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  • One thing's for sure. This is going to be one of the toughest awards to win after our great Olympic year. So many worthy candidates.

  • What no place for a footballer, devoid of personality and family morality?image

  • Cheerful Dave wrote (see)

    Someone should have had a quiet word with Chris Hoy: 'Look mate, you won it after the last Olympics, you've got a knighthood and a velodrome named after you.  Would you mind if we didn't nominate you this time and put Laura in in your place?  Ta very much.'

    I think that would be fair enough actually Dave. I suspect Sir Chris would too.

  • Ben Ainslee, despite his massive achievements, must have known he was an 'also-ran' in this contest. 

    So today, he's thrown in a tactical retirement (well change of focus to the America's Cup.) 

    He's either a PR Genius, or a desperate man!  image

  • No, I think it was because Radio 5 are interviewing one of the nominees each day, and he happened to be first up this morning.  One of the inevitable questions would be about Rio, so what's he to say?

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    im not sure why jess ennis gets many peoples votes... what did she do to justify a vote over any of the other single medal winners.

    Other than she is easier on the eye

  • I think that's true to a degree Dean.

    She's a pleasant enough person and a talented enough athlete but I don't honestly see why she should be a front runner in this particular year. Other years, maybe. Although she does have the edge over other single medal winners in having to compete in 7 events. That does, I think, rightly, count for something.

    But imagine the headlines if she hadn't won gold, it would have been all over the papers for days. And if the same thing had happened to Mo Farah, for instance, there wouldn't have been half the fuss. I realise it's hypothetical but you just know  what it would have been like.

    Put it this way, was there ever so much fuss over Deniece Lewis who achieved the same thing? No.

  • Tough tough one to call. I do thinka Brownlee should have been in and personally don;t think McIllory should win it. Nothing against him and did win a big one (Us PGA) bit not the same as the Olympians (plus he is paid millions and Olympians get no prize money)

    Don;t think Nicola Adams either, sorry boxing doesn't do it for me. Any of the other 10 is OK.

    Cycling and athletics both have three contendors so they will suffer a split vote although I do think Chris Hoy won't get votes because he has won it before and I think the other two are bigger achievements this year.

    I am so unsure I have to revert to my sport so it will be athletics but which of the three? 

    For me after a lot of thought it has to be Jess.

    HUGE pressure on her, she was THE face of the games and he pulled it off. Somebody said she won it easy so won't get SPOTY BUT that was the point.

    Was she the favourite? perhaps. Was it clear favourite? No way. There were three perhaps four of them that had a shot at it. I thought she would win by 50 points max, To win by 306 was an unbelievable achievement. She only got one medal but did seven events, four PBs, her hurdles would have won Gold in Beijing in the invididual event and 4th in London.

    Personality? She is a fantastic character in the right way. The yanks always say you have to be a surly, arrogant whatsit to win.

    Jess is a true Brit, really nice AND a winner

    However I do think the split votes in athletics and cycling may let somebody in and that could well be Andy Murray. Wouldn't be my choice but actually wouldn't be totally distraught if he won.


  • I agree she shouldn't win but, Mo Farah aside, Nicola Adams was my favourite gold medal of the olympics. she was brilliant and dead nice.

  • Interesting points Brooks. I'd have no complaints in Murray won (although I'll be voting for Mo) but the fact that his personality irks some people (although I like his stroppy teen schtick) and the fact that he won't be at the actual event may count against him.

    although the fact that the vote is on the night means anything can happen, within reason.

  • alistair cook

  • I think I'd like to see Mo get it but there's at least 6 on the list that would perhaps deserve it. I'd like to see Ellie Simmonds in the top 3 too. Personality wise I think she wins hands down.
  • I think Mo Farah deserves it. Great though Wiggins was in the Tour, he did ride with team support so not a level comparison really.

  • Bradley Wiggins for me. Not just for winning the Tour and another Olympic Gold, but he also won all the other big races he entered this year (Paris- Nice, Criterium etc). Maybe the best year any UK sportsman has ever had ?

    Hard on Andy Murray especially, but I believe he'll win several more Grand Slams now he's broken the barrier and when/if he wins Wimbledon, he'll be a guaranteed winner of SPOTY.

    It has been a vintage year though. Any one of 6 or 7 others (Weir, Mo, Jess Ennis, Alastair Cook etc) would be far more worthy winners than some in recent years.

  • Ellie Simmonds will win it. (or indeed David Weir), mainly I feel for the fact that this is likely to be the only occassion (and for a while longer I suspect, but will be changing)  that disabled sport has such a high profile as to be included in the final reckoning without. being seen as a sop to political correctness. (ie. come next year all the usual able bodied sports will be there but without the para-olympics, disabled sports will again slip off the radar).


  • for clarification I meant cook should be nominated, not necessarily win it.

    perhaps the 'relative' lack of success of England and it's continued absence from terrestrial telly counts against him.

  • Bradley, true sportsman and winner,

  • i'd not complain if ellie simmonds or david weir won. I agree that in a sense it is 'the moment' for the paralympians, that may not come again in quite such dramatic circumstances. that's not political correctness, their achievements have been awe-inspiring.

    that said, i'll be voting for mo.

  • Bookies have been known to be wrong but Ellie Simmonds is 45/1 with Paddie Power so would be v surprised if she wins. Would be good if she did though.

    My vote has to go to Wiggins who is also the bookies' favourite. If he can't win this year, you do wonder what he would need to do to win! And given what we found out about Armstrong, would be good to celebrate a 'clean' cyclist.

    I think Mo will come 2nd and Ennis 3rd.
  • yes, but it's difficult to predict because the vote is on the night, rather than over a long period of time.

    that said, wiggins will probably win.

  • I don't normally watch this but i can't wait for tonight, it could go to any of them.

    my vote goes to Wiggins tho. As David Jones 39 said, he also won other things this year and not *just* The Tour and Olympic gold. No-one has ever won Romandie, Paris-Nice and Dauphine in the same year, but Wiggo has - that in itself is a massive achievement!

  • he's the one good cop in the bad town image

  •  Mo Farah born and lived in Somalia,should he be in the over seas category?don't care if hes got a british passport anybody now can get one of these look at london.

  • Wiggins was born in Belgium.

    I'll still vote for him though.
  • I think Andy Murray deserves recognition, but, if he wins you would have to change the name of the award, personality what personality? I would be quite happy if Bradley wins but if Ellie Simmonds wins image a great athlete and she seems every bit the personality!

  • robert orme wrote (see)

     Mo Farah born and lived in Somalia,should he be in the over seas category?don't care if hes got a british passport anybody now can get one of these look at london.

    Somewhere a village is missing its idiot.

  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)
    robert orme wrote (see)

     Mo Farah born and lived in Somalia,should he be in the over seas category?don't care if hes got a british passport anybody now can get one of these look at london.

    Somewhere a village is missing its idiot.


  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)

    Somewhere a village is missing its idiot.


  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    robert orme're a prick
  • in Fife we call people like you a dunderheid.


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