What if I don't get in



  • Barcelona - March 21
    Duchy - March 21
    Connemara - March 28
    Rome - March 28
    Lyon - March 28
    Bungay Black Dog - April 4
    Taunton - April 4
    Bonn - April 4
    Zurich - April 4
    Paris - April 4
    Rotterdam - April 4
    Palma - April 4
    Turin - April 18
    Hamburg - April 18
    Tresco - April 18
    Linz - April 18
    Shakespeare - April 25
    Padua - April 25
    Lochaber - April 25
    Madrid - April 25
    Neolithic - May 2
    Dusseldorf - May 2
    Belfast - May 3
    Leeds - May 9
    Halstead - May 16
    Copenhagen - May 16
    Vienna - May 16
    White Peak Marathon (Derbyshire) - May 22
    Prague - May 23
    Stockholm - June 5
    Lake Vyrnwy - June 6
    Dartmoor Vale - June 13
    Edinburgh - June 13

    Le Touquet - ?(mid April)

    Well as the magazines are arriving and my cheque has still not been cashed I can safely assume I'm not in. So its time to choose that alternative. I'm narrowing mine down by date - earliest April 4th to allow for as much training as possible. Latest April 25th as I don't want to be training for weeks after all the FLM'ers have finished.

  • Saint Anthony's (Padua) marathon sounds good.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the list of Marathons very helpful. Have just applied online(and been accepted straight away) for Rotterdam.

    Im all excited now.
  • I've plumped for Rotterdam as well Steve.

    See you there! :-)
  • Stockholm is meant to be very good for PB's, I think that is where I will plunp for if (or when) I finally get my rejection

    any takers?
  • benja - I think there were a few others planning to do stockholm. I have paid my entry fee and so come what may I plan to be there. I started a premature thread under events a month or so ago, if you wade through the recent stuff you might be able to find it.
  • Palma de Majorca has been changed to 24th October this year. I'm doing Madrid.
  • I'm definitely aiming for April 25th, which gives me a choice of Stratford, Lochaber, Madrid, Padua and Wroclaw (Poland). I quite like not knowing where I'll end up...

  • My aim is to run Madrid marathon. I started running again one and a half year ago and I have taken part in only four half marathons. I´d like to be able to end a marathon next year and I decided to do Madrid because the atmosphere is quite good and as there are a lot of participants you can run with more people who are doing it at the same pace.

    Well, I hope we can meet in Madrid next year, Riazor blue. By the way, are you a Deportivo de la Coruña supporter?

    If you come to Madrid, Andy, it would be wonderful or if you come to Almería half on 25th January it would be great, too.

    Greetings from Almería, Spain

  • after weeks of nail biting tension my horrible little (broken) watch has arrived

    good, glad im not in, never wanted to be anyway....
  • Yup Antonio I'm a Deportivo fan, Living in La Coruña. Done Madrid last year, my first marathon after being rejected for London twice. The course is good, passing all the important bits in Madrid, a good atmosphere for most of the course, although rather quiet in the university area and casa del campo. Passes Real and Athletico stadiums aswell. The last 6km are all a bit uphill with a nasty hill at around 5 to go. Other than that all well organized, good runners fair on Friday & Saturday, and Madrid's cheap & easy to get to from the UK these days.
  • Thanks, Riazor Blue, for the infiormation. I´m looking forward to ending my first marathon. I managed to finish Madrid marathon twice but long time ago, fifteen years ago. I liked the atmosphere very much. I´ve heard the course was changed lately but the distance is the same. I remember listening to the music of "Chariots of Fire" when we were crossing Puerta del Sol and it gave you wings. Now I intend to do it again although I don´t mind if I do it in more than five hours. I want to experience that great feeling again.

    Do you intend to take part in any half marathons before the marathon? I want to run Almería half on 25th January and one or two more before the marathon, which I haven´t decided yet. Well, R.B., good luck!

    Greetings from Almería.
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