Thanet 20 Mile



  • Not sure but you should have a map in your marshal bag Cinders - have a look on the Thanet 20 page on our website if not!image

  • Thanks JFDI, was trying to figure out how far into the race my spot is, think I've worked it out now image

  • They go to Broadstairs first this year image
  • Hi JFDI, long shot, but are there any entries on the day (if people have dropped out or simply don't turn up?) Or are there any places anywhere?! Thanks.

  • I have just had a look at the satellite version of the map, as the road names meant little to me.  Interestingly enough, the chimneys at Richborough Power station have been restored for the purposes of this event, but the real question (especially for officionados of the old Hartsdown Park version of this event) is:

    Will there be cabbages?

  • Sorry Lady Lark but even if we get drop outs there will be no places available.  Entries closed on 17 Feb and all details forwarded now to our chip timing peeps.

    Sir CdeC - there may be a cabbage!image

  • Have we ever thought of cabbages in a goody bag? image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    This race is starting to sound more like a children's variety show game image



  • Lol, that's fab image


    Now where's my pencil?

  • JFDI Support Crew

    Just wanted some info on the course to help with my prep for Sunday.  This will be the longest run I've ever done (if I survive it!) so any help will be appreciated!  Could you confirm info on the major hills?  Are they at about mile 2/3 and 12/13. How long and steep are they?


  • The early one is short and sharp, I used to walk it when it was later in the course. The other one is a long gradual drag from the seafront up to the cliff top, doable but at reduced pace for me.
  • Cheers Chestfield Bill!  Good thing they are at the beginning and mid stages!

  • I have just been out for a run this morning in conditions very similar to what is being forecast for Sunday. The temperature was about 5 or 6C but dry and overcast. The wind was about 10-15mph from the northeast. On Sunday it means it will be niggling in your face on the first 6/7 to Broadstairs, be behind you for the middle 9 or 10 miles out to the Country Park and then be in your face again for the last 3/4 miles to the finish. It will be niggling strength rather than the "Bl**dy Hell" version we normally get for the Thanet 10 in December. Enjoy!

  • But of course being Thanet it could be 30 degrees hot and sunny by Sundayimage

  • Yeah, right! What odds you offering on that?

  • The same odds that I won't have any more "oh I forgot to enter can you just squeeze me in" emails!image

  • JFDI What is the final total for runners?

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    So you still have 264 places available? I'll tell my clubmates the good news along with your email address then. image

  • If you do that Keir there will be 265 places available!!!! image


  • 30 degrees?  How wonderful to have someone who still likes their temperatures in Fahrenheit...



    We don't know where they got the article from but categorically there are no more entries

  • Chesterfield Bill thank you for the update!

    I'm travelling down tomorrow, it's all quite exciting, first race I'm having an overnight stay the night before.


  • Sharon

    I hope you enjoy it. It is a good race which will test you and the Thanet crowd are a really friendly bunch.

  • JFDI I guess you could really be doing without an article like that appearing. Race day will be fraught enough for you all without half a dozen "it must be true because it said it in the paper" runners turning up looking to enter on the day.

  • I know - so glad this will be the last time I am doing entries for a big raceimage

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Never say never JFDI. I am sure I said I would never run another step about 1 week ago. But then someone offered me a selection of Jelly Babaies, Short bread and a Titan bar and all was well with the world. image

  • Keir I have been trying to hand entries over to someone new for a year now! Cant remember the last time I ran one of our events
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