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  • ride it on the turbo then - less chance of a prang (in case it has to go back)

    Jj - i think i came out as 36 inside leg to the pubic bone on their machine, but that involved being dangled from a horizontal steel bar inserted under my nether regions
  • JjJj ✭✭✭
    You have NO idea how many replies I've deleted...


  • tell them its their fault and you want your travelling expenses too. Take no messing off them. If you want that size, make sure you get it...and at your conevenience. PS..dont' ride it too much or they may use that as an excuse.
  • This weeks training, (week commencing 19/1/04) – still building up slowly

    Mon – 5 mile run (easy) & 30 min swim (very easy) slight pull of Salaris after 4 miles of run, had to walk back)
    Tue – Rest (worried about leg to)
    Wed – 20 min run/walk (very easy) & 10 min bike (very easy) to see how leg feels – was okish (saw Physio in evening)
    Thur – 8.5 mile run (very easy – 1hr 10min)
    Fri – 6 mile run (very easy) & 20 min swim (easy)
    Sat – 50 min bike (easy) 13 miles
    Sun – 10-11 mile run? (easy) 1hr 40mins


    Took my bike back to the Total Fitness yesterday to have the frame changed from 58” to 56”, again they were very very helpful, I must repeat how ‘total’ly impressed I am with there service. The bike feels a lot more comfortable now as I don’t seem to be stretching to reach the handlebars to much.

    Pulled my Solaris on Monday, had to stop during a 6 mile run and walk back, feelings were very negative especially as the swimmings going crap. Luckily it wasn’t anything to serious and im back to running again now though very easy. Think it occurred because I stepped up my training quite a bit (i.e. back to normal) after 4 week break. Im holding back a bit now but am very aware I only have 11 weeks to get a few long runs in before FLM and am only up to 10-13 mile stamina – Walford Half Marathon next Sunday (just treating it as a training run though).

    Saw Physio on Wednesday, just giving me a variety of specialist shoulder/arm and extra leg stretches to do, must keep my discipline and make sure I do them all every day.

    Well this was quite a heavy week for me 6 hours+, having a rest day tomorrow and should be another 6 hour week this week. Building up to about 8-9 hours by the end of Feb. Need to start getting in those long 2hr+ rides now, frost and snow permitting.

    Feeling pretty positive.
  • eek Thur wasnt a 8.5 run, was 10 mins easy run on Treadmill and 20 mins easy on bike.
  • This weeks training, (week commencing 26/1/04)

    Mon – 30 mins Gym (bike & treadmill + 10 mins in pool after)
    Tue – Rest
    Wed – 6 mile run (easy) 54:20 approx
    Thur – 30 mins run & 1 hr 10 mins bike (all in gym as it was to icy outside)
    Fri - 30 mins run & 30 mins bike (gym) – 30 mins swim in evening
    Sat – Rest
    Sun – 13 mile run (tempo) 1:54:30 approx (race – Watford Half Marathon) –

    Total taining hours (cardio) = 6.5

    NB. Note some times e.g. 10 mins etc on Mon are rounded down, I never count about 10 mins warm up/warm down in my times.


    Legs are holding up, can still feel a few niggles but pushed hard at Watford Half Marathon and if the legs are strain free after that it will give my confidence a great boost. Tine a little slow but not concerned to much as im building for stamina (hopefully). Still about 24 weeks left till Longest Day so I hope to build up about ½ hour to the weekly training duration each week.

    Next week aiming for a 2 hour bike ride on Tuesday and a 2-3 hour on Sat/Sunday

    Standard weekly schedule:

    Mon – Rest
    Tue – Medium Bike (2 hours)
    Wed – Recovery day, 6-8 mile run (easy) & 30 mins swim
    Thur – Medium/Long run (10-15 miles)
    Fri – Recovery day, Spinning & 30 mins swim
    Sat – Medium run or bike (1-2 hours)
    Sat - - Long Bike or run (2-4 hours) or race
  • This weeks training, (week commencing 1/2/04)

    No training worthy of note (rest week brought forward)

    After the leg ache from Watford Half Marathon subsided I was left with a pain by my knee towards the bottom of my Hamstring, a likely affect of the hard downhills I image. Anyway this put paid to any training in the early part of the week other than a 20 min easy swim. On Wednesday I tried a 5 minute run on the treadmill and it still hurt so decided best course of action was to take the whole week as rest (bringing forward my scheduled rest week).

    Leg felt a lot better on Saturday so went out on my bike, was planning about 1 hour – 90 mins easy but was curtailed after hitting a massive pothole at speed. Blew out both tyres and im not sure if the wheels are damaged (will look closely when I have a minute). Lucky I have Ksyrium Elite’s which I gather are pretty robust. Had to get a Taxi home!!! as didn’t have 2 spare tubes.

    Sunday, was planning a 8 mile easy run but just couldn’t get motivated, promised myself id do 2 miles and see if felt like going on from there. Gave up after 5 mins as my heart wasn’t in it.

    Next week.

    Hopefully my legs better, its Monday now and doing a 6 mile run in 15 minutes, got to get back on track as acutely aware the weeks are now disappearing fast.
  • dont you have a training bike? i did five hours yesterday on my 20-ton lump raleigh mountain bike with tractor tyres, that cost me about £100 from halfords

    ok it goes really slowly, but you are still putting the same effort in

    and the wheels are so heavy that its much more stable in gusty winds - and you dont have to worry about potholes.... in fact, you create them

  • I have a mountain bike, guess ill revert to that for naff weather days. Though I love my new bike.....

    Im currently writing to the the council to seek compensation. The hole was massive and dangerous, I could have easily come off.
  • Just wondered if any of you
    look at the website www.xtri.com? I think it's pretty good for long distance /Ironman information and inspiration, whatever your level.

    The Lactic Acid column is especially good, but maybe that's because I'm a girl.
  • Steffers, it seems a pretty good site and ive added it to my favorites

    Not to sure about the Lactic Acid bit

    Maybe it's cause i iz a bloke?!!!

  • Sounds like its coming together Carl. Andy has a point re your bike. Perhaps use the mountain bike when weathers not too good or the road surfaces are iffy.

    Mavic Kys are excellent wheels - hope they are ok. My old Mavic CXP33's must have done 20,000miles and are still fine.
  • This weeks training, (week commencing 9/2/04)

    Mon – 6 mile run (easy), evening 30 mins swim
    Tue – 7 mile run (easy – 13 miles planned but cut short due to blister)
    Wed – Rest
    Thur – Rest
    Fri - Rest
    Sat – Rest
    Sun – 18 mile run (Stamford Valentine 30k – 3hr15mins & it hurt like hell)

    Total taining hours (cardio) = 5.5


    Picked up a blister (think it was carried over from Watford Half Marathon), it hurt a lot hence the rest and was suffering with poor motivation, though think the time off did me good as the legs seem better.


    Have more or less decided to Defer my London Marathon place till 2005 as im not within shot of achieving my sub 4 hours ambition, especially in light of the 3hr 15min 30k today. The race nearly killed me and I was reduced to run/walk after 13 miles. Id rather save my place for next year as have done FLM twice and don’t really want to be there to just make the numbers up – think ill go and watch so will probably be with URWFRC at 18 miles.

    Still hoping to be fit enough to at least attempt the Ironman in July, I believe there still is time as long as I can put all the niggling injuries behind me, I can also take a bit more time to cross train now the weather is improving and not have to concentrate on building up the running miles as quick if im not doing FLM. Shoulder is getting better to so im going to be able to start doing more swimming…

    PS. Used Compede plaster over the blister today and it worked its magic, thanks for the advice Cougie, Yorkshire Running Man etc.

    PPS. Looked at the Tri site above, seems good, plenty of info.
  • Update

    Not good news…………

    The last 2-3 weeks have been a bit of a right-off, not to mention my training beeing pretty hit and miss for the last 3 months having suffered from various small injuries. Having run the Stamford 30k 15/2/04 ive not been able to run at all as ive strained something across the top of my foot. Its just about on the mend but even hurts a little when cycling so ive not done much of that.

    Given that my endurance base/speed was pretty poor before this recent lay-off I have decided to defer my London Marathon place given id be struggling to be fit enough to sub 5 hour.

    I am now in the position of having to contemplate the likelihood of withdrawing from Longest Day as with 17-18 weeks of training left it seems unlikely I will be able to get anywhere near fit enough to complete the event.

    Being a newbie I have already achieved a lot, when I started in July last year I struggled to run 3 miles. I can now (or could) run about 15 miles comfortably though admittedly at 9.30 min mile pace. Was just getting to grips with the cycling but not rode for over 2 hours yet, the swimming has improved as has my shoulder strain but only in the last few weeks. Having lost so much training time I am way behind on where I wanted to be or where I guess I should be. I am going to continue the training and if I do eventually decide to pull out of Longest day I shall aim for a half Ironman instead, I guess im already fit enough to do a 2:45 Tri, not fast I know but it’s a long way from where I was and by August I would hope to be able to be near sub 2:30. Where I have struggled is maintaining the endurance training as it has taken a real toll on my body, I guess I picked up the running distances to quickly and should have concentrated more on the cycling but hindsight is a wonderful thing – oh I know some of you told me so (see earlier posts in this thread lol). I still think 12 months from Couch Potato to Ironman is achievable but you need a bit of luck with avoiding injuries.

    I will make my mind up for sure after seeing how March/April goes, whatever my decision I will be back for Longest Day 2005. Im in the Arena and staying there…

    Any thoughts or motivational comments appreciated, though I guess the writing is already on the wall.
  • start training with a vengeance as soon as you can for next year

    why not get ready with your mouse this november and get a place at florida 2005 (but you'll need to sign up within 24 hours of race day) - you can base tain for a year and get lots of swim/bike/run miles under your belt before you even think of starting your real ironman training
  • Thansk Andy, thats what im kind of planning to do. I will cut my newbie teeth on a few Tri's this year and then start pure base training around September to build a real solid base.

    If I do pull out of this year I will not be stopping or downscalling my training, just wont have the pressure to push to hard.

    I would love to do IM Florida and will surely take your advice and enter.
  • i'd do lots of miles now anyway.... build up your saturday run and your sunday ride to 2.5/5 hours at least and keep it there

    why wait till september to start, you're only risking losing it all due to niggles again

    if you can train, train - or you'll only regret it if it gets to this time next year and you cant

    just think - had you spent last spring and summer putting the miles in you wouldn't be worried now... so dont give this misfortune the opportunity to repeat itself
  • Alan - 20,000 miles from a set of wheels ?

    I'd seriously look to change them over.

    The rim wears away at the braking surface, and with the high pressured tyres blows the rim apart. Happened to me - just lucky I was setting off. Coming off a fast descent wouldn't have been good at all.

    Carl - sounds like you have made the right decision to me. Your cycling needs a lot of work. Your running is looking OK though, and I know nothing about swimming. 30 minutes sounds blummin brilliant to me ! ;-)

    As Candy says - keep up the training. Go for Olympic distances and pencil in a Marathon in the summer.

    But most of all - get out there on that bike. You'd be looking at spending 7 hours on it if you average say 16mph ? Get those long rides in whilst you can. Leaving it to September will be too late.

    Enter a 100mile TT - they are late season, and see what that's like for you.
  • if you take it easy for the summer i guarantee that you'll be back here this time next year explaining again how it all went wrong and how you'll have to drop out

    if you have the luxury of a 20 month run up to your ironman, you should spend it training rather than relaxing, or you will regret it
  • Cougie - that is a very good point which had elluded me, especially living round by the 'Shelf' which you probably know.

    The rims are now showing real signs of wear. Was in Deeside the other day getting a new cassette and noticed a groove in them. Good bombproof wheel's though - on the old ultegra 8 hubs.

    Just bought a new training / commuting frame so will probably go for something similar.
  • Carl,

    Take Andy's comments on board re going long and keeping it there. Build up to it though. I hope you recover in time to continue as you seem to have put so much mental and physical energy into the event. Setback are bad, but we can learn from them.
  • Oh jeez - you live by the Shelf ? Imagine blowing the wheel on that eh ? I must admit - I'd never even thought about the possibility until mine blew. Pretty sure I hadn't clocked up 20,000 miles though ! ;-)

    Maybe Deeside can build you a new set with the old hubs, although it'd prob be cheaper for a whole new set.

    Mate had Rolf Vectors on last year for trip to the Alps. Broke a spoke on his first climb up Alpe d'Huez and had to get a lift to the top - bike was unrideable. Amazingly - there was a bike shop at the top - BUT they had no Vector spokes. So he ended up buying a brand new set of Ksyriums.
    All 'cos one spoke went.

    Kind of put me off buying fancy wheels !
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Getting the hang of this LSD training lark....I think. I've been on whey protein recently to keep protein levels up. But I'm only doing one hard session (if thats what you call it) a week to try and build my mileage units up asap without burning-out......something I havnt been used to before.
    See how it goes. And intrigued to see how my sprints, olympic improve this year now I'm finaly doing enough training :O)
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Carl

    The weathers hopefully going to get better and the days will be longer. So, put two bottles of carb drink on your bike, lash some nana's in the rear pockets with a couple of pieces of fruit cake, get a map out and got out for long rides at the weekend @ level 2. Stop off at a cafe, ride with a club. If you stack the miles in like this, you could actaully enjoy training and meet some good people.

    Cause I was a roadie in the biking world, I suffered from poor running mechanics and have had to take 6 paces forward and four back at times. It does however come in time, although I am prone to injury.

    Have a glance at your diet. After the hard days, up your protein consumption and listen to your body. Look towards complex carbs for energy, take a multi vit like Solgar VM75. Have a recovery drink on hand and get good quality sleep.

    Try to chill and build up the running distance slowly again as I think drop out date is mid-May - which in training terms is a while off.
  • Thanks for the support, suggestions and encouragement. This weeks has been a bit better ive at least got some training in this week.

    Going to concentrate on base training and cycling, planning a long ride (well for me anyway) tomorrow - 2 hrs.

  • Carl, I've just read all the comments on this one and I thought you were doing great, although you seem to have stopped typing recently. Keep trying is all I can say, I have never done a IM but am entering the vitruvian this year 1/2IM distance for a start, and some olympic and sprint races just for fun. Maybe go full IM next year.All I can say is that in a few days the clocks change, the nights will be lighter and the weather is warming so training will be easier. I think you pick up more injuries when it is wet and cold outside and find it hard to motivate yourself. go on do it!!!!!
  • Carl, good point about the clocks changing and the weather improving. I agree with icedog - keep trying, and maybe get yourself some regular sports massage if you're not already. I did Longest Day in 2002 and it was a great race. My husband and I are planning on entering it this year, so we might see you there.
  • Icedog,
    Have you done the Vitruvian before?
    If so what's the event like?
  • Update week commencing 15/3/04

    Mon – Bike to work & back (7 miles), 3 mile speed reps at lunchtime and 40 min swim in evening.
    Tue – 1 hr bike
    Web – 6 mile run (stopped a few times in last 2 miles)
    Thur – Bike to work and back (7 miles)
    Fri – Rest
    Sat – Rest
    Sun – Milton Keynes ½ Marathon 2:04:40

    Total Training time about 6 hours.

    Ive not been posting updates for a while as my training has been a bit haphazzard and its only really been this week that ive been able to get back into it. I was really really pleased with my ½ Marathon today and kept going all the way which is pretty good given its only the 2nd run over 3 miles in 5 weeks.

    The comments about the lighter nights are certainly a good boost and ill make use of them by putting in a few 2hr rides in the week. As far as Longest Day is concerned id half given up on it being achievable but not going to pull out yet. I will see how the next 4 weeks goes and hopefully get a 4-5 hour bike ride under my belt.

    Plan for this next week.

    Bike to work and back x3 (cant do it every day as I have to travel to different locations to attend meetings most days).

    Mon – 40 min swim
    Tue – 2 hr bike
    Wed – 6 mile run & 40 min swim
    Thur – 2 hr bike
    Fri – 8 mile run
    Sat – 3 hr bike
    Sun – Rest.
  • No I haven't done the vitruvian before, so first time for me. Will be training hard though for the next few months, especially when the weather gets better and the nights get lighter. There's nothing worse than the dark cold nights to put you off!!
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