ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Come on Reginald ...we're all waiting for something amazing!image


  • Malcs, it could well be!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Reg - don't worry, still a whole week. The rest of us will have burned out by the weekend. Remember it's not a sprint, it's a marathon image

  • I stupidly didnt put what category I was in in the title - does anyone know how to amend the title?


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Maybe if you ask a moderator. Though I'm not sure how you do that either. Will have a look.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes - looks like you just need to find the right person. The RW team can do it so maybe if you ask Katie. I found this too:

    Keep it to under 1000 words thoughimage

  • thanks, will have a look in the morning, need some shut eye....been a busy day!


  • Ha ha!! DS2!! I will most definitely send you some pink socks - and insist that you start wearing them- if you get through to Paris!! image

    Missed your earlier post about the sheep!! It's just given me a giggle now! I will probably end up dreaming of sheep wearing running gear tonight!! (bleating "Vote for me!", "vote for me!")image

    Sarah - Katie has been really helpful. I put my thread in the wrong category and she sorted it out for me image
  • Hey guys. It's nice to see all the individul forums up and running now. Some excellent conversations going on. I plan on casting my votes for categories over the weekend when I'm free from work!

    I had my first Xmas party of the Christmas season tonight.........3 courses of huge plates with tiny portions (very happy). I don't know if it's the industry I'm in but I have about 6 Xmas parties/dinners before Christmas. There's no way I can eat my way through all of them, unless I up my running/ workouts to cover for this. Any other Target 26.2 runners faced with the same Xmas food dilemma? Unfortunately not going to them isn't an option!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    morning campers!

    good luck answering questions on your threads today. x

    had my one n only Xmas do day before MT10 ....!
  • 6 Christmas party', Ive only the two to go to this year, but its also my birthday just before Christmas so I do end up going out alot. If it was me I would just skip the pudding and go for a long run either the day of the party or the day after, depending on how much your planning to drink!

    Thanks RRR will email her today, I really do hope I have a quiet one at work, just couldn't sleep last night, my brain was working over time until at least 2:30!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Shady Ady Baby - I could take a few of those parties off your hands, I don't have any image One downside of working for yourself.

    I do have one non-work related party - we're having one for friends and neighbours. Mrs Malcs has been busy planning etc. invites out, all ready to go. Didn't think to check the dates - 16th Dec! image

    At least if I don't get through I can drown my sorrows!
  • malcs.does your wife know that you just invited the whole thread to your christmas do imageimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha image If I get through you can all come along in my place as I'll be up in London getting the latest in Asics body armour ready to face her on my return!

    Ever been hit by a Welsh Love Spoon? Those things really hurt. 

  • Tony's onthebeach wrote (see)

    Hi RRR and DS2 can you belive we are in the same category!, sorry sills if I met you (but can not quite remember?) at Bootcamp but nice to meet you now, I could not  be with nicer runners .

    Morning Tony, I don't think we did meet last week but it is indeed nice to meet you now. Really is a great bunch of people here, going to be difficult casting my own votes! I think that's a nice touch from RW, reading stories from all the other catagories is going to help calm the butterflies, even if only temporarily!

    Malcs wrote (see)
    I do have one non-work related party - we're having one for friends and neighbours. Mrs Malcs has been busy planning etc. invites out, all ready to go. Didn't think to check the dates - 16th Dec! image 

    At least if I don't get through I can drown my sorrows!

    I'm in the same boat Malcs. Mrs sills is also Welsh but hasn't introduced me to the Welsh Love Spoon before...should I be scared?!

  • Malcs - trick! Wives and sport and all that. Sooner you than me but hopefully if you do make it through the Asics fitting will be over before the party startsimage

    I've got my own problems and it's all RRR's fault. last night I had a dream that my dog got in bed with us and was wearing pink floursecent socks because his feet were cold. Woke the wife calling him RunnyRun Run. Could have been worse, imagine what would have happened if I'd called him Sarah!image

  • right...these catergories are tougher this year than previous years.i think its because a number of you have really made an effort to post and interact.......makes you all seem real peopleimage

    I have decided in a couple of catergories but the others are still wide openimage

  • seren nos - you are right. Having met them it is even harder. There were one or two on the day that I didn't take to but they didn't make it through and weren't on here before bootcamp either (or since). I got to know nearly everyone that has made it through and they are a great bunch.

    You can be assured that whoever you vote for will be really appreciative!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 image  This process could be the undoing of us all. They should forget the vote and just make it a battle for survival. Last person to have a nervous breakdown wins image

    sills - if you don't have one in the house then it's probably a subject best avoided. She may have one hidden somewhere though so as heads up here's the sort of thing you should be looking for:


    Those sharp edges are designed to inflict maximum damage. It's like robot wars but for wooden spoons. You have been warned!

    Seren - if all else fails you can always resort to taking bribes like Tenjiso! 

  • Nasty!!!

    I think I may be first to achieve the nervous breakdown. I should just switch off really. I wish I did a job that didn't have a PC anywhere near!

  • Malcs - How on earth does anyone survive a domestic in Wales?!

    DS2 - Love it! But curious ... do you normally dress your dog?

    Seren - It's really nice that it's all so friendly. Everyone seemed genuinely great at bootcamp and having the banter on this thread keeps me giggling! image

    Shady Ady - 6 parties? That's just greedy! Save some Baileys and mulled wine for the rest of us!

    Sills & JenF -  Morning! image


  • Morning guys! Feeling very anxious and excited this morning! Really hoping that I get voted through and am fortunate to be give this unique opportunity!! I go to bed thinking about #target262 and wake up thinking about #target262! Its beginning to consume my life which i suppose is good preparation should i get through! image

  • I was hoping to go running on my lunch break today but got a meeting all day image Does anybody else go running on their lunch breaks to squeeze in the miles? I work two jobs and have a little boy who I have on the nights Im not working so either have to get up very early or go on my lunch which i do very most days. I can usually squeeze a 10k in.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hey Andrew - good to hear from you. I'm still picking the dust out my eyes from the cloud you left us all in at the start of the 5K! It was like watching Marty McFly in his DeLorian - I swear you left streaks of flames.

    Welcome to the race to a nervous breakdown image


  •  Ha ha! I think the adrenaline was so much that I just needed to run! Surprisingly i never got a personal best?! How are you feeling? Defo agree about the nervous breakdown i have no nails left!!! Good to hear from you though... image

  • Andrew  - it definitely sounds like you are in the same boat as the rest of us.

    RRR - I live in a house with 4 girls, two of whom are autistic and like to dress things up in lots pink and purple. The poor dog......

    Hence the reason I like to run a lot!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Andrew - I'm a wreck mate, and it's only day 2.

    But I'm still loving it.

    I'm on a Mac here and my browser only shows 16 tabs. Just discovered that I have another 40+ hidden off screen - all RW pages! Wondered why everything was dragging to a halt.

    Now I really have to get some freakin work done.

  • Andrew - I run in my lunch breaks too! I think the people at my work call me "The Mad Running One" behind my back ... It's good though as I've got a 3 year old so it means I can get 6 miles in at lunchtime and spend my time with her when I get home. I do often run at midnight though if I need to squeeze a long run in and haven't got a free evening! image

    DS2 - We want pics! We want pics!

  • RRR - I run at lunchtimes sometimes as well. I had showers put in at the offices last year for when I cycle to work and it's great for when I want to run as well.

    They are always taking picks. I'll steel them off of facebook!

  • DS2 - yes showers here too thank goodness. Otherwise I'd be 'Mad Running STINKY One'.image ...

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