• The 17 is planned for tomorrow (hopefully first thing but depends if it freezes overnight).

    The 16 was unplanned, went out to do 10/12 miles and, for me, went really well. Knowing I was hitting about the right times for my proper timed run I kept it going to 16 - in case I never run that well again! I ended up a minute or so over my prediction but with a time I was happy with.
  • One more week to go, has been a good 3 months of Winter motivation


  • Let's get those runs recorded for this week.

  • Thanks to this crappy weather I came close to cutting my long run short today.  I was going to go for time on my feet rather than distance, which would mean less miles.  I got myself out the door at 7:15am with the promise to myself that I could cut the run short and finish remaining miles on the treadmill.  It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as I had been expecting, so I turned around to come back at ten miles image  The final few miles rank among the toughest of any of my training runs!  The cold headwind added to the challenge of coming up the incline on snow and ice.

    It's now taper time for me, with the marathon in three weeks time.  I'll be attempting my Jantastic race (parkrun) next Saturday.  The weather had better improve, or I'll have no chance of making my target!

  • All done......horrid! 

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    after 100% completion up till this week ive been sick and logged no runs sorry. still not right but looking forward to getting back up training

  • also after 100% upto this week, when got a calf strain and had to bin 1 run which was the long run, sorry let the side down


  • Sorry to hear that SA, hope the calf doesn't take too long to recover.

  • Injuries or illness seem to have taken there toll last week, Hope everyone recovers quickly and not benched for long periods.

    Last week of the series, looking forward to my next challenge.

  • It's that time of year when months of marathon training take their toll. Fingers crossed all affected heal/recover before their big day.

    My ad hoc route this evening ended up being a bit longer than intended so that's my long run done for the week. Now just have to hit my 5k target on Saturday.

    My next challenge will be keeping up at least 3 runs per week without the motivation of Jantastic  image

  • Legs a little tired after yesterdays ride, so decided to leave LSR til tomorrow.


  • New 10 km pb for me, didn't break my prediction though. But the sickness bug and hamstring tear may have scuppers that. Gonna enjoy that 10 mile run tomoz image
  • Ooops, think I've just racked up major -ve points by running over a minute quicker (by my watch)  than predicted for my Parkrun.  Shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee beforehand image

    Will wait for 'official' time before logging result in case it's a bit slower image


  • Like Trogs, I did better than expected.  I predicted 23:59 for my 5k and finished in 23:32, which was my PB by 52 seconds.  So I'm happy to have been wrong (sorry!).  In my defense, there was a pacer for 24:00 - an he finished twelve seconds ahead of me.  Also, WTF with decent running weather?  Certainly wasn't expecting to see the sun!  See? I'm blameless - honest image

    I ran another 6m afterwards as punishment, though.  One more long run tomorrow and Jantastic is over image  It has been fun.

    Perhaps after my marathon they could start Mayvellous, Junetastic and tastic!?

  • Jantastic all done for me. Reasonable bike ride yesterday (55 miles) meant this mornings 18 miles was hard going - but I did it, and I knew this week may turn out as it has - which is why I did my timed run last week.
  • Well done on the PB Tenjiso and to Cheggers for a long training weekend image

    It occurred to me this afternoon that when I set my target (31:00 for 5k) I had a completely different course in mind cos the local parkrun was ridiculously soggy.  This morning my watch said 29:58 (for 3.08) and official time was 30:02, which is probably right cos I didn't hear the start.  Might have to go and run my intended route tomorrow and see how I get on with that.

  • Soak it up Trogs - you're fitter than you thought!  Congratulations image 

    Well done everybody who completes this challenge.  It hasn't been the easiest of winters for getting out there.

  • Done and dusted image

  • Tenjiso wrote (see)

    Soak it up Trogs - you're fitter than you thought!  Congratulations image 

    Well done everybody who completes this challenge.  It hasn't been the easiest of winters for getting out there.

    +1 Exactly

  • 10 mile long run turned into a 15.2 mil longer run today. image Strangely, the first 10 km of it was done at a faster pace than my 10 km pb (and the time entered into marathon talk) that I completed yesterday. Another 30 seconds off my 10 km time to bring it to 52:17. image. Just a shame I didn't wait until today to update my runs on jantastic image.

    Oh, and a new HM PB in that run also image.

  • Gazmanmeister wrote (see)

    Done and dusted image



  • Don't forget to log those last runs.

  • Well done all and thanks to Gaz for keeping us all in line image

  • Agreed, well done all. I missed the 3rd month with injury, but you guys have done great things.

    Next year. Bring it on....
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