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  • Emma - such a shame image definitely missing your face on the voting pages!

    DS2 - I was pleasantly surprised about my core strength in the physio session, although I found out that I totally favour one side of my body... something to work on there!

  • Aww thanks everyone. Yes, I'm going to use the RW site for tips and forums etc. I've learned so much in the past week from more experienced runners!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Steve - I was pleasantly surprised when my wife said she doesn't favour either side of my body.....................................................image

    Their are lots on the forums who have run Edinburgh, myself included. A great race in a great city. I shall be following your new thread Emma.

  • Good to hear from you too Shady_Ady! I only have an hour lunch with no flexibility but do go most days as i struggle to get the miles in other wise. I have a 10k route which i complete or do sprints over a bridge that is nearby. It is quite steep and long so ideal for Fartlek training. I will run hard up & down it 15 times which usually takes about 45mins then straight back to work to quickly get showered and changed! The staff sometimes dont believe I've had a shower because I'm still dripping when I get back in the office as I've not had chance to cool down! ha ha! image As to feeling tired in the afternoons... Generally I feel ok to be honest.  There are some days when I feel it a bit but generally I feel fine!

  • DS2 - Ha! I'm painfully single so I find it hard to sympathiseimage

  • This thread moves so fast I can't keep up! I need to learn to read quicker, maybe I can keep sneaking into the office to check it? So long as by boss doesn't find out...

  • That's rotten luck, so sorry after being shortlisted you've had to pull out Emma.

    Edinburgh is a good race, well organised and quite a nice coarse, although you don't really get to see Edinburgh! You just have to pray you get a good weather day, it can be a bit changeable up there!!

    Loads going on, wish I had a little less work and a bit more time to be on here!!

  • A.W wrote (see)

    Loads going on, wish I had a little less work and a bit more time to be on here!!

    I couldn't agree more A.W, I almost feeling like I'm not pulling my weight on here! More than an hour away and I've completely lost the tread (No pun intended).

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    AW - I know what you mean with the weather in Edinburgh. When I did it it was wet and cold at the start, about 20 degrees in the middle to the end and then absolutely threw it down as I crossed the line. All season in one.

    My experience is that the better trained you are the less the weather impacts, so best we all keep at it!

  • Emma Im so sorry to hear about you having to drop out. I hope your ok. Ive heard nothing but good reports on edinburgh, everyone I know whose done it has come home with a PB (despite the hot weather for the last two years).

    mmm baileys, one of my favourite drinks...I try not to buy it now as its so easy to pour a large glass. I dont think it would be good for the waist line!

    DS2 Id not actually thought of that, and I do have my iphone to hand....however patients already think us GPs know nothing and look up everything on the internet.....dont want to prove them right!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    DS2 wrote (see)

    For everyone else - Since the bootcamp I've remembered the importance of core work, especially for someone like me who has had a lifeling disc issue in my back. It is totally manageable but I sometimes get lazy especially when I'm not in any pain. However, I've been much more conscientious since bootcamp and can really feel the benefit of it in my running. My glutes and hamstrings feel free and I'm running more smoothly.

    Could be coincidence but I don't think so. Anyone else found any benefit?

    I haven't noticed the benefit yet DS2 - at the moment it just makes my arse hurt. To be honest that's good enough for me as I'm a bit of a masochist, any additional benefits to the running are just a bonus image.

  • Malcs wrote (see)

    I haven't noticed the benefit yet DS2 - at the moment it just makes my arse hurt. To be honest that's good enough for me as I'm a bit of a masochist, any additional benefits to the running are just a bonus image.


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - is a valuable resource and not to be mocked. Thanks to them I've successfully diagnosed myself with a variety of exotic diseases that would otherwise have never been spotted. Luckily I recovered from them all in a matter of days by wrapping up warm and taking paracetamol.

  • Hi all just posted my vote page. Here goes nothing.

    Off to spend a couple quality hours with my one year old today.
  • Malcs- learnt everything I know from things like that- casualty was essential watching before finals image

    does anyone remember 'cardiac arrest' with Helen Baxendale?? Was filmed where I worked and I was in a crowd scene in the last episode...

    Reg- good to see you onboard! Leg holding up after scare at Bootcamp falling out with the lecture theatre tableimage? Clearly you are able to maintain a balance at work and home unlike the rest of us

    Emma- gutted that you had to pull out. Best of luck for Edinburgh though

    Likely to be offline now for a while- on call and off to theatre for emergencies. Think will be a long night image
  • Clive Kelty wrote (see)
    does anyone remember 'cardiac arrest' with Helen Baxendale?? Was filmed where I worked and I was in a crowd scene in the last episode... 

    I knew I recognised you from somewhere! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I remember Cardiac Arrest Clive - not much of it but I do remember it. Hope it's not too busy a night for you.


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    evening all. Just home from work, followed by great session in gym. does anyone else like playing in the heavy wts corner? off to catch up with posts now... and to have my supper. 2 boiled eggs n soldiers for anyone who is interested!

  • DS2 - What core-workouts do you do? I do pilates twice (well, at the moment it's only once) a week and I swear since doing this my rate of injuries has dropped to nothing! I haven't quite worked up the courage to go to classes yet......just myself in front of the TV in the living's like a dirty little secret!

    Does anyone else work pilates or yoga into their routines? It still confuses me what thew difference is between the two!

    Andrew - Only an hour lunch? Why, you could easily sneak 20k in, in that time, the speed you were going on our track sessions! It sounds like you have some decent runs near where you work.......I work right next to Farnborough Airport, so my choices aren't the best. There is a cyclepath where I can do my 800m 'sprints' and at the end of the runway, there is a small hill, where I do shorter sprints......I actually enjoy this as I feel I'm getting in a hill sessions and a sprint session in the same workout!

    Reg - Nice to see you here. Your profile was very humurous!

  • Hey Jen......I have to say I'm envious of you.....I've never enjoyed gym sessions, especially weights, but I try and do some, once a week, mainly legs......I also do this P90X DVD leg workout, but I haven't seen that much improvement.

  • Right finally got chance to sit down I feel like I'm missing out! It's so difficult keeping up with what's going on but so exciting being involved! I've never used forums before so was a virgin until now! They really are quite exciting with good people and lots of good advice! I feel honoured to be a part of this thread!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ady - I am a flexibility nightmare. Nothing in my body stretches more than an inch or two. I can't remember ever being able to stand and touch my toes. Do you use a book to get the exercices?

    jenf - I used to do loads of weights for rugby and loved it. I stopped after I started running though. I was 13.5 stone then and I'm now just over 11. Two stones on a marathon makes quite a difference image

  • Malcs wrote (see)

    Nothing in my body stretches more than an inch or two.

    Is this why Mrs Malcs hits you with the spoon?

    Sorry, I'll get my coat.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    malcs - hilarious shaking up on my thread. Oddly enough when I type your name into my phone on auto it comes up with the word malaria. Says it all.image

    I had a personal trainer twice a week when I was in such a bad way I could barely move. He taught me a whole routine and I do what I can remember. Been concentrating on proper sit ups, bench, bridge, squats.

    I used to have no flexibility until I started doing that. My physio at the hockey club recommended him. Told me better than wasting money on her. She was right.

    Clive and SO4, don't take it personally, I am also able to diagnose problems with my cars even though I know even less about the workings of the internal combustion engine than human biology. Don't you just love t'internet?image
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    LOL Steve - now look where we've descended to!

    I must proof read more carefully in future image

    DS2 - cool, I might change my name to Malaria Malcs after this is all overimage.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Shady_ady, I do some yoga, mainly for core and some of the poses like warrior n downward dog are fantastic stretches for runners. Never done pilates.

    Malcs, I just dont want to look too scrawny.. not a good look as I get older, or maybe I just like playing with 'the big boys'. they always make me chuckle when I'm in their corner n they start showing off!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    jenf - they were known as the 'muscle marys' in our gym. Naturally nobody ever told them that to thier face for fear of being throttled by a bullworker.

    ...erm I didn't just say that out loud did I? image

  • great interactions here.........

    If you are lucky to get through you will be expected to post a couple of times a day.really to keep your public happy..............if you cvan't manage this now then people will worry if you can do it for 16 weeks..and more...............seems like a few of you will have no problems in popping in to update and chat image

  • Maybe if we win we could convince Asics to give us publicists? They could post and tweet for us like we were a real celebrity!
  • Well I have Just eaten my brown rice chicken & veg! I am starting to feel a little tired after not really sleeping a great deal!! Its interesting what you guys are saying about the gym I really need to concentrate more on my core!! Has anybody been running this evening??

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