ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • That's lots of drinking time when its unlimited alcohol!!

    Good luck for your run! I know people who have run PB's with massive hangovers so not necessarily always a bad thing?!

  • A.W i always feel quite thirsty after them aswell, although they are supposed to be taken with water!

    Shady_Ady, I loved your interview, you said what we all think, and you managed to get your words out (unlike some of us)!
  • Thanks was weird seeing it, as it was completely different to how I remembered it. Maybe it was a bit too honest though!

  • Just popping in to say a quick HI before the day is out......

    Agreed Shady_Ady on the video, my hubbi & I were just watching it and you really made us laugh image. I also laughed and fully agree with SLB's comment earlier today... 

    "- Andrew - will be interesting to do a poll of how many of us have lost our jobs by the end of this process!"

    Work again for me tomorrow morning image xox

  • Hey Clive  - I use a Garmin. Love mine! Have a 305. Tells me when I'm going too slow which is a good thing!

    Andrew - Eek  - don't say that! I'm a valuable asset apparently. (Shhh! Don't tell them I'm here!)image

  • Thanks A.W I will try remember that when I'm at the start line with a big red suit and beard... At least if I'm sick I can do it in my beard and nobody will know?!
  • Guys I've never used a farming is it something I should be considering? They are an expensive bit of kit but it sounds to me like they are very much worth it?
  • Garmin not farming although could that be useful.? Lol predictive!!!!!
  • Runnyrunrun - deal!
  • Night night people time to go dream of #target262 image
  • Been using my same farming 310 XT since beginning 2010, definitely worth it for those PB's Andrew!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    I would be lost without my Garmin! Felt naked without It at BC - that's why I tailgated Ady in the pacing session image

    Ady - what are you talking about, your interview was brilliant!

    RRR, you were great too!

    Doc Sarah - shot blocks eh? Might have to try them.
  • Malcs.......and there was me thinking I was using my Garmin cunningly and no one knew!  Obviously I'm not as clever as I thought image

    All this talk of pre-marathon food, I have to say I still like the old favourites of jelly babies and jaffa cakes. I eat so many of them before my marathons that I can't look at them again for weeks after!

  • Morning! Laid in bed wide awake thinking of target 262 I was kind of hoping for a lie in!
  • Morning. Blimey. You are up early. Target 262 on the brain but the only reason I'm up this early is starting my 7 hour journey to Wales! Are you out for an early run?
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    it's a beautiful morning here in Wales! I'm off out for a lovely coast run with some friends soon. enjoy the weekend shady-ady
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Morning all. Ady - 7 hours? Presumably you're on public transport, either that or in a very slow car,

    Andrew - I think we all know how you feel, go to bed excited, wake up excited. Thankfully it wasn't 5 am for me though!

    Jen - didn't know you we're in Wales, which part?

    Anyone following the cricket?
  • Morning early risers... Malcs England are closing in!! image Jen enjoy your run in Wales; it sounds stunning! & Shady_Ady if you're going for a run later?

    Half day of work for me this morning, running club Christmas Dinner & Party tonight, Turkey Run dressed as a Spiced Girl or Super Girl tomorrow morning, my husband's birthday on Monday, mine on Tuesday, voting closes Wednesday!! So much exciting stuff going on!!!image

  • Morning everyone, yes Malc I was wondering if Ady was cycling?

    It is a sunny moring here with less wind and dry!  I am on a rest day to day and on Christmas tree duty with the kidsimage

    Yes, Jenf hope you have a good run like to know where abouts?

    CaroT - very busy but fun few days - mmmm running club chrismmas party will you be partying hard? or taking steady with sparkling mineral water - I have my works do on Friday 14 Dec could go either way!


    RRR - just seen the Bootcamp interview very good much better than mine!

  • Clive - have a look at  "Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot" by John L Parker Jr.  It is the book that got me into running in the first place.  I always gave up before reading that book - because I didn't realise I was training too hard too often.  Result = burnout!

    The HRM is invaluable when it comes to running recovery runs.  You can see at a glance whether the pace you think is easy is genuinely easy.

    I don't go in for heart rate zones as such, as advised by John LPJ.  Easy runs below "recovery threshold", and hard runs above "threshold floor".  Keeping records of heart rates on some benchmark runs is a great motivator for me too.  I can see I'm getting fitter, even if I don't always feel like it.

    Don't know why I'm telling you this - you're a squillion times faster than me image

  • Haha not cycling.Relying on the good old services of National Rail and paying ??86 for the privilege.

    I am watching the cricket. Well watching the ball by ball updates on BBC. Not quite the same. I can't believe the turnaround from the 1st test. It's all down to Monty!

    Sadly no run today. It's my rest day. Plus going to Wales to see my brothers family he might take offence if I spent my time running rather than seeing my god children. Looking forward to running tomorrow though. It's always nice running in a new location.
  • Tenjiso.....Xyloid mentioned exactly the same book on my thread. I've never thought heart rate monitors were an integral part of training until reading people's comments here. I'll tell my brother to buy it for my Xmas present. He'll be happy for the idea. When I didn't give him an idea last year I only got chocolate raisins!
  • Morning all!

    Hey Shady, I have to agree with your vid interview a little. Being able to eat loads of cake is one of the benefits of running so much!

    It's a gorgeous day here too, off for a morning tempo session today then a little work unfortunately!

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Morning, I slept loads better last night (after drinking some of the home made damson vodka a patient made me). Feel all refreshed and raring to go.....trying to talk my OH in trying a gentle jog (recovery run for me) or going for a walk but he's having non of it!

    Shady, I love jelly babies.......even though you don't need them on a half I've taken them on my last two....makes the race far more enjoyable if you eat one during the last few miles at each mile marker. The red and blacks are my favourite!

    Caroline, you have a busy few days! Hope you have a fabulous may be given a priceless belated present on Thursday!

    Hope you all have a good day today and fun tonight.
  • Good morning everyone, good to see the forum is still powering on!!! The sweets is an easy one for me, my boys like haribo's but don't like the jelly babies in them so I get to take them out with me.

    10 mile run this morning, it was cold but sunny up here in North Wales, a very refreshing morning!!!
  • A couple of people have mentionned the "sloshing camelbak".

    A simple solution after you have filled it, is to turn it upside down and suck the remaining air out by using the drinking tube. This creates a vacuum inside and you don't hear the sloshing - simples!

    One less reason to dive into the bushes - FWIW, I use a camelbak on runs over 15/16 miles and a belt for gels, raisins and jelly babies. I have been known to sneak a few small pieces of Soreen malt loaf in my belt too - food of the Gods.

  • Good tip Mike, I'll be sure to try it out
  • Very good tip Mike! WIll defo try all them especially the Malt loaf!! Not going to be about much today Im afraid guys. GOing to nip put for a morning run in the sunshine then i will be gettig myself ready for the football at 1300 and who knows what will happen from there. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I wlll try pick things up in the morning! Take care guys! image

  • Sarah, is the damson vodka better than damson gin? A friend brought a few bottles round over the summer. They didn't last long at all. And the idea if using sweets as an encourage my to power on to the next mile market is genius. I've only done that with drinks before. If I knew there was a Jaffa cake waiting for me, I might not struggle the last few miles as much!

    Excellent tip Mike Thanks. I'll give that a go next weekend. I haven't tried malt loaf either. I do remember them giving it away in the past at the London marathon expo

    Andrew. I think we all know what's going to happen at the football with a free bar at your disposal!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Caught the end of the cricket on Sky - bit gutted England couldn't finish them off. Will have to record the inevitable victory to watch in the morning image  

    Agreed Ady - Monty rules!

    Sarah - I hope this process doesn't turn you to the booze on a permanent basis. 

    Back to the Christmas decorations - and more importantly the mince pies!

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