What are the marquee runs in 2013 like London Marathon, Great North Run etc.



  • Yes, it is the use of the term "proper events" which has got peoples' backs up. Most seasoned runners will have experienced many a comment such as "Oh the Taunton marathon - how far is that?", or "When will you do a proper marathon like London?" from people who know nothing about the sport.

    There's nothing wrong if you enjoy these larger events, but you seemed to imply that these were the only ones which counted. I am glad I have experienced London, but doubt I will do it again. I also have a certain dislike of these mega-events in that I think they have caused a massive inflation of entry fees for events like themselves, but also smaller, more local events as well. 

  • It was your attitude about 'proper' runs, and 'main' events which prompted me to ask if you were interested in challenging and/or interesting races, or just a tick-them-off list.

    You replied that you wanted tick-them-off events, which lead me to think you are more interested in saying "I've done London" or "I've done New York", than in actually taking part in races.

    If you post on an open, public forum, you must expect that some people will respond in less positive ways than you would like.  Suck it up.

  • Mark,

    I hope that most of the ribbing was light hearted (mine certainly was) and that most posters simply hoped to open your eyes to the positives of the smaller events.  If you enjoy the bigger events, as you say, that's your choice (and it means the smaller events stay small image ).  Fair play for the apology about the use of the word 'proper' and happy running.

  • Im a member of a few forums so am well aware of the behaviour of forumites. For the record Ive done New York, never again unless im very fit and yes I did it to say ive done New York. Same for London but I got bored with just doing them now, its about time too. Ive never said the main events are the only ones that counted, im not a club or serious runner so smaller events where times or PB's are the goal arent really my thing yet. You call the races as I presume you race, good for you, I call them event as its the whole experience for me. Ive read the london marathon threads where serious runners mock fun runners saying you walked it not run it etc. Also "main" events, would you not class london, new york, great north run as main events in most peoples eyes, ie those of the general public not really into running. Ask ten people in the street to name running events, bet they only know great north run and london.

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    We are drifting well away from the point here. Which races will have marquees in 2013? At what point does a tent become a marquee and then return back to a tent again? i.e at a circus the large canvas structure is normally known as a tent. However, I would say it more resembles a marquee in its build and appearence.

    Also, ultra races don't always have a marquee (Caesars Camp and Lakeland do if that helps) but many have aid stations consisting of gazeebos. What ratio of gazeboos would you need to equal one marquee?

  • Im sure when I get fit and faster I'll do  other smaller events where time is the aim and its more of a race. But I wont do them until im confident I can compete at least in the middle of the field and not be last. Until then the big events suit me as I know Ill have company and wont be last.

  • I call them races because they are races - someone gets a prize for coming first, second, and third (not that I'm ever going to get one). 

    And why not enter until you feel you can come halfway up the field?  If I had that attitude I'd never enter a race!

  • Coniston 14 one of my fav races as well as Great Longstone Fell Race.image 
    Happiness is one thing we can give without having.

  • Nothing wrong with my attitude at all Wilkie.

  • Why worry about finishing near the back?  Nothing wrong with that!

  • True tbh, can see your point and meant  no disrespect by that. I would be tempted to do some quieter events like 10k etc next year as I am aiming to beat my PB of 51 minutes as I realised this year when I started taking times into account I did better. But all that wont be until next year due to knee rehab.

  • Sorry.  Managed to get a turbo session in...

    Think being called Mark it is more likely to be a warlock hunt than a witch hunt.

    Why should a 10 k be a quieter event and make you more likely to break your pb ?

    Surely an event like I did on sunday with 250 good club athletes (plus me and the missus) be more likely drag you round  to a fast time ?

    and the 5 k we did the other Wednesday evening is scarily fast...


  • Mark

    Maybe start again, and ignore 'proper', 'main', 'marquee' etc.  List the top 5 things that you want from an event and maybe some suggestions will be forthcoming. Think in terms of crowd support, PB potential, scenery etc etc. If its recognition from the person in the street, then I think you have covered it with VLM and GNR.

    BUPA Great Manchester Run gets BBC coverage. Its a 10k, but it is busy, so may not be good as you are looking to break your PB.

  • I have trouble understanding what you mean as a main event too.  it very much depends on where you come from.  The Great North isn't popular around my way, but there are loads of non-club, non-elite runners who enjoy the Great South, the Portsmouth Marathon, the Portsmouth half and the Santa run.  These are almost as well known as London and would be more likely to be mentioned around my way than the New York marathon.

    As Also-ran says, give us an idea of the features that are important to you and we might be able to give some more specific help

  • Where I am it's Hastings half, Bexhill Tri, Brighton marathon and possibly 3 Forts that people are interested in. Those are the ones the locals have heard of and ask me if I'm doing / have done.

    I hadn't heard of Great South / North whatever run til recently, same for London 10k and London Bupa 10k.

    You need to create your own bucket list based on what you want out of it - high profile? Not sure that many races are that high profile to the non running public nor do I expect that many people know of many events outside of any given marathon. Lets face it, I'd never heard of the London marathon before I started running though I did know that there were hundreds of marathon events world wide.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'd agree with the others and Also-ran. What do you want from an event (a decent goodie bag? medal? crowd support?) then you might get some other responses.

    If you're looking to break your time - i'd have a look at the smaller events as you might find that you can get a quicker start and into it quicker - saying that - I know that the Great South Run (10miles) is a relatively fast race if you're near the front.

  • Bands, pom poms, dancing girls, balloons ?
  • "proper" "main" these words get your back up? FFS!

    Mark, do whatever you want to do mate. As long as you are enjoying what you do it doesn't matter what reason or motive you have for doing a race. I've done a few marathons but never a big one. I'd love to do London!

    If I had the dough I'd do all the "main" and "proper" maras all over the world.

    Some people just love to come on here to have a dig and whilst doing it try to make themselves look cooler or smarter or better.

    It doesnt. It makes them look like whinging smart arses.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Fair does Mark. I think you did yourself a bit of a disservice by not putting your opening request in context. If your main desire is to use running as a means for raising money for charity then to attract a wide range of sponsorship it certainly helps if the event is high profile. I guess the girl on the till at my local supermarket is more likely to have heard of the Great North Run than the Great Bentley Half Marathon.

    I'm not a big fan of the "Great" events regarding myself as a serious* runner who wouldn't be drawn to that sort of mass participation event.

    * On my very first post on the RW forum I rather foolishly described myself as a serious athlete.....big mistake! Did I not know that everyone who posts on here is a serious athlete....ah well, whatever.
  • http://www.marathonrunnersdiary.com/races/uk-marathon-list.php

    Don't know if you've seen this site before.

    Also why not go over to the US site if you are wanting to travel.

  • It's also very simplistic to assume that smaller events are all about chasing times. The Grizzly (not that it is a small race really) is very much about the experience, not the time. In fact they used to change the course every year, so you had no idea what time you would do.

    There are all sorts of races with all sorts of different features to inspire, challenge, motivate etc.

  • I would also highly recommend the Grizzly. Approx 20 miles of sheer pain and fun, its an acheivement just to get round. I guess the there are a few at the front who race it but for most its the experience of the challenge. It should be on everyones bucket listimage

  • yes the grizzly is definitely an event.........as is the lakeland 50............asis any race where I get food during the race......

    the londonmarathon is a walking picnic...especially the beer and sausage at mile 17

  • image Don't forget the jaffa cakes, jelly babies and Percy Pigs.

    My bad for just running straight past and not noticing.

  • Oh and while we're on the subject of walking picnics, how about Beachyhead marathon?

    As for proper events, there's always Boston marathon. That has to be proper innit.

  • I stopped for 30 minutes to have a few beers..........had the family worried as they were tracking me from home and thought I was in trouyble as my splits suddenly stopped...but the lure of the beer and food was just too good.............


  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Bands, pom poms, dancing girls, balloons ?

    Amen to the dancing girls, always perks me up!
    My list (of a sort..) is basically trying to tick off all/most of the European capitals which I combine with a short break/holiday. Others Grizzly yes - great event (although I race it so does that mean it's not an event...?image)
    Other targets are achieve GFA entry for London (9 seconds off last time image) and qualify for Boston.
    Oh and one day do the Disney marathon - that looks fun. Oh and the Bacchus mara (wine!). Been a bit sidetracked with ultras this year though.

    Been plenty of ideas on here so I think your main problem will be choosing which ones to do! Good luck.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I did marathon du medoc this year and really loved it. It definitely wasnt a PB course but the atmosphere was fantasic.

    I've also got disney marathon on my bucket list.

  • Dorney Dash - 10k. Flat as a pancake and most people have heard of Eton Dorney Lake from the Olympics. Famous venue, modest size race - best of both worlds?

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