Winter running clothing

As it has started to turn colder, I'm already thinking about my winter clothing. I was wondering - what is the one item of winter running gear people like best?

Mine is simply my gloves, I actually look forward to it being cold enough to wear them.



  • My running tights!
  • Tracky's and a Jumper, I put my hood up to keep my ears warm to!

  • Mike, trackys and a jumper is 2 items, unless you have an all in one image

    My favourite item is my snood !

  • I'm with Simon.. the gloves for me too!

  • You run in a snood? This is enlightening. I hadn't even considered it...may be I should.

  • Is it something like this: Amazon Snood

    I'm asking this because I was doing a blog post on winter running bargains at the moment, I might throw a snood in there just to mix things up a bit! I expect I'll get shouted at for this - but you can find some ridiculously cheap hats and gloves and other stuff now - this is what I picked out.

  • Oh no, its nothing as glamorous as that ! Go to amazon and search on fleece snood/Neck warmer scarf. They are ??3.49. If you're a big girls blouse like me they are very snug indeed with such outstanding multi-functional uses such as keeping your neck warm, pull them up over your mouth and nose, cover your ears. The list must be endless. What value for money eh !!!
  • The gloves have to be soft enough to wipe my nose!!!

  • pirate buff and think ron hill gloves, and layers of summer kit, the colder it is the more layers.  Windproof gillet if it's blowing a gale and cold, or a think waterproof gillet if it's blowing a hooley and raining.  Sorted.  Peaked cap if it's raining otherwise buff on head.

  • My duvet, failing that my bath.

  • carterusm - That is a lovely looking snood. Do you cycle? If so, what do you think of the recent rise of the buff? Poor man's snood?

  • snood/buff is such a versitile thing to own, i bought loads, i use them as sweat bands in summer, round my neck for keeping the sun off on mountains, and in winter as a beenie / face warmer. buy loads,

    i tend to over heat when i run so i just wear 2 light weight tops rather tha a hoodie or sweat top, and i'll wear ron hill tracksters or tights on colder days.

  • wooly hat and gloves came out today

  • I went out in shorts and t-shirt and was boiling today!

  • The item I like best is my long socks, but the item I need most is thick gloves - Raynaud's in my hands means that can't be up for debate.

  • I wear longer shorts, wicka winter top, and cut off gloves, to give me the freedom for music change on my MP3.

  • I had to put my gloves on this morning for my run. I picked them up for £2 from local Coop they are full gloves but you can use them on smartphones and MP3 players as 1 finger and the thumb have a special type of wool.


  • ...because a BlackBerry or iPhone is an integral part of each training run?

  • I think it is integral for a lot of people. It can do gps, music and useful to have a phone in case of emergency. There have been times when I have wished. I'd had one with me. That said, I prefer my garmin and not listening to music.
  • Not in cold weather gear yet fortunately - wet but not cold down here! But, I do wear gloves when it's really cold - just for the first mile till the sensation returns.....I also wear long running tights and compression top and a buff - cotton in autumn and the spring but a fleece one in the colder weather.

    I don't like wearing lots of layers though - I find I warm up quite quickly so as long as I keep moving I'm fine!  Actually I'm quite looking forward to those cold, dry mornings when no-one else is about and you go out running a great start to the day! image

  • It'll be shorts till end of the month, or maybe even end of October, if weather improves
    (obviously shorts for competition no matter when)

  • Jelleybaby - that's a good point actually, when you're out in winter and it's freezing cold, you know anyone else running shares some kind of slight insanity with you. I like that feeling. I do a fair bit of fell running - the only thing that really makes me cold is the wind. For £20 these "Time to Run" windproof jackets are a bargain:

    Last year I was running in the snow and slipped over down a hill, I was fine but I cracked my garmin. I was so annoyed. Not least because I'd already done about 20 miles and I'd lost my data.

  • Long Sleeved top, jacket, gloves, hat, training bottoms, then add T-Shirt, gloves when really cold

  • I've very very occasionally run in tracksuit bottoms... but usually that's when can't find any clean shorts.  But that's mainly (I think) because I come from a footballing background... and also went to school in the days when shorts were compulsory, all year round, at my primary school!

    I guess it's mainly habit that keeps me in shorts.  I'd be interested if people think I"m risking injury, or compromising performance.

  • Shorts all year. Long sleeve t-shirt, light jacket if it's raining and thin gloves - fine if you keep moving, not so good if you stop (but that's why I carry £10 and a phone!).

  • Run Wales - do you wear tights? I always use shorts, have tried tights but it just feels wrong. Much prefer hat and gloves. I've never heard anyone say it risks injury, but would be interested if anyone thought it does.

  • TIghts? No.  But my hairy legs look good in stockings and suspenders.image

    I've not even used hat & gloves... but probably should because last Sunday, in that awful cold rain, had my long sleeved over my hands.

    As for injuries & performance, I'm just wondering if wearing shorts leads to colder muscles, that could just be more vulnerable, and perhaps not quite so efficient.  It sounds theoretically plausible, but is actually measurable in practice?

  • I'm not sure that it would make a big difference once you've got going, but at the start of a run the colder your muscles are, the less they will have elasticity and therefore you're more prone to injury.

    I've still not had to crack the winter gear out.

  • Shorts, all year round. (You don't lose heat from your legs, it's the upper body you need to keep warm.)

    Long-sleeved top, to cover my arms - plus an extra layer, zip-up ideally, so I can ventilate as required.

    Waterproof top if it's going to rain.

    Woolly hat (or balaclava if it's really cold).


    Radio/MP3 player


    It surprises me that a lot of runners don't wear woolly hats in the cold.


  • I hate woolly hats!!! I get too hot and my head itches......but still not in winter geat yet - long sleeve top tonight but not a winter one (yet)......forecast for this weekend is colder though image

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