Blackpool marathon 2013

After receiving the VLM ELVIS mag I have started looking for alternative spring marathons to try to run sub 3hr but at least GFA for London 2014

White peak is an obvious one - I have something to prove after a disaster from 21miles, should be able to be around 3-3hr 5min and it is cheap at under ??20 but it is trail and NOT FLAT AT ALL.

So looking at flatter marathons. Edinburgh & Manchester ??50 nearly and Windermere not flat. Blackpool is flat and fast but what is other people's experiences?

Was it well organised? How windy? Yes I know it's the west coast. Looking at previous years results and normally won in 2hr 40ish but is that just the level of athlete or affected by conditions?


  • Runningowl


    new venue for 2013, Blackpool FC Stadium with grand finish inside, slightly different route to previous years, flay, sometimes a little breezy but new HQ will be superb, parking for 5000 cars, 200 toilets on site, chamging showers, home or away chamging rooms, video screens of finish etc, etc, etc, enter early for discount (no levy fee to pay on this entry site. Course record 2.26.43, average race winning time around 2.35.00

  • I like the idea of this as my second marathon - having spent many happy days as a kid in Blackpool, Lytham, St. Annes etc. It's well timed for me too, as I'm doing my first marathon in October.

    But having to finish inside Blackpool's football stadium would not be classed as a 'grand finish' as far as I'm concerned.  As a PNEFC supporter, it would bring all the discomfort of entering enemy territory . image

  • I got my first sub-3 at Blackpool and have run it twice. Any race on Blackpool prom is at the mercy of the wind but if the weather's OK (and it was the two times I did it) it should be a fast course.

    Given the timing of the race I suspect that a lot of quicker runners prefer to take advantage of a GFA entry to London or run Blackpoool as preparation for London.

  • owl not done it since it changed the course but generally a very good marathon. You are slightly exposed if the weather is bad so a good idea to take a long sleeve just in case but it's well worth a trip. Bonus is you get to confuse all the stag night people as they roll out of the B&B's still hung over or p*ssed. image

  • With my Dad being Blackpool born and bred and me being a lifelong BFC fan I decided to give the Blackpool marathon a go this year. On the whole, a very well organised flat marathon on traffic free roads.

    I hadn't intended to run it again (nor do a spring marathon), but the thought of finishing in my beloved Bloomfield Road....!!!

  • It is mainly flat. Never done the full here but have done a couple of halves.The climbs are mild and short just from the lower and middle walks of the prom to the road and visa versa. If you can try the Great North West half at the end of February that will give you a very good idea of the course as some of it will be the same.

    Hope this helps.

  • The "climbs" are nothing - as Andy D says it is the wind which coud make the course challenging - a strong headwind along the prom could make it like going up the Llanberis Pass in the Snowdonia!

  • I'm from sheffield. If its not a 2mile 1 in 4 climb its not a hill. Don't think I have ever seen anything like that in the Blackpool area. image

    It's not the hills it's the wind mainly. Ultimate objective would be getting at least the GFA time but will be aiming sub 3hr
  • runningowl - I live near Betws-y-Coed and virtually all my running is done in the hills - I don't normally do flat marathons! If it is sub 3 you are after I'd say a race like Abingdon would be your best bet - not just is it pancake flat, but there are a lot of people running sub 3h there - easier to run with fellow runners going for sub 3!? After about mile 10,in this years Blackpool marathon I ran the rest of the race on my own

  • All sounds very positive. I was considering the Rome Marathon as a spring event, but after reading this thread I will probably opt for something a little closer to home. Blackpool is only 50 miles up the M6 for me.

    Good luck with the sub 3hr targets, personally I would aim for around 3.15 - 3.30 hrs. 

  • did the marathon in 2005    it was not windy   but red hot and i ended up sunburnt

  • The joys of the British weather!? Early April next year I would be very surprised to pick up a tan during the Blackpool marathon.

    sk4 - I'm sure that your bank balance would much prefer the Blackpool marathon, which I'd described as a "no frills" event which, pretty much, does whar it says on the tin!!

  • whats the route now   thinking about doing it    and where is nearest travelodge

  • John Bach


    Your right the Blackpool Marathon is run for all standards with "No Frills" but please watch this space with the new exciting venue with just about every top class facility available including the football clubs own 4* hotel overlooking the ground (72 rooms ;79.00 B&B pr, early booking recommended, filling fast and a Travel Lodge £29pr across the road), slightly better course than in previous years and maybe a few frills. Hopefully there will be the biggest ever event (3800 best to date)


    Michael, the Travel Lodge opposite the football club is new, there are also Travel Lodges at the end of the M55 extention, Yeadon Way, in town at the North Pier both walking distance from the venue.


    Good luck Ron

  • Thanks RR, although, in my opinion, you cannot get a bigger frill (or should that be thrill!?) to finish a marathon in Bloomfield Road stadium!! Apart from, of course, starting/finishing the race at Bloomfield Road, I really cannot see how the course could be improved - even though 2 laps I never thought that there was a dull moment and the fact that the a significant proportion of the race was on closed roads, what more could you want from a marathon (although last year's weather would be nice!?)

  • Thanks JB. The whole of the route will be closed from traffic for the duration of the races. We are trying to tweek the rote slightly (still two laps for the full marathon, second one may be slightly shorter than the first)



  • coming for a day at Blackpool on Monday   but use the train now   and will be of in Harry Ramsdens for fish and chips    last went to Blackpool the same way back in May and was impressed with how it has been improved


    whats the date of this race

  • 8th April 2013. 5week before sheffield half. Wasn't going to do sheffield half but seeing as it could be last time the current course is used I might have to.
  • Runningowl


    Sunday 7th April 2013

  • compo 1 - I was really impressed at how nice the Blackpool prom looked - Blackpool CC seem to have spent quite a bit of money tarting it up, although I understand that it has been to the detriment of the traffic congestion!

    The race is two weeks before the London Marathon and it sounds as if a few from North Wales will be doing the half as a last outing before vlm

  • Can't wait for next years event. I've done the half 6 times now, last time in 2010 and this will be my first go at full marathon distance (yikes)! Very flat course and very well organised...nice one Ron. 

  • Couldn't resist it and put it off any longer finally entered for next year's marathon - I just hope I can stay niggle free this time and the dreaded plantar fasciitis keeps away! Up the Pool!

  • Just booked it up,Going to stop in the Blaclpool fc,s hotel on Sat and Sunday,

    Done the race 3 times before,Had 1 good one[2.52] a not bad one[3,15 ish] and when they used to have it in the summer i just wilted [3.40 ish]

  • 12 week training "plan" started yesterday - thankfully it looks as if the PF niggle is behind me and I started the year with a nice enjoyable, comfortable, niggle free long run - only another 9 15+ mile runs now!!?

  • This will be my first marathon, i started 12 week trainng plan on 1st Jan too John. Good luck everyone. Just wondering if any one on here looking at just under 5 hours finish?  

  • Training plan started back end of last year and was running 15 milers just before Xmas then put my back out in the new year! It's now 4th Feb and after 5 weeks without running I'm back to doing 10 milers again! image That's me out of the marathon but still doing the half.

  • Tough on you Ledy, still the half will be exiting with a stadium finish also. Just done the first prelim measure with Brian, both routes will be finalised in the next few weeks. Good luck with the work to get fit again, take it slowly and you will get there.



  • Nice one Ron. The thought of finishing my Dad's hometown marathon in my beloved Bloomfield Rd goes through my mind often during my long runs! That said, I don't think we'd want to get near the pitch given the state of it at the moment - better off playing on the beach!!?

  • Hi John


    Finish on thewide  tarmac area of the stadium, close to the baggage/registrations areas.



  • RocketRon,

    Are you saying the whole of the road along the front is closed off to traffic for this event? Some 6 miles worth?

    Good news if it is! How many entrants are there so far? I cant see an entrant list?

    I'm going for 7 min miles the whole way, anyone else onboard?

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