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  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    Castle hill reps then image.

    Good luck with the fixie.

    When the training calls for some higher intensity work Castle Street/Hill would be a great place i guess, for now though I have a nice flat 4-5 mile loop to practice on, i have a nice hill on the way to and back from the loop though.

    Are you reasonably local to me then Ironcat?

  • Local-ish, Berks nows (just) but used to live in North Camp years ago.

  • Dusty - when were you thinking going for this lttle ride then? I could be tempted to come and play image

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Think so, but I had to shoot off that day, Siggy ate I think? Are we tempting Podds out as well then?

    I'm a definite maybe Dustie dependent on the usual things image  I never turn down a good meal even if I have to drive and bike for it!!

  • Next few weeks probably. Pretty open to dates I think. I'll have a nose at the diary and come back.

  • No update for a few days, everything seems to be going well, got my long run upto 50 min now. The new bike has been a lot of fun to ride, and its looking like my training totals are all going past nice numbers this week, should hit 10k swam, 100k cycled and 50k ran since my training started. The cycling is so low as a lot of the early turbo sessions were done with no sensor on the rear wheel so i have no data on how far i would have covered.

    Some how i have a slightly tense left knee today, yesterday being a rest day i find that a little odd, am tempted to blame it on how i sit at work sometimes. Will take the run today easy and pop a support on for a couple of days. Think i will try a swim session with Farnham Tri on wednesday evening, not sure how i'll get on with that as all my swims this far have been the wrong stroke and only 35 min long.

    A question for any one local to me, can you recommend a good shop to get myself a wetsuit from, my body shape is pretty consistant so would like to take advantage of any old stock clearance if i can.
    Any advice on swim cloathing for the pool, have always stuck to nice baggy shorts, am i fine training in these or should i be looking at something that offers a bit less resistance.
    Finally a big question, my plan was to use Fink's competitivt plan, but i started ~20 weeks early, the logic behind this is starting from nothing week 1 even of the base phase was more than i could realistically manage. I'm now, after 3-4weeks training, upto around 7 hours training a week. Would I be best simply extending the base phase, and sticking to a 10 week build and 10 week peak, or should i look to extend all parts of the plan? If it helps i am happy to share either the last few weeks records, or my current plan, which only really extends for the next three weeks.

  • Dusty, after this weekend i should be free for a ride when ever is convinient for you, my mother in law is visiting this weekend so training has to fit in around that. If you had a google maps or something like that or the rough route you had in mind i would be interested in seeing that as i used to work over in Pirbright so may know some parts of your route.

  • Farnham Tri are excellent and have superb swim coaching. I am a member there. I might even be tempted out tomorrow evening as well (ain't been for ages) if you want to touch base there, fine. 9pm start. Think tomorrows coach is Dan, very helpful guy and might even video analyse you if you are lucky! Usually they give you the first swim as a freebie, but it's only a few quid anyway.

    Re clothing, I use £4.99 sports direct trunks in the pool. They only last a couple of months before the chlorine kills them but better that than a 40 quid pair of tri shorts. Baggys not really suitable as a permanent solution. Farnham have graded lanes so the crap swimmers go in the slow lane (like me). You can then upgrade as you get better.

    Re wettie, personally I used triuk in Yeovil and tehy also do ex hire suits around about now. Snugg do an excellent made to measure online service but you can probably get properly fitted at the TCR show at Sandown in Feb and get a show discount.

    Re training, better to ask the ones that train (ie don't listen to me)


  • Might be clear weekend after this? Any use?

    I have drawn on a bit of printed map. No idea how to post it up here but if you PM me your email, I'll scan and send it back. Anyone else, it's nothing we haven't done before and it's 90% flat. 2 minor 1/4 mile lumps, not even out of the saddle. Plus that orsum ziggy zaggy descent in Mytchett.

  • Am a little shocked this morning, started to think i had the beginnings of an injury to my knee, ran last night tryig to take it easy, HR in the right zone and managed to complete a 35 min run at close to 10kph which is a new record for me. Woke up this morning and you'd never know i was having any issue with my knee yesterday. My neck on the other hand is a different story, but thats what drugs were invented for i guess. Looking good to try out Farnham Tri tonight, although turning my head for air may be a problem, that will just have to be an optional activity.

    Did anyone have any thoughts on the best way to extend a 30 week training plan?

  • training hill wrote (see)

    Did anyone have any thoughts on the best way to extend a 30 week training plan?

    Don't image

    Fink is long enough as it is, and you'll have had enough by 24 weeks or so. Absolutely no need to start it a further 20 weeks early.

    However......get yourself in to a nice routine where you can swim/bike/run a few times a week. This will get the body used to it, and the gradual increase when Fink starts won't be too unbearable.

  • I agree with IronCat, you really get fed up, by week 22 in my case. Just do a little bit of everything in the meantime.

  • As above after 20 weeks or so of a training plan your end up with serious cabin fever. Take a look at some of the threads around May Jun time from last year when a lot of folks where on palns for a IM and some of the carp a lot of us come out with if you want a good laugh. Just take in some training on whatever you feel is your weak point and stick to the plan.

    Just in case if for any reason you can't do day x or y with a wedding or flu or something DON'T PANIC! They are generic plans and if you miss a day or have to do the training on a different day it won't be the end of the world as long as your have some consistancy for the most part and get the training in.

  • I am not going to make Farnham tonight Hilly, just got in from work. But please do report back and say how you felt it went. They are really good guys and the swim coaching is second to none.

    Provisionally looking at Sun 25th Nov for this little bike ride outing.

    Anyone else want a copy of DBs winter flatty route, please PM & I'll send it on PDF as soon as I can.

  • Thanks for letting me know you would not be able to make the swim, I went along anyway. Thankfully i was put in the can't swim won't swim lane, I was not the only one there that had issues moving to swimming crawl. The coach spent a good bit of time making sure that no one who couldn't swim drowned. While it worked well, and i have taken away a good few things to be working on I'll be going ahead with some 1-2-1 lessons to give my self an extra boost.

    The 25th sounds good to me, have penciled it in to my diary to avoid double booking.

    If you like i can upload the map to my public dropbox folder and put a link to it here to save you having to email it out?

  • Another first today, decided it was about time to try a transition, I'm also looking to lower my training HR a little. So nice easy session on the turbo, 40 min average HR of 116 bpm cadance at 84rpm. Followed by a 2 min 30 sec change into running kit, alarm the house and out the door. Then a run, the HR was all over the place for this, did 20 min at an average of 159 bpm covering a little over 2 miles.

    It didn't feel as bad as i was expecting, proabably because of the easy cycle, but its a starting point to move on from. Next few days I'll be seeing some family, so just a little light running, back on the bike and swimming sunday i hope.

  • Not posted anything here in a while, run pace is improving for the same HR, with my swimming i seem to have at long last found my jogging pace, and had a great ride sunday with Dusty.
    There were a few issues with the bike and its owner on the ride, my first clipless moment, and another near miss unclipping just before the ride. I also lost the use of the smallest rear cog coupled with a bit of noise. Turned out my cassette had worked its self lose, thats what you get for building your own bike and not re checking everything is still tight after a few miles.
    The route Dusty took us on was really plesant, couple of bumps, but not too steep or long at all. There were fun down hills the odd ford due to heavy rain, and i now at least know some people from the forums. I'll be signing up for the next flat ride i get the opertunity to. Only regret from the ride is i left my garmin set up from my last turbo session, with HR and cadance alarms on, so i turned it off almost straight away, so no data at all was recorded, can't see what speed i got upto on the down hills or how hard Dusty made me work on the intervals we tried.

    Think i have kicked the cold that set in sunday afternoon, looking forward to a swim tonight and a run tomorrow.

  • Nice to meet you TH. I got up to 30mph on the downhills, if thats any help for you.

  • Im delighted to have spotted this thread! image 

    welcome to the mad house! training looks to be going well! - very nice bike!

    Let me know if you fancy coming down to the south coast for some sea swimming later next year when it warms up


  • CJ - It's no big deal i just like to look through the data when i get home, I'm so used to being alone on the bike and just having my HR and cadance data for company. People are far more fun to ride with but both would be best.

    Zuvai - Think i have some work to do before I'll be looking for a sea swim, but then again we have a long time before the water will be warming up. Where abouts on the coast were you suggesting, the only area i really know is Milford/Barton on Sea to Lymington area.

  • Im in Portsmouth  - i think we might actually know each other in real life

  • You have me racking my brains for who i know that lives in Portsmouth, no one is springing to mind at the moment, but feel free to drop me a PM if you like.

  • haha - this could be awkward!
    PM sent

  • Sweetheart! image

    Welcome to a copy of my Garmin data for the ride but I have no idea how you make it public. I got up to 35.16 mph, average was 12.9, 25.82 miles so about 21-22 for the ride as I rode there and home. 965 feet of climb and it took us a couple of hours.

    Intervals were quite fun, shame road was too short.

    I was going to spare you the blushes of the clipless, but as you mentioned it, the first was before we got out of the car park wasn't it?image

  • It may have been, but none of me hit the deck so I'm ignoring that one just a little balance test, although there was enough noise for someone to notice...

    You out and swimming tonight then dusty?

  • Nah, the cold that was threatening by close of Sunday has now entrenched itself, so it's dinner, a blast on the guitar and call it a night for me.

    Note the FTC fun swimming gala dates are up for Jan I believe. One of the best Friday nights fun you can have at a swimming pool.

  • I've now made it onto the FTC mailing list so saw the gala and the IM training weekend, think i will attend both, but not sure if i will have the full IM distance in me at such short notice. I think i can get the swimming distance sorted, but the 75 min availabe will make it a very tough ask for me. The bike, I've never pushed my self that far, my longes ever ride was a 25 mile charity ride when i was a lot youger. Running, I've worked up to 10k so far, so again that is going to be a tough ask. But its another something to aim for.

    Hope that cold dosn't take too long to get over.

  • Re the IM weekend, I only ever do the half swimming, am not fast enough. The IM bike course is a peach now, 3 lap half, 6 lap full. The run on the Sunday is fab too. You can do half or full, but some just do a 10K. As it's a club do, they have a lot of flexibility on what you do and you can mix and match distances as well. So last year, I did half swim, half bike and full run. All fully supported and timed and run under race conditions, with cake. Total cost (yes, all in) six quid. No you didn't misread that.

    I'll probably do half of each next year. Preferably without a 30 mph downhill puncture in the front wheel this time.   

  • Last nights run was a 32min 5k, was going to be faster but i ended up with a stitch about 15 min in and had to slow down to a quick walk to shift it.
    New swim coach for me at farnham tri, session plan was as follows:
    400m warm up, using at least 2 different strokes
    50m drill 50m swim for (sculling, doggy paddle, finger dragging, no fins kicking)
    Main set 2000m
    400m cool down

    Well having only gone 500m with out a break before this may prove interesting, after doing the warm up and drills I was taking a short rest before the main set, when another coach came over and saved me. I ended up spending the time that would have been used for the main set working on some drills targeted at some of my main weaknesses. This was really helpful, and really puts how little i got out of my hour long 1-2-1 session into perspective, the guy helping me was not even on coaching duty that night, very generous and extremely helpful.

    I was all built up and ready to see how much of that 2000m i could handle, but there is always next time to try that, the advice will serve me far better. I recorded doing 1500m total for the night which may be a little under what i actually did, but that is the most i have swam again, and an awful lot of that was crawl.

    Tonight, will involve looking after the other half who has picked up the cold i had a few days back and a nice gental turbo session, 40-60 min.

    Checked my warm down swim time, and i'm at about 33 seconds per 25min length, that would equate to a 85min 2.4 mile swim by my thinking. So all i need to do is add on 2000m, and cut the time by 10 min by the end of march, sounds like a doddle.


  • 30 seconds for a length is peasy, doing it non stop for 152 of them (3.8K) is a little harder. 100s off 2 mins 30 will become your friend at some point.

    I can do 25M in a shade over 16 secs and 50M in sbout 38 secs but still take 1.45 to do full distance. Still can't work out why LOL! But OW/wind/choppiness/sighting etc can all have an effect. Sound like you are progressing pretty well though.

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