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Hello RW
My training for Dublin hasn't always gone according to plan. And I've had to do other activities instead of running. For example, last week, I did a circuits class on Tuesday, a fast 8 mile run on Wednesday, a 40 minute tempo session on Thursday on the treadmill, nothing on Friday, Flexibility work on Saturday and the Windsor Half on Sunday. Fairly typical week. My actual mileage was only 27 or so. Mileage for the week before was around 36, before that 30, and another 30 or so before that. But I've done at least one other aerobic type workout and some flexibility work...what's the verdict RW?


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Snicks, my friend ran 3.31 for the marathon off a 30 mile week. She never does any higher mileage and she does no other workout. I'm no expert but I think you have quite a good balance with your workouts.
  • Yes, x training does work.
    I run 40-50 miles/week.
    Cycle aprox 100 miles/week.
    Times for Marathon are 2:47
    1/2 Marathon 1:16
    10K 34 minutes.Just make at least 2-3 of your weekly sessions, quality workouts.
  • Thanks Hilly. It's pre marathon paranoia. And as for you Fast Pete. Cross training? Your schedule is only training! I'm not surprised your time is so good!! But thanks for your comments. It all makes sense
  • Snicks,

    In the Competitive Runner's Handbook (which is my running bible), Bob Glover talks about the equivalent of "Running Equivalent" mileage. The idea is that if you do say half an hour of any aerobic exercise, you can count it as mileage equivalent to the number of miles you could run in that time at a similar level of exertion. So an hours circuits class might be similar exertion to running 8 miles, so you can count is as 8 "RE" miles.

    He does warn though that "cross training improves running performance, but not as much as an increase in running".

    I highly recommend the book though, it's packed full of information. I particularly like the tables that predict race times at a given distance from results at different distances.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • Thanks Venom

    God how sad am I - I've been on and off this forum all bloomin night!

    Venom - a tad obsessive? With your bible and gadgets, the team strip etc... we could start a religious cult! Right time for me to log off!
  • Obsessive, moi?

    Sadly maybe a little bit true. Oh well.

    But the gadgets are great - you know it's true :-)
  • Hi Snicks, I'm with Bob Glover (and Venom) on this one too. Training for New York, I've jettisoned 1 running session and replaced it with 90 minutes of yoga. Over the 14 week training schedule I'll average about 30 miles a week. No injuries so far! (Touch wood...)

    For the last FLM I was running 5/6 times a week up to a max of 50 miles. I ended up injured and missed the last 2 weeks of training, struggled home in 4:16:00, and didn't run again until the end of June.

    Anyway, after your great time at Windsor, you must be doing something right!!! Best of luck to you and everyone running in Dublin.
  • I should be in bed, early run tomorrow. When i am offshore I don't get the choice but to cross train, bike, row or stepper sometimes there is a treadmil but then there is a time limit on each piece of equipment so I go from running to row to stepper to get my time in. Not as good as running maybe but it gives my knees a rest socan't be that bad. Then I panic when I get home and double my mileage in the first week.
    Keep up the good work Snicks, see you in Dublin.
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