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  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Snap. After 2 weeks of the kids being sick , flu and off school I woke up this morning with the dreaded lurghi.

    Might have had something to do with the bitter windy conditions and breathing in mouthfuls of cold air.

    Going to see how the day goes but I might have to shuffle my runs about this week so as to protect my LSR on Saturday.

    Buggeratoon !!!!
  • Carter and Carl - i hope you both fee better soon. I had the lurgy a couple of weeks back and had to take the best part of a week off, which is why I'm a bit behind schedule, so hope you don't get too badly affected. I did 6.2 miles earlier, trying to just enjoy it, but it was damn, damn cold and windy and something else must have been in the air as I got chased and barked at my about 15 dogs - sometimes it really frustrates me when their owners take no notice of others using the paths. Rant over. Looking for a tempo session tomorrow on the treadmill ahead of Sunday's HM. Anyone got any suggestions (and sorry that it has to be on the treadmill!)

  • Hannah - you must have gone out smelling if dogs were chasing you !! image

    Not sure where you are up to with your tempo runs but I started off at 20 minutes @ 7:45mm. Each week I have added on 5 minutes to the actual tempo run and aim to build up to 60 mins. Obviously there will be a warm up and cool down, maybe 15 minutes each.

    Carl and I dont just have the lurgy, it's manflu which is very serious indeed.........!!!

  • oh you poor poppets, I hope someone is nursing you and catering to your every need!! I did a run last Thursday on the treadmill which was a 6 mile build-up, so did 9mins, then 8.40, then 8.15, then 7.50, 7.40 and 7.35 per mile. But before that I was doing 20-25 min tempos. Just hard to fathom what pace that should be at esp on TM. Shall I aim for 3 miles at 7.30ish miling (I should manage that)

  • I am battling on like the brave little soldier I am !

    Your plan sounds good to me. If it was me, I would add on 5 mins to each weekly tempo run and you should hit 55 minutes with 3 weeks before VLM just in time for your taper.

    Spoons will be along shortly (he normally comes online at lunch) and will confirm or tweak what I am suggesting.

  • Thanks! I'd better get back to work. Catch you later

  • Carl - nice tempo run

    Carter - the quicker recovery shows an improvement in fitness

    Hope the manflu isn't serious and it's just a quick blip....

    Hannah - keep it relatively light tomorrow if you have a half on Sunday. Haybe a couple of mile reps at goal half marathon pace with a minute jog between them. Normally though, Carter is right so start that next week.

  • And yes, I come online whilst eating my lunch and again before bed after training image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Whatever it is it would be preferable not to have it. Battling on but think that it would be best to give tonight a skip. Will probably do what I did last week and run on both Saturday and Sunday.

    Annoying as I thought I might be knocking on the door of 50 miles this week.
  • Thanks Spoons!! Given I haven't raced for six months and don't want to ruin next week's training, what would you suggest as HM pace? I was thinking of trying to run between 1.45 and 1.49, so I guess between 8 and 8.15 miling, but not sure I'll be able to sustain that. Would be gutted however if I am slower than 1.50, since my HM PB is 1.38 and post child (ie in last 6 years - actually 2 years ago) is 1.40 and that was just a training run!


  • Hannah - not sure - 8:00 pace is 1:45 and 8:23 pace is 1:50. But if you don't think you can sustain that pace them there's no point in starting at that pace. Maybe forget about goal times and focus on what pace you can run at for 13 miles......

  • 6 miles in the lovely snow....

    Mile 1 - 8:14

    Mile 2 - 8:21

    Mile 3 - 8:17

    Mile 4 - 8:42

    Mile 5 - 8:30

    Mile 6 - 8:37

    The first 3 miles were into a chilly, strong headwind and it was pretty much a case of head down and go.

    Miles 4 - 6 I felt I was running too fast so slowed it down a bit but still much too fast.

    One good thing though is the fairly consistent pace I ran for each half. 

    Although it was too fast it didnt feel hard at all and I felt quite comfortable

  • Carter & Carl - aaaaargh the dreaded manflu- was only a matter time really. I hope I've had my bout and dont get it again! Now on 1000mg vit C (was taking 3 a day last week to fight it off) and a daily multivitamin supplemnt. Eating plenty of fruit daily also.

    Rest is the only way - i missed 3 sessions including an LSR but was able to juggle things around i.e. scrap the recovery week after the illness and fit in the missed LSR.

    Hannah great HM PB- the problem is we are never REALLY satisfied unless we are chasing/achieving PBs. It is hard to accept we aren't back in that shape yet sometimes - my HM PB is 1.41 and secretly I would love to get close/beat it in my HM at end of March - but I know realistically 1.45 is what I should be aiming at. We will get there though!

  • you have snow Carter?! Lots of rain just here.

    Good run - is that your intended MP or was it just an easier run given the tight calfs?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    No running for me tonight. More or less lost my voice after a heavy day of meetings. Going home to bed. Hoping that a night of rest does the trick.

    Carter - you must be superhuman to run 6 miles whilst having manflu !!

  • Wise move Carl. I worked on the "if you're ill above the neck then it's ok to run" saying that I've heard on here somewhere. Hope mrs Carl is looking after you.

    Ricky - we had about 2 inches of snow but now it's raining so hopefully it will get rid of the white stuff. My run today was too quick as my marathon pace, based on the 3:45 target we are currently working too, is 8:45. I just ran at a comfortable pace and it turned out to be about 8:25. It did feel fairly good given the tight calves which are feeling better by the hour. Are you running today ?

    Hannah -may be best if you target a PB at your next race. If you don't feel you can sustain your PB pace then you might do yourself some damage. Is the half or the full marathon your 'A' race ?
  • Hi Carter - the real issue is that I have a place in London, but having been dogged by injuries, I've been umming and ahhing about it. I know it probably sounds odd, but I don't want to just do another marathon just for the sake of doing one as this will be number 4, so I want to do it if I am fairly sure I will break 4 hours. I had to defer London last year with a slipped disc and the back is still a bit of a problem, hence building up slowly. My PB (berlin 2009) is 3.54 and I've had my confidence knocked after a disaster in Paris 2 years ago where I was on for sub-3.45 and then got severe dehydration and crawled the last 7 miles.

    So, that doesn't really answer your question, does it?!!

    I guess marathon is A, but in order to get to A, I need to do a good B (ie. HM)!!


  • Hi Hannah - London is still a long way off so you have time to get some decent training in between now and then. Maybe you could run a decent pace on Sunday but without pushing yourself too much ? Maybe you might surprise yourself and have a really good day. What I have learnt from this thread is you need to listen to your body, not that I do though ! And don't forget, there are plenty more HMs throughout the year so don't be too disappointed if you don't get a PB on Sunday. If your marathon is your 'A' race then I wouldn't do anything to jeopardise that. Get yourself to the start line in the best shape you can possibly be. Do you really need to do a good half this weekend or could you run another in a months time or so ?
  • You're right, thanks Carter for being so sensible!! I'll see how I get on. Will start nice and easy and see how it develops. No need to get a HM PB in marathon training (at least not yet!!)

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Hannah - sounds to me that you're putting yourself under undue pressure. It you are building slow in order to get to London then you should use the marathon to test yourself bearing in mind where you are now with training rather than where you would like to be.

    So that is probably going slower but consistent for the HM than you naturally think you should.

    You still have enough time to continue building up for London .

    The PB in the HM is not essential and the HM is not automatically a direct correlation to how you will do on marathon day.

    This may not be the advice you are looking for but it seems to me that this is a sensible approach.

    Interested in Spoons thoughts on this conundrum.
  • Nice run Carter - manflu can't be that bad then.....image

    Hannah - you don't need to run a good half to run a good marathon although it's a nice confidence builder. You need to be able to though. I am also suffering with injuries and was finding the pressure of a spring marathon was making me make the wrong decisions hence I'm still injured. So I decided to forget about the marathon and concentrate on building fitness back slowly. If I'm magically marathon fit in April I'll do it but I doubt it. I've run loads of marathons so I don't have a burning desire to do this one badly if you know what I mean. 

  • Good decision to rest tonight Carl.

    Carter I ran two sessions with cold "above the neck" and then it moved to my chest... pretty sure those two sessions were responsible for causing it to move into my chest though. So take it easy! That said if I get another head cold will I stop running? Nope probably not ......

    So tonights 4.5mile session was hills & a threshold mile on the way home:
    1.2 mile warm up
    1.2 miles hills (10 reps with jog down recovery)
    0.7 mile recovery/9.30 mml pace
    1 mile threshold @ 6.57
    0.4 mile cool down/10 mml pace

    First sub 7 mile I've seen on my watch since I last ran in 2006! image

  • Wow Ricky, well done you - that's a very fast last mile. I spent a while last night looking at all my times for the past few years. It was a bit depressing looking at how slow I've been the past two years, but provided a lot of food for thought and made me realise that, even when I am slow, I still love running!!

  • That was quick Ricky image

  • Very speedy Ricky, well done. I'm normally quite fortunate in as much as when I have a cold it is normally only a head cold and doesnt spread to my chest. I tend to get wrapped up in plenty of layers when I run so hopefully this will allow me to get a 20 miler in on Saturday.

    Hannah - with some speed sessions I'm sure you will get faster again (if an old fart like me can do it I'm sure anyone can !).

    I'm due to do intervals tonight but as the man flu is lurking albeit it's not too bad, and I did a tempo run on Tuesday and a quick run yesterday, I think I will go for a gentle jog at lunchtime and take in a couple of the undulations around Nottingham.  The calves are a lot better today and overall I feel fully recovered from my efforts on Sunday. It feels like good progress is being made now

  • Sounds sensible Carter and promising for your long run

  • Hi all - sorry to hear you're not 100 pct yet Carter. I seem to have been harbouring the remnants of the grade lurgy I had a few weeks ago and that's making me damn tired still, or perhaps it's the training!  Anyway, did pilates class today and aftter that did a progressive tempo on the treadmill, though did have to encourage myself not to give up in mile 4!

    w/u Mile 1 - 9.53

    Mile 2 - 7.55

    Mile 3 - 7.40

    Mile 4 - 7.20

    c/d Mile 4 10 mins

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Ricky - great last mile.

    Carter - you must not have proper manful if you are able to get miles in at that pace.

    Hannah - stay positive. Stick around with us and we will see you through.

    I must admit to feeling a little better today but am not risking a run tonight. Head is still heavy with it but the good news is that the voice is getting stronger.

    If things keep moving in the right direction then I might try a short run tomorrow to loosen the legs up for my big LSR on Saturday.
  • Carl - I think you will find that I do actually have a 'proper manful' !!!! image I have a bit of a cold as well !

    Hannah - good session of mile reps there, and at a decent pace too !

    I did 6 easy miles at lunchtime down by the Trent at an average pace of 9.35

  • good work on the treadmill Hannah! I find the teradmill tough going at that sort of pace so can understand that 4th mile must have been a tough one!

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