Asics 2070

Prepared for and competed in FLM in the old 2070s. At the end of the race they hurt so much that I threw them away- the stress fracture on the foot seems to be connected here... but they were lovely to wear to start with.
I am at present in love with my creations but...
Has anyone comments positive or negative in the Asics?


  • Hi Barkles.

    I've got a pair of 2070s that I alternate with other shoes (Nike Air Pegasus, Mizuno Wave Creation, Mizuno Wave Phantom) for my road-based training and have found them a good piece of kit.

    They're currently on something like 350 miles and still as good as when I first bought them. Found the support good, cushioning fine and the traction's been good even on wet pavements.

    The cushioning's not as "plush" as the Creations but they've lasted longer - my Creations have done something like 260 miles and they're feeling a bit "odd". As though the cushioning's going flat and the support's packing in, which is a bit disappointing as I'd hope to get 500 miles out of a pair of shoes before I have to chuck them out.

    I've found the 2070s a good workhorse shoe that I can't find anything bad to say about from my own experiences.

    Which is interesting as I'm a neutral runner and didn't get on with their predecessors - the 2060s - at all as they made me feel bandy legged and as though feet were being pushed outwards!

  • Hey Barkles,

    I've got a pair of 2070's and a pair of NB 764s. I couldn't put my finger on exactly why, but I far prefer the NBs to the Asics. Can't see myself buying another pair of 2070s.

    A bit vague, and probably not too useful, but I'd certainly recommend checking out NB 764s.

  • I'm an over-pronator so need the support offered by this type of shoe. I've not had the 2070 although did over 1000 miles in a pair of 2050s (tut tut!)

    I was going to replace my 2050s with 2070s but lashed out on the top of the range Asics Gel Kayano which felt a little more stable than the 2070 and had superior cushioning. Very pleased so far! If you don't object to paying an extra 35 quid they're well worth checking out.

    Dave W - what do you reckon to the Nike Air Peg. - I tested a pair and thought they felt like I had a couple of bags of marshmellows strapped to my feet!

  • Hi Kermie.

    Yup, I know what you mean about the Air Pegs! The cushioning's a lot softer than the cushioning in the 2070s, which is quite firm. I quite like the soft ride, though, so I get on OK with them.

    Or I did - I had last year's model (the red ones) and had no problems with them at all but they recently hit 500 miles and I replaced them with the 2002 model and I seem to be getting blisters under the arches.

    I'm reserving judgement as it may not be the Pegs - I'd got the beginnings of a blister on at least one foot before I started wearing them. Bit disappointing, though.

  • I'm in the same boat as Kermie, needing a solid support shoe though I also use orthotics for support from the bottom.

    I've been running in 2070s for a few months now - they replaced my old 2060s which I'd had for about a year and who knows how many hundred miles (I know, I know - but I have a tendency to forget how long I've had a given pair of shoes, and I've only just started a running log!).

    Haven't had any problems with them, in fact I find them very comfortable, both for tarmac and on trails through the park. I like a firm ride, and can't abide the squelchy feel of some shoes.
  • i've tried 2070,s they seem too stiff.i felt like a cart horse running.not suited for faster paced running.grid omni are best for me.NB 763,s are ok.
  • Once they've broken in, I reckon the Kayano VIII are better. You can get them for about 80 quid now, or if you get 2 pairs they're 140 (I know you're no good at maths teacher, thats 70 squid a pair!)

    Try 'em!
  • Crikey Jon! Where do you get the Kayano VIII for 70-80 quid a pair. I paid 105!

    Or do you mean VII?
  • www. They are brill!
  • I've been wearing the Asics 20x0 range since the 2020s and find them to be excellent shoes, especially as I'm an overpronator. I broke my ankle playing football a few years ago and now have two 2 inch screws holding it together. I then opted for the Kayano to give me that extra bit of cushioning and support, which was superb. Went onto the new range of Kayano last year and did about 200 miles in them and then a Half Marathon during which I got really bad blasters for the first time. Went back to the 2070s and I'm really disappointed that I didn't get the 2060s instead of the previous Kayanos. The Kayano is a far heavier and bulkier shoe than the 20x0, and I'd say I really didn't need the extra cushioning and support provided by the Kayono. I'm just waiting for the 2080 or whatever it's gonna be called!
  • I tried to get the 2060 again when I went in to replace my last pair, but was told they didn't make them any more and the 2070 was my best option. I still like the 2060 over the 2070, and am hoping the 2080 or whatever comes next takes after the 2060 more than the 2070.
  • Jon

    Thanks for the ontherun tip. Just been checking out the site!
  • Kermie: My pleasure!

    I've never found the Kayano heavy or cumbersome! They fit so well that they feel lighter than they actually are (I find).

  • I'm a mild overpronator and bought the 2070's. I got an ankle injury whilst wearing them so swapped them for some Saucony Omni's.

    I only did a couple of 10k's in them and found that the heels had bent inwards causing some muscles in my ankles to stretch. I don't know whether this is because they have a deep heel or whether they were too aggressive in correcting my pronation. Any road up just ran a marathon in my Omni's without any probs so probably won't be heading for Asics again for a while
  • Asics are bound to get better for the 2080... even no.s seem to be better than the odd ones
  • My only complaint about them is that there just doesn't seem to be quite enough cloth in the upper. I have to be careful to tie them quite loosely, as the laces seem to dig into the top of my foot - I've never had that before with any other shoe.

    There again, they've done about 200 miles and the sole still looks brand new.

  • Perhaps a bit late to post this now, but I've had my pair of 2070's for over 7 months - absolutely superb, and miles better than the Saucony Omni Grid I had before.

    The day before the GNR I bought a pair of Asics Gel Koji as replacements - what a mistake that was!

    I went for a run in them last Wednesday, and it was like running with two bits of wood strapped to my feet :(

    Gone back to the 2070's (going to buy a new pair next week), and everything is rosy again!

    If you haven't already done so, then buy a pair. You will not be disappointed!
  • John, before you rush off and buy your 2070's take a minute to try the Asics Gel Kayano. You probably know it's the top of the range Asics running shoe and retails at 105.00. Its construction is v.similar to the 2070 offering support for over-pronators. It offers a little more stability and cushioning than the 2070 plus features an array of hi-tech materials.

    BUT, here's the good bit, you can currently pick up a pair from On The Run (mail order)for just 79.99!!!! Their address is

    Thanks again to Jon for the tip-off. Ordered from them last week. Great service.
  • Currently running in 2070's alongside a pair of addidas structured support (something like that). I run in 20xx series since 2010's - find them comfy but can be a little firm for long runs / heavier runners.

    I had never run in addidas before but find them fantastic - could say the best shoes ever - and have just bought a second pair. They are a bit of a snug fit but very supportive, also measure up a bit small so I'm running in a size 9 rather than my usual 8.5
  • Cyber Boy - are the Kayano just the Koji but with a new name?
  • Ahh, gonna have to pass on that one. Anyone else know? By the way I was referring to the latest winter 2002 Kayano 8 not the 7.
  • Koji are the replacement for another one of their older MC shoes
  • Ah, not too bad a report on the 2070's. This pleases me as I initially ordered 1070's and decided to upgrade yesterday. I am now looking for decent socks - any comments on this by anyone? I generally but 1000mile but am looking to try another brand.
  • Falkes are nice and feel rather uncomplicated. I was a Thorlo man until I decided I liked them!
  • Thorlo socks are the best I have ever used, and I've tried a lot of socks in my time!

    Those 1000 mile socks are absolute crap - steer clear!
  • Yep me too Jon, used Throlo for past 18 months now uttrerly sold on Falkes. I have the below ankle UL5. Steve, these socks, if you haven't seen them, are shaped for your left/right foot. Give em a go.
  • Kayano for me every time. Tried a couple of the other Asics but can't beat the Kayano and their worth every penny.

    Wouldn't wear anything other than Asics either they are the best even though they look a bit dodgy. My daughter takes the piss but she is 17 and trainers aren't for running in as far as she's concerned!
  • Cyberboy! I haven't seen those ones! I like the Thorlo short ones, but only have RU3 Falkes
  • Wolfy! I think the Kayano's look really nice tell her!
  • Thanks Jon, I agree but her response will be "yeah they look great when you're legging it round a muddy field, not for going down the pub in"!!!!
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