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  • Ok – Im going for it, Longest Day here I come……….

    I have 10 weeks until the cut off deadline for withdrawing, after a good week last week I feel really motivated.

    Confession Time – Over recent weeks and months I guess ive been frustrated by some injuries but at the same time using that as an excuse to some degree. I havnt been giving 100% which includes cutting planned long rides short, not doing that long run I had planned etc. For 3 months ive been promising myself to get out on the long bike ride and its still being put off till next week.

    Ive come to realise this week that if I defer its more than likely ill take my foot of the pedal and ease back on training, I need an ambitious target as I am a real lazy git (there I said it). Also if I defer its more than likely ill be in the same position this time next year.

    Well its time to take the bull by the horns, put the TV, PC game & partying lifestyle on hold.

    Ive just devised a recovery plan, I started on the basis of what I can do now and added 5-10% a week, was actually shocked that this peaks at nearly 20 hours in a week late May early June. Well im going to do my hardest to stick at it, and we will see what happens.

    Carl’s Longest Day – recovery plan below:

  • Week 1 (week commencing 29/03/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 20 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (30 miles)
    Wed – Swim (30 lengths) & Run (6 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (13 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (50 miles)

    Week 2 (week commencing 05/04/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 22 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (35 miles)
    Wed – Swim (35 lengths) & Run (7 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (14 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (55 miles)

    Week 3 (week commencing 12/04/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 24 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (40 miles)
    Wed – Swim (40 lengths) & Run (8 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (15 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (60 miles) + 2 mile run [Brick]

    Week 4 (week commencing 19/04/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 26 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (45 miles)
    Wed – Swim (45 lengths) & Run (9 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (13 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (70 miles)

    Week 5 (week commencing 26/04/04) – Rest Week

    Mon – Swim (2 x 30 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (20 miles)
    Wed – Swim (50 lengths)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (18 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (50 miles) + 4 mile run [Brick]

    Week 6 (week commencing 03/05/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 34 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (40 miles)
    Wed – Swim (55 lengths) & Run (10 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (15 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (80 miles)

    Week 7 (week commencing 10/05/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 38 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (50 miles)
    Wed – Swim (60 lengths) & Run (11 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (20 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (70 miles) + 6 mile run [Brick]

    Week 8 (week commencing 17/05/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 42 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (40 miles)
    Wed – Swim (65 lengths) & Run (12 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (16 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (100 miles)
  • Week 9 (week commencing 24/05/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 46 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (55 miles)
    Wed – Swim (70 lengths) & Run (13 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri - Run (22 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (80 miles)

    Week 10 (week commencing 31/05/04) – Rest Week

    Mon –Swim (2 x 30 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (30 miles)
    Wed – Swim (40 lengths)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Run (13 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Rest

    Week 11 (week commencing 07/06/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 55 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (60 miles)
    Wed – Swim (80 lengths) & Run (14 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (20 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (90 miles) + 10 mile run [Brick]

    Week 12 (week commencing 14/06/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 60 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (60 miles)
    Wed – Swim (90 lengths) & Run (16 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (18 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (112 miles)

    Week 13 (week commencing 21/06/04)

    Mon – Gym (40 mins) & Swim (2 x 70 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (60 miles)
    Wed – Swim (1000 lengths) & Run (18 miles)
    Thur – Bike (1 hour)
    Fri – Run (26 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (80 miles)

    Week 14 (week commencing 28/06/04) – Taper 75%

    Mon - Swim (2 x 50 lengths)
    Tue – Bike – 40 (miles)
    Wed – Swim (60 lengths) & Run (8 miles)
    Thur – Bike 1 hour
    Fri – Swim (40 mins) & Run (10 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (60 miles) + 8 mile run [Brick]

    Week 15 (week commencing 05/07/04) – Taper 50%

    Mon – Swim (2 x 30 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (30 miles)
    Wed – Swim (40 lengths)
    Thur - Rest
    Fri – Run (10 miles)
    Sat (Rest)
    Sun – Bike (40 miles)

    Week 16 (week commencing 12/07/04) – Taper 25%

    Mon – Swim (2 x 20 lengths)
    Tue – Bike (20 miles)
    Wed - Resy
    Thur - Rest
    Fri - Rest
    Sat - Rest
    Sun - >>> THE LONGEST DAY <<<
  • Oh just to mention all of this training is going to be at super slow pace, ive built my training week around 9 sessions (3 x bike, 2 x run, 3 x swim & 1 x Gym). Im most concerned about the running as this seems to be what causes a lot of my injuries, as said before though ill slow my speed right down to 9min miles+ (10+ for longer runs), will also consider cutting a but of the distance on the longer runs (15 mils+) if im finding it hard). The main thing im going to concentrate on are medium and long bike sessions.

    Basic breackdown of my training week will be:

    Mon – Gym & Swim
    Tue – Medium distance Bike or Duathlon
    Wed – Edurance Swim & Medium distance Run
    Thus – Bike (Hill reps, Spinning or Speedwork) – Im terrible on Hills and need the leg strength.
    Fri – Swim Intervals (fairly easy session though) – Long Run
    Sat – Rest
    Sun – Long Bike, Brick or Triathlon

    Had a good swim session tonight, did 2 x 20 lengths and felt I could have done a 2 x 30 lengths – Shows what I can do when I put my mind to it.
  • Carl,
    A few points.
    1. You have a rest day each Saturday. I don't know what your home & work commitments are but I normally have a rest day in the week and use the weekend for long sessions - that gives me 2 opportunities for the long bike ride. This is the key session.
    2. For longer runs try the run/walk routine. I use this one all the time for long runs and it certainly works for me. Try 5min run / 1 min walk at first, you can cover very long distances like this. It also puts less strain on your body as you have a rest before you get injured.
    3. You might want to consider doing one long session per day instead of 2 short/medium ones. I suggest this because you might well be tired for the 2nd session and be tempted to cut it short.
    4. You need to practice eating & drinking during long sessions - this is very important during IM distance races.
    5. You don't say i any of your swims are in open water. You must do this before you turn up at TLD. Open water swimming needs a few extra skills and I have seen even good swimmers struggle on their 1st outing in open water, although they all get the hang of it after a few sessions. I don't know where you live but if you want to swim at Gailey (TLD swim venue) then just contact me.
  • Carl - I will bow to the superior knowledge here however if it was me I would schedule at least one run in your last week. Currently you won't have run for 9 days before the big day. Wouldn't need to be any great distance but a few miles will keep your running specific muscles nice and fresh for the marathon.
  • Thanks Martin & SJB.

    SJB - I'll take your advice and put in a slow 30 minute run early in the last week.

    Martin - Some very good points cheers.

    1. I tried to seperate the two longest sessions rather than have them on back to back days as I thought that may allow a little recovery. I can fit in 4 hours training any day if I need to so the week ly plan and rest day will be subject to adjustement anyway.

    2. Run/walk, thats a great idea will do that on y longer sessions as it will help prevent injury.

    3. Not sure about the long session a day, I need to be swimming 3 sessions as I still suffer with my arm and can only go for about 40 -50 mins, plus my swimming is very weak and needs a lot of work. I may cut one of the swim sessions in the last 4-8 weeks if I am improving well. Also may cut the bike speed work which would take me down to 7 sessions and enable me to get more quality on my long days.

    4. Yes I gather eating and drinking / replenishing spent fuel can make or break you on an ironman - I will build this in. Eating is my favorite past time so im sure ill enjoy it lol.

    5. Thanks for the remonder, nearly forgot about the open water practice, I will start that in late April. Im joining TeamMK next week and they use a local lake to practice. I am also planning to come and look at the course one weekend and maybe train on some of it, I may take you up on the offer of having a try out on the lake.

    Bials disease - do I need to get an injection against this?
  • Carl, It's Weil's disease, and no I don't think you need an injection - I don't know of anyone who has had one. I think the time you are at most risk is when you have been training very hard and your immune system is overloaded (but you should be well rested for TLD) or if you have open wounds. Check with your GP if you are worried.
    The water at Gailey is clean and shouldn't cause you a problem.
  • Weils disease is, I think, same as leptospirosis. Can be transmitted via rat's p***. The risk is quite small and as long as (flu-like) symptoms are spotted early, can be treated ok.
  • Apologies for butting in on your thread Carl but I would be interested to hear from people who have taken part in an Ironman what a good fuelling strategy should be. I have been reading a number of books and it varies. eg: 30 to 60g of carbs per hour, 250 to 750 cals per hour.
    As Martin says the food side of things is critical to finishing.
    PS: I plan to enter an Ironman next year
  • Martin, you think Gailey is clean?

    Ive done tld twice and both times the swim made me feel like shite?
    I dont seem to get this feeling anywhere else!!
  • Jeffery, I have swum in open water all over the place and I can certainly say that Gailey is pretty clean. I have never had a problem, and I swim in there every week during the summer months. It can be a little weedy by the start/finish but that is because the prevailing wind blows all of the weed into that corner.
    I also know a member of the Sailing Club who use the lake all year round, and when we spoke about water quality he didn't report any problems.
    I guess the bottom line is that no open water is completely clean, and different people are affected in different ways, but I think that anyone who is fit and healthy should be OK. As I said before, I think those affected have probably trained very hard and overloaded their immune system.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    15+ hours training a week, oh you're good you! rofl
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Swam in Gailey in last years Longest Day, the weed was everywhere especially in the home straight. It got everywhere, on your hands, tangled on your feet accross your face, even in your mouth. It had also just seeded so that all you could see was a mass of tiny seeds suspended through the water. We were assured at the start that although it didn't look pleasant it was completly non toxic! I survived. Don't let it put you off it tastes better than sea water and most rivers.
  • I hope so as I imagine ill be drinking plenty of it.
  • Update, week commencing 29/3/04.

    A fantastic week, I am not back on track and sticking to my 13 week recovery plan.

    I feel great and am really really motivated, no injuries or niggles either.

    Mon – 8x400m Run (speed reps 8.2mph) & 40 minute swim
    Tue – 32 mile bike (2hrs ave speed 16mph)
    Wed – 6 mile run (easy), 50 mins swim
    Thur – 13 mile run (2hrs approx)
    Fri – 50 mins swim
    Sat – 54 mile bike (4 hrs approx, ave speed 14mph)
    Sunday – Will be rest, I deserve it.

    As I said before im concentrating on 3 long sessions, the medium & long distance bike rides and a long run. The swimming is going well and im now up to about 40 lengths continuous front crawl ave 35-40 secs per length and 26-30 strokes. Im starting weekly Masters sessions next week to try and improve this further.

    Todays bike ride was good, I went out with a group from Team MK (the slower group), it was a good steady ride in what was quite windy and showery conditions, the best bit id though on the way home at the end I felt like I could have ridden for another 2 hours or more or run 13 miles.

    Unless something goes drastically wrong I should be well on track to complete the course under the cut-off.

    When telling my mom about my accomplishments this week I realised ive actually done the distance of an Ironman this week.

    Total training time this week - 11 hrs approx
  • oops second line should say I am back on track.
  • SJB - If I get any info about fueling I'll let you know, ill be asking about that in a few weeks no doubt.

    Just an idea bit this is a vague plan of mine.

    Bike, 2x 550 ml bottles with High5 energy drinks to be replenished at food/drinks stations (with own supplies each lap or whatever). I also plan to have bananna's, High 5 energy bars and gels. Plus maybe cookies, fruitcake, Mars Bars and the like.

    Run, guess ill stick with the gels or something, maybe a bananna or other stuff at the food/drink stops and will probably take my bottle carrier with a 550ml High5 drink.

  • Carl, You cannot race on just H5, you also need to drink water. This is a big mistake I made in my 1st long race and I certainly paid for it. During my 1st half IM (Ironbridge 1995) I only drank H5 and I also ate a banana. Eventually I had very severe stomach cramps & it felt as if I had a bowling ball in my stomach.
    I now know that you need appx 250ml of water to digest 1 scoop of H5, and my "standard" mix is 3 scoops in a 750ml bottle. This means that all of the water in that bottle is needed to digest the H5, leaving none to combat dehydration. This is made worse if you also eat during the race, you need even more water to digest that. I was obviously very dehydrated at Ironbridge, & the mass inside my stomach was undigested food which was going nowhere as all of my water intake was being used to fight dehydration, there simply wasn't enough to do both jobs. Before my 1st full IM I did some serious experimenting & came up with what is now my long distance race fuelling strategy:
    1st – determine how much to drink. This is easy: weigh yourself naked just before a long training run, go for a long run (with clothes on!), when you get back weigh yourself again (naked). The weight difference in KG is the amount of water in litres you have lost (1 litre weighs 1kg). For me it works out at appx 0.5 litre per hour on a hot day for brisk running. This is what you need for dehydration, it does not cover digestion as well.
    2nd – how much & what to eat. I only use energy gels, & it tells you how often you need to take one on the packet. Leppin Squeezy is appx 1 every half an hour, maybe a little sooner. Every gel needs appx 250ml of water to digest it, this is extra to what you need for dehydration.
    My race strategy: drink half a litre of water every hour, best to do this little but often. Don’t forget to catch up after the swim, you get dehydrated Take 1 gel every 25-30 mins after the 1st couple of hours. Each gel needs 0.25 litre of water to digest it. This means that during a typical hour I will take 2 gels & drink up to 0.5 + 0.25 + 0.25 = 1 litre of water. This applies to hot days, I drink less when it is cool. My race diet is simply water & gels, this is what I have found to be the safest fuelling strategy.
    Obviously you need to find out what works best for you, don’t leave it too late; you need to arrive at race day with a clear plan that you know will work for you, and you need to have tried it a few times in training. Use H5 by all means, but make sure it is a weak mix. If you take H5 from a drinks station take some water as well.
  • hence the need to go long in training, so you can try these things out

    carl why not come over this way one sunday and we can go for a long ride?
  • the hi5 at longest day is a pretty weak mix so don't worry too much
  • Yes, the H5 at feed stations is a fairly weak mix, but you can't be certain exactly how weak. Still better to drink water as well.
    The key, as everyone says, is to try it out in training = long sessions, especially on the bike.
  • Ill start practising with the fueling now im going on longer rides.

    Andy - thanks for the invite, sounds like a good idea to me. Im not free for the next two weeks as have other arrangements and stuff. I noticed on the other thread of Daz's youve arranged a long ride 2/5/04, I could come along with you then if thats ok with you both. I have a mate who is doing his 2nd Longest day (Alan Hayley), may ask him if he wants to come along to if thats ok.

    Not sure how fast you and Daz are but I would hope to be able to average 15 mph over a 6 hout ride by then.

    Oh and where abouts are you? of course I dont mind traveling.
  • eek Andy, just read your comment to Daz about maintaining 20mph on a flattish course, im not near that yet and would guss I could maintain 17-18mph by early May but not for more than 3 hours. Im doing a 2.5 hr ride tomorrow ill let you know my average speed. The long ones I do with TeamMK are with the slower group and we tend to ave about 14mph (good for my endurance and time on bike)

    Up to you, if you dont mind going a bit slower ill happilly joining you but dont want to cramp your style (guess we'll have to avoid any built up areas so you dont loose to much reputation lol).
  • carl don't worry about speed. the longest ride i did for my first longest day was 90mls and i just about averaged 14mph on an undulating course(no hills) there is a lot of scaremongering about ironman training. I don't know if it is intended to put people off or to bolster the egos of athletes(and before anyone says anything, I am NOT taking a dig at anyone just the whole sport in general)the end result is that people are put off doing a challenge that they are quite capable of.
  • carl - fine by me
  • but you might be surprised how much quicker a completely flat circuit with only two right turns makes you!!
  • ok to be precise its sort of half way between flattish and completely flat - still darn fast though
  • JjJj ✭✭✭
    Could someone explain to a Chilterns girl...this word "flat". What's that all about, then?
  • Andy - well pencil me in for 2nd May then, we can make the arrangements for it in a couple of weeks, ill see if my mate can come to.

    Andrew - thanks I understand its not about speed, im also pleasantly suprised that I seem to have taken to this riding lark pretty well. Only done 280 miles on my road bike and im sure I could do a hr ride at 14mph now, I will be doing a 70miler in two weeks so ill see how long it takes. I just wanted to let Andy know my speed so he didnt regret going ouot with me.

    Jj - ill let you know what fairly flat means early May lol. Though id say most of my rides to date are pretty undulating with quite a few junctions to navigate. Flat = Spalding/Market deeping, Lincolnshire.
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