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  • You won't believe what I'm going to say ('cos I didn't when I was told the same thing) & I don't know if it'll help, but you WILL get better, it will pass & you can live with this. It will take time & it will be slow - allow yourself that time.
  • Thats great that your employer has that service that you can access. Now make an appointment!

    Thinking of you

  • BTW, i agree with the folks about the Samaritans. They are fantastic, maybe you'll think about calling them while your waiting for an appointment with the councillers from work if you need to talk to someone now. There is no rule to say you can't use both. Sometimes all you want to do is offload without someone trying to analys what your saying. Either way the Samaritans are very useful.
  • "ANd that is partly why I'm against talking cos I can't think straight for long enough to get someone a clear view of what is going on in my head."

    Confusion of thoughts so you can't think clearly and therefore straighten them out? I understood that to be fairly common with your illness (certainly on my black days that is how I feel). By talking about it, you will find the common thread and then it will become clear.

  • Quite right, Puff.
    The LAST thing you want to be doing is to come up with some watertight theory to convince a counsellor of.

    Give the counselling a go - nothing to lose.
  • ladies stop shouting cos all that does is make me more intransigent (?)
  • Stuff the counselling. If you don't think it's right for you, don't do it. It's your head, you know how it's feeling - if it's crumbling, popping, fizzing & scrambled eggy, could be it just needs absolutely nothing, a complete break, total chillout & a chance to unravel - no thinking, no decisions, no analysing, no nothing. Give your brain a chance for a tiddly bit of serotonin to pool, accumulate & start re-building those links between neurones so's you can function again. Too much thinking will use it up. (Feel free to ditch this if you don't think it applies to you!)
  • let us know how you get on - i wonder if a CPN (community psych.nurse) might be a worthwhile option as they are used to working with people with depression - which a lot of generic counsellors are not - your mental health is too valuable to mess with so make sure you get the right help - talk to your GP about the options available if you decide to go for it - there is some school of thought that the most effective 'talking' cure for depression is cognitive behavioural therapy which looks at what you are thinking and how that affects what you do
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Tuppence worth from me.

    Don't worry about letting all the scrambledness come out to the counsellor. They will be able to pick out the bits and unravel the crap that you can't. By giving them an insight into what is there, rather than the elusive bits you are trying to chase, will help them understand where you are now, and therefore how best to help you.

    I hope that makes some kind of sense.

    (((more hugs)))
  • The absolutely last thing you want is for a frisky counsellor who has just been on a training course to come up with some watertight theory to convince you while your brain is still buzzing with scrambled thoughts, most of them destructive.

    I'm quite keen on CBT, but you need to have your head straight enough to use it properly. Therapy can become an end in itself, and that is a very undesirable situation indeed.
  • therapy can seriously f*ck your head up too which is not something you need with depression !!
  • Staggers

    Sorry I have been conspicuous by my absence but I don't seem to have been receiving the messages for the last 2 or 3 days!

    I must confess to being apprehensive about counsellors. I see a psychiatrist so know that I am seeing a person qualified to help me. Maybe your GP could refer you to either a psychiatrist or a community psychiatric nurse (as someone, can't remember who!) has already suggested.

    Sorry to hear the tablets aren't helping. I know what that feels like. I hope your GP can either prescribe something different or refer you to someone who can.

    Sorry this isn't much help and is very incoherent. I had a tiring 3 days last week (working during the day and in the evening!) and I'm feeling really tired. (Haven't been to the gym or done any running for the last few days!)

    Hope you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon (even if it is from quite a distance away!). That is such a great feeling after being in the tunnel of darkness for so long!

  • This is nice calm feeling. Don't know how long I've been like this (couple of hours or so) but it is relaxing.

    GP has changed my tablets, unsurprisingly his view from my comments is Prozac is not working for me, and he was quite appologetic but I had agreed to try something else.... Anyway after a bit of explaining the ideas and searching around for the right doses, he's put me on Effexor XL, given me two months worth but told me to come back in 4 weeks (or sooner if there's problems). He's expecting this one to work, where as he admitted we were trying Prozac when I went on to it.

    Councilling: right, he's not keen at the moment. One reason being he does know me away from the surgery and we've had a few long conversations at times. This does give him the advantage of having heard my brain working (!). His view is I need more consistency and stability first.

    But I think that finding someone to talk to, whether its the Samaritans or the EAP people may help me calm down a bit by releasing some of the tension. Writing this and reading peoples' comments helps some times (not always).

    I'll be going back in 3 weeks, I wont run it out to 4 weeks this time. And then I'll push him about the CPN and the CBT. I'll also read around it a bit.

    The other thing he suggested was getting a training partner for the running, and agreed a target would help. Alos he's going to check up about "sport on perscription", something about a 6 week course down at the sports centre gym, where you get a free induction plus at the end of the 6 weeks they compare before and afters for fat content, blood pressure, etc. Funnily enough he said it might not be approproate for me as I was probably too fit already - best laugh I've had in days!
  • fantastic staggs

    The cahnge in meds may well help

    you need a dispassionate listener, whether it is a counsellor or the samaritans
    Someone to be objective
  • (((((((((((((((((STAGGERS)))))))))))))))))))
  • I started taking Cipramil (citaolpram) 40 mg (fairly high dose) back in jan this year. To start with I couldn't run as they made me feel dizzy/sick. But after a week I was fine. Motivation wise, well I guess I don't push as hard as I did, but for comparison my half marahon times on and off cipramil were comparable, even though I've put on a stone since staring them !!!
    I guess its an idividual thing.
  • a new day, and all that.

    feel better than some of the last few days, but not great. Reasonably calm and quiet, tired even though I slept ok but after the last week one night is not going to make a big difference.

    Just noticed how I'm picking up on things in the forums today. I may need to be careful that I'm not swinging the other way and get a little manic. The brain's ticking, but its not completely controlled at the moment.
  • and sorry I've been negleting to follow-up peoples' comments and support from the last couple of days. I'll try and do it later.
  • Glad to hear that your trip to the GP was a success, Staggers.

    Your GP sounds very much like my psychiatrist. Once the pills have kicked in and I'm more stable, she wants me to do some sort of talking therapy.

    I, too, am on Efexor XL. Suits me better than either cipramil (citalopram) or Seroxat (paroxetine).

    I hope the pills kick in soon.

    Big Hug!
  • hey,

    also on edexor xl, and i lost a lot of weght through the depression and pills, and now they are kicking in (finally i think i have the right, quite high dose) did anyone find that they had trouble knowing how full they were? i feel full, but im still not eating that much, and now i have got the motivation to start training again, i literally crash out the next day (faint etc.). did anyone have this problem and do they have advice?

    also staggers, its well worth the wait for the pills to kick in. i feel like im more like i was when the depression wasnt a problem. but ask for a higher dose if they don't kick in in 4 weeks. i took a while to get the right dosage.

    one upside to efexor is that a possible side efect is 'abnormnal orgasms'. dont know exactly what they mean, but it sounds fun.

    btw. i have a very good friend who is going through the ssame stuff as me. its good to be able to talk to someone about all the side effects etc. that isnt a doctor, or a shrink. if you know someone like that who finds it useful too, then id definatley recommend it.

    gorecki xxx
  • Staggers, a good GP is priceless & yours sounds a diamond - trust him & stick with what he says, don't let other people mess with your head and only talk if you want to. Good luck - there are alot of people routing for you!
  • the "discusion" on therapy seems a little heated...

    ok, I'm feeling tired and a bit down but not too bad. hoping the pills are going to kick quite quickly since this is the third type in 4 months.

    CC, you sound bright in that second post and working very hard in the first - don't over do it please. I thought I remembered you saying you where on the same stuff.

    Gorecki, hi. I could do with the weight loss! Do you think the crashing out is due to the reduced food intake, or is it the blood pressure fluctuating with the tablets?

    Erratic, that's my feeling. I don't feel comfortable with analysis at the moment. I need the brain to settle a bit first.

    Puff, I'm not looking to take a fait a complet to a thearpist, honest.

    At the moment, my self confidence is very, very low, so talking face-to-face is difficult, I even stuggled with my GP last night.

  • Low self confidence is fine, difficulty in face-to-face talking is fine - it doesn't matter, your head matters. Rest your head. One step at a time. One day at a time. There will be bad days and better days, sometimes both at the same time - it doesn't matter. You will be fine, in time, you will be fine. Sorry if not being helpful - feel for you kiddo - just give it time, all the time your head needs.
  • still feeling reasonably calm. having a beer (bad boy I know) and I think I feel better than any day in the last week (except for Saturday). Quite sleepy at the moment, haven't had tea yet!
  • great just chill out staggs - put your feet up and watch tv if you can - try and let your spinning brain have a rest with something undemanding like tv !

    one beer is ok - will probably just make you sleepy if antid's are like mine -im on Effexor XL too

    earlier this year i thought id never get myself out of the pit (and it was a terminally deep dark dank pit) - but now - with a new job i enjoy and getting slowly back into fitness im beginning to feel like im really over the depression - im going to stay on the antid's for now tho - its suggested that 6months or so after getting well is a good insurance against a relapse - so for me that means getting thru winter and christmas/new year - then come early spring - i hope to have been well for long enough to move on from them

    just hang in and accept that some days will be easier than others - the climb out of the pit isnt a continuous upwards climb - there will be peaks and troughs and ridges - but you will begin to see the top - so just take it easy and be cool

  • thanks Bune, that helps.

    Glad you're seeing progress in you.

    I think today is probably relief at coming off the Prozac - it wasn't working... but its supposed to be good... (you can probably see where I was going). So something new which other people are using successfully is a new start.

    Have consiously cut down the coffee today. I have been as much use as a chocolate teapot at work. Kids happy to see me. Explained the drugs thing with Dwain C. to Sports boy, and didn't get cross when he asked silly questions - remember Staggs, he's 9, he doesn't see the world the same way nor does he have the same understanding.
  • i (relunctantly) tried prozac first - it seemed to make me more physically anxious - the effexor lifted me very quickly
  • i can vouch for the benefits of efexor in bune as an outsider

    and in my huby
    They used it o him first
  • Tired this morning after a very strange night, I kept waking up every few minutes from about 1 am. Only stayed awake once, but it was very strange - like one of those time lapse films, as I wasn't dreaming but the clock kept moving on!

    feel fairly quiet but cam at the moment and hoping this will last for a bit. Still want to hide if some one speaks to me.

  • that should say calm of course!
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