IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • Cheers jb, and good luck with New Zealand, it will be quite a journey ( in more ways than one!).

    anyone see the picture of ironman sign being put up in bolton on Facebook today?  That really got the pre-race  adrenaline juices going!!


  • Mrs FunkinMrs Funkin ✭✭✭

    Ahh, Wanaka, such a beautiful race (with the toughest but prettiest run course funkin says he's done at Iron distance). The bike course is different now than when he did it in 2012 - but don't get too put off by people who bang on about it being hard, he said it was fine. One of the best things was that we parked our van in the car park 200m from the start/finish image  Was awesome, you'll love it!

    Now, back to the Sherpa Packing List.

  • My brain is working overtime to protect my ego, Timmy. I know it's gonna be hell, but on that day it felt good image

    i have had Ironman signs outside my house for the past week TT, for the road closures, everybody I speak to suggests it's my fault they will have to walk to work on Sunday.

    final swim last night, felt good not to be trying to get a burn in, though as Joddly suggests it would be reassuring to put a good hard session in. I agree about this taper thing, didn't sleep well over weekend think my body still had at least 50 miles left in it at bed time!!

    good luck with packing TT, gonna strip my bike down tonight for a deep clean.

  • I ended up tidying the whole house last night I had so much extra energy, while my wife lazed on the sofa.  She must have thought I was after something - or hiding something image

    I seem to have aquired a sore throat and dry cough too.   Trying to counter that with lots of fruit.

    Last short brick session later this afternoon, then a 30 min run on Thursday and I'm done. 

    Just looking forward to getting these last few days of work out the way and getting in the car up to Bolton.

  • especially the little hill from canal up to CNR


    That^^ is being walked up

  • I've not recce'd a lot of the run, so I'm quite happy to be in blissful ignorance image

    And from experience, by the time I reach the run course on an IM, most people will be walking...

  • I'm just getting a feeling that i have the makings of a throat coming on!   Fruit for me then too!

    Humming and harring on changing my rear wheel racing tyre, she's a schwalbe ultremo, couple months old with a couple of tiny nicks in it.  do i go with a bit of superglue in the nicks....or new tyre?????


  • Morning all

    What is it with you lot

    IM IN!!!!!

    God knows whats going to happen as im taking more pills than Lance Armstrong to try and get it ll under control, one last hope for an injection tomorrow morn if the doctors agrees, if not then I shall be at the back of the swim pack for sure just doing what I can do, but beware I shall be on yer ar**s for the bike and hopefully the run as well.

    Its going to get no better and last Friday was a very low day for me, but what the hell may as well give it a shot, have been advised to do 2 strokes with my right arm then 1 with the left

    Packed and ready to go, until tonight then i shall recheck and repack

    Hopefully arrving up there early afternoon on Friday

    Quick bones push the submit button so you have to do it, push the button, push the buttonimage

  • Really great news Bones, well chuffed for you!

  • Great news Bones!!

    I'm having second thoughts about clothing choices...ahhhh!! I'm thinking rather than changing fully at each transition, do I keep my 2XU trisuit on throughout and put my cycling gear over the top in T1, then back to the trisuit in T2 for the run (maybe a tshirt over the top for the run). 

    It will save a lot of faff in transition.

    I may include a full change, wear my trisuit under the wetsuit, then I can decide in T1 whether to fully change.  If I don't, I'll still have a full change in T2 if I need it.

    I may try shorts over trisuit on my ride tonight and see how it feels.

  • Good news Bones.
    Timmy - what's with all the changing?! Wear your tri suit under your wetsuit, and wear it throughout. Simple. I dont think you should have any decisions to make in T1, you should be almost on auto-pilot, otherwise its only stress and wasted time.

    Hope everyone is feeling rested and relaxed and ready? I'd personally rather it didnt hammer it down with rain on the day, like it did yesterday, but what will be will be.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Yay, Bones - great news image! I've been lurking all morning to get the final decision. You'll probably still be ahead of me in the swim!

    Timmy - I'd say a definite "no" to two shorts layers on the bike, as you won't have a chance to try it out for anything like long enough, and there could be carnage....

    I'm with Flyers on the not making decisions in transition front, though not necessarily on wearing the tri suit throughout. In training I've been battling to get comfortable in my tri shorts on the bike, but have finally decided to go back to my bike shorts, which I also wore for the run in Wales last year, and stick to them. I don't think a bit of extra padding will make much difference to my swim buoyancy, and I know it doesn't affect the run. And I definitely don't care what it looks like.

    Flyers - I'm feeling neither rested, relaxed nor ready, my shoulder, knee and feet hurt, and I'm snuffling and headachey - in other words in full taper mode, so all must be well! I don't think we'll have heavy rain, but it looks as though what we do get may all be during the bike, which will be a pain.

  • I haven't worn my trisuit for anything longer than HIM, whereas I've worn my bike shorts for 110miles+ this year and they were fine.

    So if I'm going to wear anything, it'll be the bike shorts.


  • That's not to say there's an option for wearing nothing...that would be sore image

  • Thank everyone, you and my painkillers are my new best mates. Also dealing with ice burns on my chest as believe it or not i was laying on the sofa with a huge bag of ice on my chest and I fell asleep and I didnt put anything between the bag and the skin, yeah yeah I know, but will take my mind of the pain underneath, which in turn will take my mind of the pain in my legs on the run so all in all its a cunning plan!!!!.

    Clothing, well we are lookiing at 90 degrees in London Town again towards the end of the week so I really hope it stays there.

    Me, tri suit under wetsuit, will have extra compression top on to hold things a bit tighter. T1 Wetsuit off, roll around in some johnsons baby talc, eat for england (which im doing at the moment!!), don my arm warmers, oh come on Im a southerner image then I shall pedal off into the sunrise, hopefully with a jam sandwich in one hand and something which huge amount of caffiene in the other. Im now weariing my gel belt on my bike as I dont have enough room for everything, the basket on the front is full as is the trailer on the backimage.

    Dont forget your vaseline and no swopping the person who racks next to you with deep heatimage

    I have stopped all tea and coffee this week so as when I hit the caffiene on Sunday it hits me right back where I need it. Im on my last day of reduced carbs as well before stocking up again

    T1, off bike change shoes grab gels etc and just sprint, well run, well kinda jog. I would be happy with an amble if thats allowed.

    Seriously though am pretty hacked off that im injured, all this work and some tiny tiny thing does this to me. Let me share a couple of motivational words from my coach that is going to help me

    (land of hope and glory playing in the background)image

    If you believe you can you probably can      

    If you believe you wont, you most assuredly wont

    Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad


    Believe Big

    The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief

    Think little goals and expect little achievements

    Think big goals and you shall achieve big success

    here endeth the lessonimage                                                  



  • Great news Bones hope all goes better then you could imagine on the day. The adrenaline that kicks in just before the start might just be enough to dull the pain for a normal swim, Here's hoping.

    I was planing a slow HIM at the weekend but things have got in the way, and training thus far this week is zero but I did 14hrs hard labour on Sunday which in my books counts. image

    Wearing tri shorts start to finish and probably yellow cycle top or Pirate monaco on bike, my charity CALM'S orange vest on the run, oh and Pirate arm warmers on the bike ( I'm a northerner but always cold setting off on the bike)

  • Great post Bones, nice eveening lesson!  (all taken in!)

    Everyone sounds buzzing!

    Cleaned bike sunday 3hrs,.... cleaned again, tinkered, tightened Monday,...Tinkered again tonight with some tyre glue stuff to go in the tread nicks, ...quick 30min cycle tomorrow eveening then thats it!

    Clothes sorted, although Parkinsons are sending me a new medium running vest as the large is like a tent on me now!

    Nutrition decidedly not sorted, never managed to get it right in training and still have no idea what to do.  Gels/drink i think i am ok but i reckon i need to fit some solid food in somewhere somehow, so still thinking on that one????

    Timmy, my mate is wearing his bib shorts under his wetsuit on the day, not sure how that will go but he's doing it!  I'm wearing 2xu aero shorts under wetsuit then for the cycle, change to skins for run.

    5 days people...5 DAYS!!!!


  • Good Luck everyone for Sunday, looking forward to cheering you all on.

  • Mrs FunkinMrs Funkin ✭✭✭

    See you there Holgs for some extra-loud shouting image At least, I assume you are there in person by your post...?

  • Last ever training session before Ironman done, now is the waiting/planning/packing/unpacking/repacking time. Can't wait until 5pm tomorrow when I can take my work head off and live the ironman dream/nightmare for a long weekend (and a week of recovery complaining from behind my desk)image

    How's the general feeling, weather's not great here in Lancashire, but no wind!Yey!

     Forecast looks quite good, rain early on Saturday, giving time to run-off over night and prevent the tidal waves we had Monday, then rain from 4pm Sunday, when hopefully most of us are off the bike or as close as legs will allow.

    Whittering on now, suppose I should go and write my first list and zone off the living room into morning/T1/T2/recovery areas for my gear.

    Wish me luckimage

  • Good luck SloanRanger

    Like me, last day at work tomorrow then the long drive up north. I read somewhere that the last week we are meant to relax and be stress free, yeah right, although if Sunday goes as quickly as today has done I will be laughing!, although let me think its 18.45 so I will still be plodding along somewhere I hope and not laying in the bottom of a lakeimage. I really need to stop eating soon otherwise I will sink. Did my last little go on the turbo in the gym this morning, with questions about Sunday from loads of the regs, the pressure now is really on. May just pedal round the block a few times tomorrow night to get rid of some of this energy I have.

    Just want to do it now

    Weather is going to hit 90 in London tomorrowimage

    Keep smiling people, dont forget if you need some pills can meet you behind the bins at the Rebok Stadium, have alsorts ha ha!

  • Last day at work for me too today.....

    is that the sun back in town!?!?

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    I've been particularly grumpy at work this week, trying not to keep checking the weather forecast, and catching up on quite a lot of stuff that's built up during the past weeks. 

    Looks like I've gained a pound or two, which is good as the scrawny look is beginning to look pretty unpleasant!

    Kit washed, bike cleaning/tweaking later today and then lots of packing dilemmas to follow.

    Happy packing, all!image

  • ok last day at work, still on de caff coffeeimage, but all packed and ready to go, meeting a mte in town who is going to give me a bigger bike feed bag and get my new club jacket tonight.

    Has anyone had any emails regarding this little day out we are doing on Sunday as I have had nothing from Ironman in weeks and after tomorrow cannot check the email account at all.

    3 sleeps to go!

  • Just done a little 13 mile ride this morning, last one till sunday

    think i will do a short run tomorrow just to keep the legs going,

    going up to the reebok today to register getting very nervous now for my first ironman

  • Last day at work for me too - off to Bolton in the morning!!

    Just got a text from the Hotel reminding me about the reservation (as if I needed reminding!!) Eeek!!

    Really excited, but also quite nervous - having done the distance before twice, I hadn't expected to be this nervous. I guess with so much time and money invested in this one day, it's wanting everything to go right that brings on the nerves.

    Bones - not had any emails other than Ironkids ones for a few weeks. If any arrive before the end of the day, I'll post on here!!

  • Is anyone else bouncing off the walls?

  • Chris68 wrote (see)

    Is anyone else bouncing off the walls?

    100% - need this working day to be over!!

  • Some good advice for those racing on Sunday, especially number 2!!

  • I feel like Tigger at the moment, registering later and having a look at the Expo, then off for a swim

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