1 stone off by Christmas!



  • Good News! 2lb off, down to 14st 7lb. Yippee!

  • Well done Grant, i too had a 2lb loss this week. Weighed myself on Sunday and was 13 stone 8, so back on track for the stone before chrimbo.

    4 weeks today is boxing day, so 4 weighing days and 3lb to go... Fingers crossed the christmas party season doesn't get in the way of those last 3lb.

    Keep focussed people - any loss is a good thing!!!

  • Nice One Rats, Cant believe that Christmas is only 4 weeks away. I agree its a tricky time to lose weight. Will just have to keep on track with the running and perhaps not gain!

    Good Luck to everyone.

  • Two weeks afer pigging out for the marathon i'm back down to pre pigging weight, lost 4 lbs this ?! (i've no idea how?) to bring me back down to 24 BMI, chuffed image

  • How ever you did it Lard, keep doing it image Nice BMI too.

  • Bloody well done Lardarse (and everybody else!) - I reckon you should be giving me tips lol.
    I'm absolutely hopeless.... I constantly forget to weigh myself in the mornings and I don't want to do it in the eves (yes, silly I know...!)
    But I do know that I had put the 2lbs  lost back on in those couple of weeks I was struggling emotionally and I haven't stepped back onto those darn scales since then.
    Tomorrow. Definitely. Maybe. imageimage

  • Thanks, i'm completely strict with stopping at 2000 - 2200 kcals every day regardless of how far I run, what I do. I think my weight loss this week was maybe due to being very close to goal weight and tipping the ballance too far into negative calories, in other words now i'm almost at goal I probably need to eat a little bit more to balance my weight, I've no intention of becoming anorexic, 11lbs to go to reach 22.5 BMI - target.

  • I weigh myself friday morning, thats it. If i've lost weight however much, I carry on eating ~2000 kcals a day, if I've gained weight however much, I carry on eating ~2000 kcals a day... ad infinitum... works for me.

  • Morning All,

    Sunday was weigh-in for me and i hit the magic number of 13 stone 5 lb. Which is a whole stone  gone since starting this thread. So i am well chuffed. But with 3 more weigh days until Christmas, the question is can i keep it off or even better shed a few more pounds.

    For me to hit BMI 25 i need to be 12 stone 10. Which is too much to lose by Christmas, but is the next target i'm working to.

    Hope you all do well this week.


  • Well done Rats.

    I've had a few set-backs with injuries preventing me running, and repeated colds making me want to stay in the warm and eat comfort food.

    I've lost a bit, but the stone target it looking doubtful. But I'll do what I can and finish in the new year.

  • Afternoon all

    Weigh In today, heading in the right direction! 1lb off, down to 14st 6lb. Slow progress so might not make the stone, will have to wait and see.

    Best of Luck for the rest of the week.

  • It's a lb in the right direction, it's all you need to do, well done.

  • Hi everyone.

    Well done to all who have lost some.

    I have been struggling the last few weeks with general life stuff getting in the way resulting in a serious lack of willpower. All that equals kebabs and magners ! However, I am still weighing less now than at the start of this thread so it's not all bad. I won't reach my Christmas target but will carry it on in the new year when I'm sure the willpower will kick in again.

    Keep it going everyone, you're nearly there
  • 1.5lb lost this week. 23.8 BMI Going to have to change my name to saggyarse soon. Since the thread began, though I had no intention of losing a stone by Christmas (as i'd already lost 12lbs in the month previous) i've lost 9.5lbs.

    I was wondering yesterday what had happened to all the keen posters.

    Omg.. just realised, since Febuary i've lost, regained a bit, then lost again a total of 46.5lbs! ? image that's disgusting! I was carrying around, on top of my current body weight, 28.4% of lard.

  • lardarse .. great achiement......I have lost 13 lb so far sice i started 7 weeks ago........just got the final push now.....

  • Well done everybody!! You all seem to be on a real roll & I really ought to hang my head in shame. Since I joined, I lost a grand total of ....~drum roll~ ... 3.5lbs lol, oh dear. I doubt very much that I can lose another 10.5lbs in a couple of weeks ... oh well. I'll take any loss at this stage and hopefully can get down to 8 1/2  stone eventually (ideally by mid/end Feb)

  • Well done seren if it's your intention to lose a stone by christmas you'll make it easilly.

    Okapi, i'm assuming you're a woman from the weight, and i'm assuming you're not much over 9st? Unless you're extremely short you can't be very overweight? It is true the closer to your true target weight (not some soft 2st over thinking you're thin target) you get the harder it is.

  • Better late than never I guess, I've done more mileage than ever this year and still banged the weight on. I added 12pounds over the year, 14:2 and need to be 13:4
  • Good - first 10 mile race today. Loved it.

    Bad - ate my own body weight in meat afterwards.

    Oh well!

  • Morning All.

    This Xmas malarkay is hard work. Have had a busy weekend with nights out etc. Only managed 20 miles last week. However managed a LSR of 9 miles yesterday so will easily get in my 30 miles this week. Probably wont make the stone by Xmas but will still be dropping pounds which is the main aim.

    Sounds like everyone is still attempting and keen to lose the pounds on this thread so congratulations to everyone that is keeping up the good work.

    Lard - those stats are very impressive, I think you must have impressive willpower.

    Seren - great effort.

    Okapi - I think as long as the pounds are coming off its still a result image

    Well done Jane on the 10 miler.

    Hopefully we can all keep it going

  • If I had impressive will power I wouldn't have got so fat in the first place! image

    ...but thanks anway! image

  • ;) Ah, its going forward that counts thoughimage


  • Yep! The will power test will be to see if I can stop myself going backwards again, at the moment I have extreme motivation in that i'm doing the Rome marathon in March, i'll be 40 six days after, i'm looking set to get a pb or very close, if I can keep it all together, and for pure vanities sake I want to look and feel good walking about in Rome! lol

    ...the test will be when all the dust settles after I get back here after the marathon, that will take will power and probably another goal.

  • Agreed. I think setting goals is the way to keep the motivation high. I am half two halfs, one in March and one in April, so will hopefully keep on my 30 miles a week until then. All the Best

  • Jane - well done on your race!!

    Grant & Lard, thanks, yes I suppose it's going in the right direction. It sure feels to be getting harder but if I'm honest, I just haven't been disciplined enough and with Xmas being so close, that willpower will be tested to the max. 

    The thing is, 6 months ago I was a stone lighter and I could really really see the difference in my running & pace.  There's this 'racing weight' calculator (though can't quite remember by whom at the moment), for various distances and apparently I ought to be 7 1/2 stone to run my best marathon!!! Oh well....

    Lard, Rome marathon, that sounds fantastic! I'm doing Milton Keyes but somehow this doesn't have the same ring to itimage  How's your training coming along?

    Anyway, 2 weeks to go.... let's see what we all can do till then eh image

  • Nothing wrong with the Milton keynes marathon, it's not like I do Rome every year, it's been a "goal" marathon for a long time, ever since I did Athens back in 2007, never been to Rome, love history, it coincides with my 40th, so I thought sod it, i'm doing it!

    I did Luton a month ago, so my training has pretty much been a continuation of that with a couple of easier weeks, training for Luton gave me a nice base to build from, my new schedule ups the mileage and intensity a little, so hoping to keep progressing and take advantage of the weight loss.

  •  1 measly lb.

  • lardarse - better than nowtimage

    After the weekend I had I will take 1lb now!

  • It is really hard this time of year, the amount of biscuits, sweets, mince pies and goodies that are floating around is a nightmare!

    I was lucky enough to lose another 2lb last week, so down to 13 stone, 3lb, but am doubtful of any weight loss this week, i'll be grateful to stay the same!

    Well done on another lb lardarse, that's some impressive weight loss overall this year!

  • As predicted, stayed the same this week, one final push for the last weigh-in before chrimbo!

    Good luck all!


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