ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Simon - thanks very much. Yes, I must be getting confused. image 

    Reginald - Well done. I think we're all wondering how we got through. I met some amazing people too and not sure how they chose us. It's very humbling!

  • Looks that who ever it is that that makes the final 5 its going to be a cracking line up!!

  • well done to the successful ones.and bad luck to the others.

     bno doubt we will have the catergories soon and the fun of voting will commenceimage

    remember what i said earlier on in the thread abiout there might well be some flak at so many new people getting picked.just don't let it get to you or take it personal........your every word will be analysed....just as it will be if you are one of the lucky final winners..and expect some tough qurestions so we get to know you a bit better....and most important don't set up lots of threads asking for votes.just do the one and then keep that active

    good luck again/....image...

  • A little suprised to say that I too have made it through to the vote, really looking forward to the next week or so whilst the dream is still kept alive! Congrats to all those through and I know it's been said before but sorry to those who didn't get the good news, everyone still has a big part to play. 

    DS2, how's that election speech going? I've never put so much thought into 150 words!

  • Website shows there are 22 left in. Good luck! Luckily I met a lot of them on Friday so will enjoy following whoever whatever the outcomeimage
  • Sills - well done. Not many words is it to get everything in? Mine's written but might re-write in the morning!!!
  • Hi everyone, just come in from taking my son swimming to find out it is a yes!!!

    Very sorry for those who did not get through to the next stage, there is a lot more disappointment ahead but we all have our day at Bootcamp and as everyone is saying got to met lots of like minded runners

    Malc - TR24 yes sounds like an idea

    DS2 - very sorry you have such a day tomorrow and agree with you comment on being humbling to get to this stage

    Well need to get details together ready for the voteimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Simon - yes I know DS2 from the sub 3:15 thread where he's a regular but of course my heart lies with the sub 3:30.  image

  • Just finished writing my election piece, like whats been said above, its so difficult to fit everything into approx 150 words. Ive read it out to both my parents to see if it sounds ok.

    Thanks seren nos for the useful advice.

    Minni im aiming for a sub 3:30 so fingers crossed!

    Clive you may have to give bolsover a miss this may be in London being kitted out!

  • Tony - great stuff. I was wondering where you were. Great swapping stories on Friday. Just hope Sarah, Caroline and Runny run run weren't too bored!

    Minni - I saw you had a fall on the ice. Are you ok? I won't tell anyone about your 3.30 secret....
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Oh good luck Sarah!

    When can we vote?
  • Sarah - x post.

    Not easy is it finding the right words?
  • I think from Wednesday, Minni
  • hi everyone - I think this is the first time I've posted on this forum! Just wanted to say I agree with you all, Friday was great, I met so many inspiring people and took away such positivity from everyone and some great advice. Well done to everyone who got through to the next round! and I look forward to more forum chat with you all xx

  • It was so awesome to meet all of you on Friday, and to spend an entire day being around like-minded people who don't get tired of  "running" talk image It was really great to meet all of you SO4, DS2 (neighbour), Clive, RRR, Karen G, Tony (onthebeach) and Emzie. You are ALL  just fab and you ALL have such amazing and humbling life stories... how they choose goodness knows but well done to everyone! PS, I had a lovely "chilly" weekend in the Peak District with friends after attending the Boot Camp. xox Caroline

  • Not easy at all to get it into 150 words but mines submitted as wont have time tomorrow due to a 6am start with work! Looking forward to the final 22 being made official on Wednesday now image
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    have just tried uploading photo.... hope you all like it

    this eve I did the most random food shop cos I was in a complete daze, I then went wt training and did a PB bench press, and now I've just written my 'vote for me' speech.... how on earth am I meant to sleep tonight!!!!

  • Hi everyone, I also somehow made it through... Not 100% sure how, but there you go!

    Bootcamp was an amazing day and I was privileged to meet some really lovely people - Tigger kept me smiling all day, Jen's granola bar was seriously tasty and I felt very sorry for First 26.2 by Emma having to wait so long to have her photo taken (they were done in height orderimage ).

    Even if I go no further, it's made me determined to join a running club.  It was so much fun just spending time with fellow runners and talking about running to someone without their eyes glazing over!

    To anyone who didn't make it through, I genuinely felt before I went that it was such a huge achievement to make it that far and I think we all learnt so much that we should all be proud to have been picked image

  • DS- Condolences, and thoughts with you and your family tomorrow. 

    Speech submitted as working in the morning and doing exams in the afternoon... I can't get my photo to upload- any tips??

    Caroline- glad it was a good weekend on the Peaks- did you get near Lathkill Dale?? image

    Sarah- hope you're right!

    Steve- agree completley 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - you need to wait to have it approved. It could probably do with having some confirmation message saying that the upload was successful, please wait for approval but iirc it just closes the upload window and leaves you wondering if it worked.

    If it doesn't get sorted tomorrow you can always drop them an email.

  • I'm through too ... See! There's something to be said for my lucky pink socks! (Maybe only that the photographer was so dazzled by the colour that he missed my (unintentional) gurning in the staged photographs so I didn't get eliminated immediately.)

    Sorry for everyone who didn't get the news they were hoping for. Maybe we should all try and catch up at TR24? That would be so much fun!! Have a bootcampers party!image


  • RunnyRunRun I've decided, after much soul-searching, that I'm willing to brave the pink... I want socks like yours.

  • Ive almost just spent the last hour trying to get a photo on here Clive but I think my last attempt has just been accepted after croping several photos and changing the quality of the pic! Not my best photo mind you, but fingers crossed it will be up by tomorrow. How did everyone else get such good photos up?

  • Hi Sarah, wait till you see my photo if I have managed to load it correctly that is!?

  • Hi Sarah, I fell just short of chucking my laptop in the bin and marching down to Photoshop HQ with a strongly-worded letter of complaint when trying to upload mine - I gave up in end but when I came back a couple of days later, it had uploaded fine... Patience, it appears, is a virtue!

  • Good luck with the profile pics! I ended up downloading a photo resizing programme. I'm sure there must be an easier way but I'm not sure what it is ... it takes a couple of days to appear - think RW Towers have to confirm we haven't uploaded anything too risque in the hope of blagging a few more votes!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Too true - some people will do anything stand out. Apparently there are these socks you can get...image

    I'm not the only one up late then? Anything to do with stringing 150 words together? 


  • Hi Clive, we had many young kids with us so we only managed a little stroll to Monsal Head and dale / aqueduct! Really stunning though!

    Good luck with the 150 words everyone! xox

  • It's amazing. I dash off emails and blog posts like there's no tomorrow ... but ask me to write 150 words asking people to like me enough to vote for me and the words dry up!!

    I suppose I'm not allowed to just copy and paste "Pick me! I like running!" 30 times? It would solve the writing problem ... but might not be very interesting ...

  • I'm with you RRR image

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