10k 38mins *Help*

Hi. I recently ran the 10km Yorkshire Run. I completed it in 38 minutes. Which is like 6.3 minutes a mile. I run 3 times a week due to being a competing boxer, but only ever run 3/4 miles each time. How would I go about getting below the 6 min a mile mark, as I can't seem to break this barrier. Should I run for longer periods or shorter periods but at a faster pace?


  • Firstly, 6.3 is a decimal and equates to 6.20ish but i think you mean 6.03 which is about 37.30ish off the top of my head.

    In answer to your question, yes and yes!
  • What I meant is I ran the 10km(6 Mile) in 38 minutes, which works out to be 6.33 minutes a mile. How do I get down to the 5 min a mile mark??
  • Swing your arms faster.

  • Get a moped

  • Your maths is still wrong fella and 5 minute miling for a 10k is just over 31 mins so you would be looking at increasing your weekly 12 miles to about 80 and sticking with it for about 10 years.

    Oh, and unfirtunately there's no guarantees. Good luck!
  • Unfortunately even!
  • LOL! my maths is right. I said the 5 min **mark**, so not 5 minute bang on. if i can manage 6.33 with one years running im pretty sure i can knock off a couple minutes and run 10k in 34/35 minutes in a years time.image 

  • Sorry for the above.

    First of all, well done for getting a significantly good time of 38 minutes at 10km, which is actually 6.25 miles as near as dammit. The extra quarter mile does make a difference - 90 seconds if you think about it.

    The question that you have to ask yourself here, is how much to you really want it? You say that you are a boxer who runs 3 times a week. So are you just trying to add a dose of additional fitness to help your boxing? If so, you can forget about the numbers, they will be what they will be.
    If you are a runner who occasionally boxes, then it's a different matter.
    Also, if you are built like Frank Bruno, congratulations on getting as fast as you have. If you are built like Amir Khan then there's some hope of changing.

    My personal opinion is that you would need to step up from 3 days a week running to at least 6, with some days being double sets. Obviously that's a big change and will take a few months to get through.

    The simple truth is that to run faster you have to train faster. To run for longer, you have to train for longer. For mid distance speed I was recommended schedules in a book by Jack Daniels.

  • Thank you *Blisters*  A post that makes sense!

    i attend boxing sessions 5 days a week, and yes i run just to keep the fitness levels up. ive had 20 fights so am realy into boxing. Im very light so do think i can run alot faster with abit more training.

    thanks for your advice, i do intend on running more days a week and see if that helps me for the next 10km run.

    **The simple truth is that to run faster you have to train faster. To run for longer, you have to train for longer**

  • Luckily you are a better runner than a mathematician!

    For a 10k, 38 minutes is 6 mins 7 seconds per mile average.

    6 mins 33 secs is 40.40

    6.33 expressed as a decimal is 6 mins 20 secs per mile and is 39.30

    Maths lesson over!
  • Waleed, 12miles a week is barely training, so simply doing more mileage would get you faster. You wouldn't even need to do any fancy speedwork for a while.

    I'd seriously park any ideas of a 31min 10k unless you packed the boxing in completely though. You won't casually get anywhere near that.

    However, generally the more aerobically fit you get, the weaker strength wise you get. So that might be something to bear in mind even for the lower weight boxing. You don't want to become the pansy that most runners are!

    Dash, are you on a school teacher trip today image

  • @StevieG thanks for the message. I know i could never get to 31 minutes for 10k. BUT i do think 35 minutes is achievable with a little more thought out training. 

    haha your right, i dont want to become a runner hence the reason why i dont run more than 12 miles a week, that is more then enough for my boxing.

    Dash reminds me of them pansy runners, i was overtaking a couple days ago in the yorkshire 10k image 

  • How much do you weigh Waleed cos being a pansy/bully I might just fancy my chances!image
  • Waleed, yeah why not on 35, but trust me on this, I've made the transition from 38 to 35, and it took a fair amount of effort.

    Still..nothing to say you won't find it easier than I did. image

    Careful with Dash though. You may be a boxer, but Dash doesn't play by the gentlemen's rules that would keep you safe in boxing, he plays dirty image

  • dont you worry about my weight DASH RIPROD ive seen bigger guys than you and ive ran circles around them image

  • Hi Waleed,

    My bro does boxing and fights in the ABA's, and I go out on runs with him sometimes so I can compare you to him.  He runs 4-5 times a week and does around 20-25mpw, quite alot of this is quality work such as sprints on the track. He can do a very quick 400m time but as the distance gets longer his times deteriorate, he can do a 20min 5k.

    My bros boxing mates, a guy who weighs 70kg can do sub 18min 5k's and Scott Quigg, a national boxing champion can do low 17's at the 5k. Just some comparisons to think about.

    But to answer your question, you'll probably have to run more miles ontop of your boxing training. 

  • @StevieG yeah i know what your saying, its not an overnight thing! BUT if i didnt have a stitch with 3km to go i reckon i could have knocked off a little bit more time. 

    haha Do you run alot DASH?

  • But I'm 6'6", 8 stone and 68!

    In the words of ' The Sweeney" which incidentally I'm now watching and is before your time, " You are out of your league, son"..
  • Waleed, you sound like you've developed the key component of being able to make excuses about the previous race performance.

    That will serve you well image

  • @MikeRushton I see mate, hmm quite interesting seeing them comparisons. Quigg is a brilliant boxer, good to see his time.

    Yes thats what i am planning on doing, still keeping it to 3 days but picking up the distance each time.

  • Haha i seriously did have a stitch, probably nights before takeaway!! 

    Well your about a foot taller than me, we weigh the same and u have 49 years on me!! good match up ey

  • 5ft 8 and 8 stone? You want to be careful a gust of wind doesn't take you down image

  • @StevieG 5ft5 and just over 8 stone. im built for tornados not little breezes image lol

  • I live near Newmarket, you'd fit in wel there!
  • 5ft 5! I bet a fair few people have underestimated you and clocked an unexpected beating image

  • Not really mate, I'm a boxer I fight in the ring. Dash leave it out will ya your old enough to be my granddad
  • You are right, sorry. Although you can't always believe everything on t'net.

    What was the name of your race again and when was it?
  • Waleed...when was the last time you saw someone 68 who looks so cool in shades?

    He's not really that old.

  • Not quite SG!image
  • Great Yorkshire run, 2nd Sep.
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