Ironman Austria 2004

I am looking for others who are training for IM Austria. This will be my first and would be nice to feel like I am going it alone.


  • You want to do it alone? :-)
  • i'm doing austria next year - there's a big hill in the middle of the bike course (3 laps)
  • Nothing to someone like you tho'

  • can't believe you're wimping out - TLD must be at least 3 whole weeks away from IM austria!!!
  • for one moment I thought you said Australia. Looking for a flat IM if there is such a thing, France looks tough. Does anyone have any advice or know where I can find the profile of the bike courses.
  • Sorry tb, don't know of any flat ones except Longest Day in England. All the continental ones have hills, and France is defo not the one I'd pick for a first IM.
  • TB - Look at Florida
  • florida has the topography of a pancake, and its in November

    Will and I are doing it (2004) and you're welcome to come along

    you mig need shark repellant
  • I heard the hill in Austria is not nearly as bad as the big one in Sherbourne and I heard that the run is completely flat.
  • there's a profile of the hill on the IM Austria website.... not sure how it compares to Sherbourne 'cos I aint been there.... the hill in Austria climbs about 300m

    i don't think its as easy as people make out (do florida with us if you want flatness)

    i'll see you at one or the other, either way!
  • Ann, all I know is two guys in our club got exceptionally fast times in Austria. For some reason even their swims were ten minutes quicker than my Switzerland swim, and I thought I had a good swim there.

    In Sherborne and London we were out of the water within seconds of each other, so it seems a bit strange. And their bike times were unbelievably fast.
  • short courses? although i find that difficult to believe for a bona fide ironman.... if it was some amateur operation like TLD then maybe....

    [cheeky grin]
  • I considered Austria but decided to go for Franfurt instead.
  • so thats how you had such a good swim ;o)
  • Florida sounds good, always fancied a tr. in the States. Do these IM events get booked up way ahead ? BTW anyone done the Bath tri. I did it this year and despite the rumours with other triathletes I didn't find the hills too bad ( a letter in 220- says it's got the most hills on a bike tri. course in UK true?
  • Last year florida sold out in less than a week

    If yoy train hills a lot you dont have the same perception of what makes a hilly course as those that dont
  • What about acclimatising? It's bloody freezing up here in Scotland just now, yet it'll still be reasonably warm in Florida.
  • It late season - so its nice but not red hot ...

    ... i hope
  • it does sound good mind you. might be up for it myself. When does registration open?
  • Nov 9
  • ...and that's the day to apply!

    Florida is fairly temperate in November, and most of the Great Whites have gone south for the winter by then too
  • Anyone have advice on rounding the bouy. I do fine until I get near one and then I get swam over and left behind so that I spend too much time catching up after a turn. Hints would be appreciated.

    BTW - I understand that the reason the swim in Austria is so fast is that you go into some sort of canal at the end that almost sucks you along. Anyone know if that is true.
  • Hi Ann,
    the last leg of the swim in down a canal, though not sure of the flow or the distance, strange but true I've got it on video somewhere, thinking about it I might also have Forida. If I have I'll compare the two.

  • Since this is my first Ironman I have no idea what times to expect. How can I figure out at least a ballpark to expect as far as time goes.
  • Don't know if it helps Ann, but my times for different distances are 2.12 for Olympic, 4.45 for half ironman and 11.20 for full ironman.

    If you've got a history say of Olympic times of about 2.30 you might be looking at 12-13hrs then.

    Having said that I would expect to have been quicker in Austria as it is a fast course so I don't think there is any such thing as an accurate prediction method for a particular race.
  • you can't

    but you know how fast you can swim, and estimate a bike time, add an hour to your marathon, add 20 minutes to transition ... there's a working target

    why worry?
  • That does help. I am not at all fast and don't worry except I don't want to be last and wanted a feel of whether that is a possibility. Looking at those answers I don't think I should be last unless the unforseen happens. Which is better not to think about.
  • 20 mins for transition Andy? What are you doing, having a bath in between the swim and bike?
  • Richard - i like to do my hair

    that was 20 minutes in total for T1 + T2, giving time to faff around, fall over my wetsuit, drop my number belt etc

    what do you do? unfasten your shoes at mile 111, jump off the bike and put your trainers on mid-air?

    what was your total transition time in Swtizerland?
  • Ann

    If you come in sub-15 you wont be the last by a long chalk

    There are always DNFs for whatever reason

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