What are the marquee runs in 2013 like London Marathon, Great North Run etc.



  • Pancake ? Maple syrup ? Ice cream ?
  • I found doing a couple of races with an-off road component (either partial or fully) a real eye opener. I loved them. It was a really nice change from road running and I think most members of the public are familiar with cross-country running having participated in it (willingly or otherwise!) at school so the money raising angle may still be there. I can strongly recommend the Apperley Quarter Marathon for this. It's a nice distance, the other runners were great and the whole village lines the streets in support!

    I can understand wanting to do the more well-known races. I'm doing the great south run this year to try to beat the time my mum got 20-odd years ago!

  • There is nothing wrong, if you like these big events, but you seem to imply, this is only counting. The size of Women Purple Leather Shoulder bags

  • There is nothing wrong,ifyoulike thesebigevents,but youseem to imply,thisisonlycounting.

  • Avoid GNR..

    Too cramped, i started in Zone E a few years ago. Within the first mile, i ran past a walking pantomine horse. Lots of people stopping/starting.

    Spent 13.1 miles Zig-Zagging past everyone.

  • I know exactly what the OP means.

    One of the things I love about being in big races is that I have been in the same sporting event as world class athletes. They may have started 20 minutes ahead of me. They may beat me by an hour but we ran the same course.

    There is a great deal of snobbery surrounding GNR and London but they really are wonderful races in my opinion. Yes, they have their annoyances and challenges but when I ran them I felt like I was part of something big and special. You don't get that from smaller races, although they too have plenty of charms.

    I will leave by recommending Reading Half Marathon to you. Well organised, great support, great finnish inside the stadium, top athletes, a massive number of runners and in my experience lots of very friendly marshals and supporters. And no annoying ballot. You pay. You're in.

    Happy running.
  • Is the OP Danny Dyer? image

    After spectating my fiancee running the GNR it put me off ever entering that race. Far too busy and not a good experience at all. It almost put me off running London but it was a childhood ambition and I'm going to keep trying for it. 

    These "proper" big races seem to be charity drunk now, club runners are disregarded on the whole, which is a shame.

    I prefer the smaller local races with around 500 people running. Always find familiar faces and they cost a tenner at most image

  • I love the GNR, it ends about half a mile from my house and it takes over South Shields so there's not really anything I can do that day apart from get involved or stay in the house, but it is crowded and if you don't start near the front it can be full

    Of under prepared people. Best to claim a fast finishing time in the application ballot. I get the same buzz from doing a parkrun though. I haven't really done any smaller races but I intend to. Got my eye on the Northumberland half next year and running Kielder next week
  • Having just done Jersey this year I would recommend it, lovely event and a wonderful course.

  • I used to love in Jersey actualy, I was there 2 weeks ago, been over twice this  year already as got family there. The Jersey marathon is one i plan to do yes.

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