It's the season for brussels sprouts

I'll have mine stir fried please. Or roasted. Lots of them, I'll eat as much as you give me.

But not boiled.




  • Yep. Love them

    Stir fried with lardons and some creme fraiche
  • you people are liars

  • Nope. Really do like sprouts, and cabbage and kale
  • They are foul!!! Pockets of fart
  • I like em. Don't really see what people have again them; they're fairly inoffensive veg aren't they.
  • All brassicas are good but sprouts especially so.

    Sprouts pan- or stir-fried with strips of smoked bacon, several cloves of garlic and topped at the end with a dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream - these are a match made in heaven.

  • My local Waitrose is selling red sprouts. Wtf is that about?

  • Although muttleys sound delightfully tastier than the norm image
  • not so long ago people said the same about cabbage

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I really do like brussel sprouts. However, my wife and family do not like that I like Brussel sprouts.



  • Brussels sprouts are the Devil's testicles image

  • I like sprouts in small doses and certainly not boiled.  I cook them in a similar way to Muttley, or add them to a pasta bake

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Muttley wrote (see)

    My local Waitrose is selling red sprouts. Wtf is that about?

    They're actually suprisingly sweet (or the ones i've tasted at least). I dont boil them but do like them with bacon.

  • We're having a bbq this Christmas but have just been told we still have to have sprouts image

  • Mmmmm... I love sprouts!
  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    Brussels sprouts are the Devil's testicles image

    Couldn't agree more.

  • Yum yum, love sprouts image


  • I feel sick at the mere mention of the things.....

  • I still have half a bag left over for tonight. And half a bag of spuds. I'm thinking bubble n squeak ...

  • Bubble and squeak would be better with mash and mushy peas rather than those dreaded bru.....brus....see, I cant even write the word

  • I have sprouts but could force one down to be polite.......

    But cater...............musy peas.....imageimageimage......I can't think what on earth could force me to take a mouthful of them


    but the vegetables are not important.......Its the Turkey that counts................Mine is already bought and is over 21 lb............My mouth is watering at the thought of roast turkey

  • Oh dear Seren, bru.....spr....and turkey. Not a good combination in my book. We are having duck, pork and gammon. If it were up to me there would be none of them big green things at the table. But obviously it's not up to me !!

  • I love sprouts, one of my favourite vegetables.

  • I'm at my works christmas lunch today so no doubt there will be a high presence of those pesky, green, smelly things

  • I love 'em....I like them boiled so that they're mushy, I like them lightly steamed so they're crispy, I like them stir fried with lardons and marsala - there's no real wrong way to have them image

  • Sprout ice cream?

  • Sprout crumble!

  • I like sprouts, it's not Christmas without them image
  • I like them steamed image  Might throw in a few lardons too.

    Carterusm - they shouldn't be BIG, they should be small and therefore more tender and delicately flavoured  image

    I might have to get to Waitrose (at last! an excuse!) and try the red ones.

  • I like them on the slightly mushy side too GFB - like eating bullets otherwise image

    We will be having braised red cabbage at Crimbo too. Yum. image 

    The other week my OH slow-cooked a beef stew and just chucked a few leftover sprouts into it. After 3 hours in with the meat they were soft to say the least but thay tasted fab. 

    He has been told to do the same again next time image

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