your most stupid/bizzare accident or injury

Hi, Had a really stupid accident on Saturday. Went for an early cycle got all wrapped up. Overshoes are a little too big so I can't clip into the pedals with them fully on so what I do is put them on but leave the top of them off until I am clipped in and pedalling. I then reach down and pull them over. So I am pedalling along right overshoe goes on fine, fiddling with the left, pull it, the next thing I know I am tumbling along with my bike. Hand in agony. I have slipped and put my hand through the wheel as I am trying to adjust the overshoe. I now have a broken finger a swollen and badly bruised hand and a chin so swollen Kirk Douglas would be proud of. No swimming or cycling for a few weeks. So have you done anything as daft?


  • Nope    image

  • I have tried to bang the end plug of a handlebar in whilst moving.

    Imagine my surprise when the bike lurched across the road as I smacked the end of the bars !

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Yep i have image

    At the Vitruvian a couple of years back.  The swim is 2 laps.  You swim 1, get out run round and back into the lake for your 2nd lap.  On starting my 2nd lap, i thought i would be clever and "dive" into the water like proper "triaffaletes", only to realise the water was knee deep. image

  • Nothing to do with tri, but probably it was the one when I fell off a pogo stick and broke my nose.  image

    Mind you, I was only 11 at the time.

  • As a kid I was riding no handed on the way home with a record in a bag swinging from the handle bars. Record swung round and slid between spokes.

    Bike catapulted me straight off the front. Nasty mess.

    Although I also had a mate who tried to put his chain on whilst riding as it had come off the big cog. He got it on with his fingers in between cog and chain. Got about quarter of the way round before he got them out!

  • Riding into a carpark entry barrier at 20mph hurts.
  • Non exercise related: Came home from night shift, sat down at computer to check emails. Dozed off and slumped over keyboard. Woke up after half an hour or so, got up to go through to bed, didn't realise awkward sleeping position had put one of my legs to sleep. I took one step, leg collapsed under me, i went over on my ankle and fell flat on my face, while still half asleep. Sprained my ankle really badly. Three days before a marathon! D'oh...
  • Marathon training in March. I landed on a bit of broken branch on the canal towpath and somehow catapulted it into my opposite ankle. It didn't stop me running but I still have the scar so it must have been deeper than I thought it was at the time - that or there's mud permanently tattoed into it image

  • Was out training in a storm, head down, next thing I know I wake up in hospital with concusion and amnesia. I'd ran headfirst into an oak tree

    I was 15, rumours spread round school that I was dead, they had a year assembly to explain what happened and that I was alive, how embarressing image.

    It probably explains a lot.

  • In the mob, I was leading a squadded run, I turned to encourage some stragglers & shirkers, turned back to face forward again and BOOM straight into a concrete lampost.  I never even broke stride.

  • Stepped of a canal boat onto the tow path all of oh a 6 inch gap?Went over on my ankle face first into the mud. We were miles from no were so should have been OK but oh no and entire troup of ramblers popped their heads up over the hedge with all sorts of useful advise.Then followed the 3mph race on the boat back to the car to get to hospital.Luckily nothing broken but tore or ripped every ligament and tendon in it.


  • Another when I was a lad story - after 3 years of wearing a brace on my upper teeth, the Sunday after having them removed, cycling along quite happily along a country lane off for a days fishing, hit a pot hole over the handle bars and one of my straightened front teeth was left on the road - Dentist the next day wasn't amused.

  • There seems to be a theme here... towpaths, cycles, country lanes, probably best avoided image

  • At a family bbq I was bored with all the adult talk so had a game of basketball with the young ones, the lampost being the basket.  On jumping up to score a three pointer I landed on the kerb, broke my foot and tore the ligaments - one way to end a family bbq.

  • My young springer spaniel is currently housebound following a couple of operations and is getting increasingly restless. Our old pooch is really struggling with arthritis in the cold weather. A couple of days ago I was lifting the old pooch on to the sofa so he could be more comfy when the young nutter came bounding straight at me and head butted me. I am now sporting a very impressive black eye

  • I have a permanant scar on my arm from one of my cats - I just happened to pick her up one day when I was holding a hairbrush, it freaked her out for some reason and she gouged a lump out of me with one of her back claws. Don't you just love animals?  image

  • Again not sport related, when I was 13 or so, at a fondue party (70s anyone?) held the chunk of food between my thumb and forefinger and pushed the fondue fork into it, through it and into the palm of my hand and of course being a barbed ended fork it wouldn't come out again too easily, oops.

  • Oh my. So good to know I am not the only goofball out there lol.
  • In my late teens I went over the handle bars and caught part of my gentleman's area on one of these:

    Stitches were needed.  It wasn't pretty.


  • so ID, one could say you caught the knackers on the clackers.....image

  • Nice one FB!

    Or, you could say, he got caught playing with his ding-a-ling-a-ling!

  • Two 'events' spring to mind, both when I was a lad at school and both involving alcohol!  The first I'd been out to a local farm partaking of the local scrumpy (it was Somerset).  Cycling home slightly worse the wear I fell asleep (I'm a sleepy drunk) and woke up in the ditch at the side of the road!  Buckled wheel, torn trews, I walked the rest of the way!

    The next was at the end of A level exams.  I celebrated at lunchtime down the pub with my mates forgetting the swimming gala I was doing in the afternoon!  I turned up almost legless and proceeded to lose a race I should have won easily!  And then I couldn't even climb out of the pool!  Swimming teacher said he nearly jumped in to save me at one point and wasn't happy when he realised it was all because I was drunk!


  • FB - excellent.

    My attempts didn't get past lame puns around bells.
  • I signed up to enduroman double, the south downs way 100 mile run and the Outlaw for next year - all in the space of 5 weeks - fecking idiot image

  • Driving into the car park of my first triathlon I failed to note the height of an overhead barrier. Result: broken bike saddle, dint in car roof and humiliation in front of the crowd of triathletes who noticed the loud bang as I hit it.image


  • My twin brother and I managed a head on bicycle collision when we were about 12. We both went over the handlebars and landed in a messy heap.
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