmouth half marathon and boy the rain and wind lashed right into me so be prepared

    but its popular so think that it will be a really good marathon for people and i'm looking foward to coming and shouting you all on, no idea yet where we will be standing, got to work my route out and what road closures there are but will let u know so u can look out for us

    we should be easy to spot as it will be me and my 3 children and they like high fiving the runners lol 


  • After completing the Luton Marathon in a pb time of 3.37 few days ago, I decide to do the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon which as I seem to now caught the Marathon bug. I am hoping to improve from last years 4.07 and bring it down to around 3.30. 

  • wow well don Sunjay, i know what u mean about the marathon bug, i've well and truly got it!!!  cant wait for my next marathon 

  • Ro616, I'm afraid I'm only after doing 2 of the 12 so far, but if I manage to stay injury free I'm hoping to manage it. Found one a month every month except for February. Trying to allow 3-4 week between each one. I'll look up Ibis, and may see you guys there.

    Thanks guys image

  • Thanks 3medals, changed  now, what the hell, 26.2 is Valhalla/heaven hence the chosen nickname, it certainly ain't saying I'm any good at them!!!

  • I've entered this, I've never done a marathon before so should be fun. Be rude not to do it seeing as it's local. The beach and shingle sections bother me a bit, but I've been training on that part of the route so fingers crossed for the day.

  • Really looking forward to this now, did 21 miles today in kit which I anticipate I may need on Dec 23rdimage. Didn't wear the Santa hat though!

    RO616..I think I'm staying at same hotel. Better be goodimage

  • Having done Woolacombe Coastal Marathon and Beachy Head Marathon looking forward to some flat ground.

  • Yes Beachy head was mean but magnificent! Don't forget your Santa hat for this one DJ!
  • Yes SSQ, I am also completing my 12th marathon this year in Portmouth on 23rd Dec. Started in Blackool in March and my last one was Luton on 18th Nov. So far most averaging 3hrs 40 ish. Hardest was Windermere in May - 3hrs 55

  • @Mark McCarthy, Well done for doing so many marathons this year.  Portsmouth will be my 3rd Marathon this year. I was also at Luton Marathon few weeks ago, so nice running pass my old house where I grew up and my old school (3 times), I caught the marathon bug during that event that I decide to go for Portsmouth on Dec 23rd. 


  • Well done Sunjay. You're dong well. My best times were the Chester Marathon in October -3hrs 41 and Liverpool the following week (Oct 14th) - 3hrs,42. Luton was an enjoyble marathon - 3hrs, 48. I will look out for you in Portsmouth!

  • I've run a few ultas but never actually ran a road marathon, so i'm excited to see what time I can get. Can't wait!

  • I have entered as well. Means I can tick over during the xmas week and have a good excuse for doing so. If I wear my club vest I am assume I will be the only Chippenham Harrier there so say hello.

  • @ Putt Putt, I will say hello.

    Just applied to take part in this event which takes place on Saturday 1st Jun  http://www.kentroadrunner.com/  Plenty of time to recover from Portsmouth. 



  • I can highly recommend Kent Roadrunner....it was thier inaurgural event this year in June and was my first marathon. I completed my 10th on Saturday and have 3 more for December.

  • Entered this when i'd reached 15 miles but that was last month and since then have had a set back in my training due to teething problems. ( wisdom removed) 

    So would i be wise to run knowing once past the 15 ( maybe 20 ) mile mark i could blow a little . The thought of walking six miles in the wind and rain scares me a  bit . Then again the thought of not collecting my medal isn't appealing either. 

    What should i do ?  

  • Waccyracer. I have been running regularly for some years but due to injury I only managed to get up to 14.5 miles as my long run before running the Beachyhead Marathon. No denying, it was very tough and painful over the last 10 miles but I managed to keep going; apart from usual soreness, I had no serious issues afterwards. It was not ideal but I decided to go ahead with it as I had a very good base level of fitness having run regularly and fairly consistently up to that time. So as long as your base fitness is good, you are not after a particularly fast time, you are fit and healthy, and you have the motivation, then I would say 'DO IT'.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  • Cheers Hills.  That is the way i see it. I will just have to put up with whatever the weather throws at me. I can always shuffle and jog towards the end. I'm not after a fast time.  

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