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  • Bookworm - Its where I live....everyone feels they can just say what they like and not just to me either...without considering how they make a person feel.  I felt stupid, he said it at a party in front of everyone, and felt like giving up but my hubby told me not to be so daft.

    On a good note, another neighbour told me today that I was inspiring and that she might take up running! so feel better today image and as a result will just treat myself to some new sunglasses in the hope of regular sunshine.  I wouldn't use my normal ones, they are mahoosive!  

  • I did week 7 day 3 this morning, holy moly!  I did a new route on Wednesday which had some hills (not massive ones, this is Norfolk after all!) and it nearly did me in, I had to stop to get my breath, but today I KICKED IT!

    (Knackered now though!)

  • Bookworm-airhead, well done! You must have nearly graduated now. Hills are tough indeed! I have them no matter what direction I set off in (from home or work!).


  • Thanks Sue!  I did the same route today for week 8 day 1 and I managed to get my breath back while still running so I am progressing, sometimes it's hard to see the progress, but I did my best distance today - 4.22k.  Nearly at the elusive 5k!

    I'm glad I have flat if I want and don't have to do hills if I don't feel up to it!

  • I would like to have a flat route.  I suppose the plus side is that after most up hills there is a down image  I haven't run for the last few days as I have been busy and then unwell but aim to get back on track by the end of the week.  

  • W1 D2 again today, started right back at the begining after a few months off so I dont feel under pressure or stress myself out and start to enjoy running again =)

  • Hello, another C25ker here! I popped into this thread a few months ago hoping that I would be able to start C25k again. I started running in May 2011 and went from couch to half marathon but had knee issues that forced me to stop running last year. After an x-ray, ultrasound and MRI scan all came back normal I decided what the hell and that I was going to start running again as I missed it so much. So I started c25k again recently and am now at week 7. I'm also at a happy place now that I'm running again! My knee problems haven't gone away, but they've improved to the point where I'm only getting discomfort rather than pain so as long as they don't get any worse I'm going to keep on running and hope to get back to running a couple of 5k during the week and 10k+ at the weekend. Fingers crossed!!!

    I'm meeting up with a couple of friends from work later for a run round our local broad in preparation for the Race for Life 5k next weekend. 

    bookworm-airhead wrote (see)

    I'm toying with race for life which in my area falls exactly at the end of my week 9! Perhaps I should just sign up and do it!

    Go on bookworm-airhead, you know you want to! 

    Well done to all of you who decided to do the C25k programme, it's not always easy to find the time or the motivation. Happy running!

  • I think I won't be doing RFL, it's this weekend, I don't have enough time to fundraise and I've had to jig my runs for this week.  And I might be doing a long 400 mile drive on Saturday - all in all, not the most ideal of circs to follow with a 5k!

    Best of luck to you Norfolklass.

    But I might do the one in October - I should be back at work by then and able to get my colleagues to sponsor me...

    I start week 9 tomorrow - was going to go today but I simply didn't have time this morning, got to collect the girl from school in half an hour and had meetings earlier.  But a 2 day lay-off is fine and I have been out and about walking and stuff.

    I have been using gmaps and I'm going to have to extend my route to hit the 5k, which isn't too hard around here, but it's mentally a little daunting! 

    Still, onwards, ever onwards...

  • Hi all, have been feeling very inspired reading your posts. I started c25k earlier this year and got to week 3 (having repeated the first two weeks a couple of times). I then had really early starts at work and got out of the routine and just sort of lost it. Feel like a failure for not keeping it up but now I'm worried about starting again. Especially as I don't have a running partner anymore and I was finding it hard going to begin with. I really enjoyed the feeling when I completed a run but did anyone else find it hard to even get off the floor at the start? My boyfriend says what I'm doing isn't actually running and to be fair I could probably walk at three times the speed! I'm only 25 and 11 stone. I feel like it should be easier haha.

    Does anyone have any tips on starting again? It's been a month since I've done anything. Would you start c25k from scratch or try to pick up again from where I was?

    Any advice appreciated. Feel like I've sort of lost my confidence with it.

  • I have to say that I find it hard to get out of the door.  I don't feel as though I am 'enjoying' the run when I am doing it but when I get home and see what I have just done I really enjoy it.  Usually that is enough to get me out of the door but I have to admit that I haven't been out for a run for the last two weeks due to illness.  I am starting to feel the urge to get again though thankfully.


    Don't listen to your boyfriend on this issue either, my husband was always telling me to just run and not to listen to the programme.  I ignored him and just carried on with what I was doing.  At first it does feel like you are not really running because you are walking a fair bit BUT by the end of the 9 weeks you will be running for 30 minutes straight (ish).  The point of the programme is to get you to build up to running slowly so you don't injure yourself.  The friend that I started with could actually walk as fast as I could run but it didn't stop me (and she fell off the bandwagon at week 4). 


    I didn't do it for two months over Christmas and when I went back to it I started at the week before I for me I think I had done up to week 7 by November and then started at week 6 in January - if my memory serves me right, the details are not important but perhaps you could start again at week 3 and if you find it too difficult go back to week 2.


    I find the best thing for me to do is to get in from work (i'm lucky, work part time and get home at 2pm), get changed and go straight out for a run.  If I get my bottom on the sofa at all its virtually impossible to prise it off again  image


    As for feeling like it should be easier - I don't think it does get any easier as such because you will find that you are always pushing yourself to do more.   


    I hope you do get out there again and most importantly get to enjoy the running.  Hopefully the bug will bite you and your confidence will grow again.  Don't let anyone put you down for doing it or knock your confidence.  It doesn't matter how long it takes you to complete the programme or indeed how fast or slow you run.  You are still running quicker than those that are sitting on the sofa dreaming of running!  Good luck.

  • Unless your boyfriend is actually Mo Farah or any other fast runner then I'd tell him to back off - I'd be hurt and angry if my husband said that to me, it's not very supportive or encouraging!  So what if you're going slowly?  The point is that it's gradual, and it's about building up your endurance.  You probably could run flat out for 30 seconds but that wouldn't do much for you at the moment.

    I think I'd ask him to support me rather than knocking my attempt to be fitter and healthier.

    That aside, it does get a bit easier and then we make it hard for ourselves by pushing a bit harder and going a bit further or a bit faster!

    And have you tried Zombie Run?  It's got a story which might help you with the motivation - you have to run to hear more story!

    You are young and light, it won't take long for you to regain your previous levels and then there'll be no stopping you.

  • Hi everyone, I started the c25k but got fed up with it quite quickly and just started doing things at my own pace.  Today I went out for a run and covered 5k for the first time so was mega chuffed! I did it in 35:47 which I know isn't going to break any records but for me I'm over the moon! 

    So just wanted to say really as much as the programme is good I found it more important to listen to my body and do things at my own pace



  • Thank you sycamoresue and bookworm-airhead for the words of encouragement. I'm absolutely over the moon to announce that when I got in from work tonight I went straight back out for a run. While it was hard going, I picked up where I left off with week 3 and somehow it was the easiest I'd found it! I think maybe I was in the mood not to be defeated.

    Previously when I've run with my boyfriend and I've been trailing behind I've felt like I couldn't do it. Today I went in my own and just totally got lost in my own thoughts and it wasn't easy, but it was manageable and now I think maybe next week I can move up to week 4.

    So chuffed!

  • Yay!  Well done!  Bask in the moral glow of a job well-done!

  • Fabulous.  Keep going.  Perhaps the break did you good too??? I'm hoping so anyway as I am hoping to get out today after nearly 3 weeks off.  

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