Giants Head Marathon - June 2013



  • First half of the race mapped. Will post a map on our website of the full but provisional route in a couple of weeks.we are still awaiting meetiongs with the Polizei and the council etc and then we can contact the landowners

    So all good image

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  • Goldbeetle, sorry for late response. I live in North Devon in Barnstaple. If I come down, it'll probably be by train, and I think I'd camp. I'm seeing if I can afford both this one and Chester, which I've already entered, AND get both past a missus who wants a holiday lol
  • Cool Steve you have a PM

    Chesters a geat race did it in 2011

  • *waves shyly* please can I play?

  • You are most welcome SOLB
  • Thank you, spose I'd better actually do some running at some point then image

  • Would be usefultry putting some hill repeats in they will come in handy

  • so I hear! How bad is this course profile *wonders if she really wants to know* 

  • Like the look of this one, but entered North Devon ANOB on the 30th ... mmm ... could I do the double ... most probably will not get the wife's visa for that!

    But 2014 looks good mara Sat and half Sun!



  • RB yeah the half has the working title

    'orrible 'arf becuase its .....

    SOLB will post a provisional route next week but lets just say it compares favouably with the likes of South Downs and Beachy. My running mate Fu Man said it was tougher than Purbeck. But theres the added bonus of the Enigma/RW/Fetch 20 mile love-in

  • Ahhh of course, if you provide a love in I couldn't care less about the hill profile image 

  • Solb. I will get you pounding up those hills with a beam on your face for the camera at the top
  • If I get my missus to agree to me doing this run, stagger, walk, I'm already dreading the hillsimage
  • (((SOLB)))  *bounce, bounce*

  • Missus reckons hills are character building. Who's she kidding? She doesn't have to run them
  • I run hills regularly. You can always *jog* the hills
  • I jog the flat bits, I was hoping to get a piggy back ride up the hills.

  • Hills are:

    1. Speed training in disguise.
    2. The best way while racing, to make new friends slow walking encourages chatting.
    3. Theres a good view at the top of every hill guaranteed 
    4. The chance a dusky maiden/hunk from St.Johns will give mouth to mouth at the top
    5. Theres a downhill.
    We have several downhill that make run down shouting"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" the one at Lyons Gate is ACE



  • I was going to roll down the downhills.

  • I didn't know we had to go down the blimmin things too image

  • image Hills are great. image I image hills.

    Just take it easy going up un and let gravity help you going down them again.

  • And wave your arms wildly while shouting 'wooooooooooohooooioooooooooooo"
  • We have hills. One are two are what you might call.....significant image

  • I shall learn to embrace these lovely high rise fields. image


  • image Hill's down south next you will be telling me that you guys can produce a decent pint. image

  • Our sponsors

    Harbour master being a speshulll one image

  • I'm in for this one - now here's hoping we can stay in our friends' seaside retreat in Fortuneswell that weekend.

    Cake - our southern hills are a bit namby-pamby, but them Dorset apples produce a very decent pint image

  • Map will be ready mid next week will post on Mapmyrun and work out a way of scanning it plus will post profile pic. Showing the slight inclines and little bumps

  • 10k route will be our next job thats 99% there.We havent been over the course with a Garmin, end of next week hopefully

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